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Tonsil Stone Removal And Sore Throat

Tonsil stones and sore throat?

I've been coughing up tonsil stones this past week, and since I can't take them out myself without gagging, I only gargle with water and hope they come out on their own. Most of them have at this point except for one I can see. When I was sleeping the other day, I was waken up by a coughing fit and a feeling like my tonsil stone was coming out, but it never did. So I just gargled, brushed my teeth again because it smelled and tasted awful, and went back to bed. But when I woke up in the morning, my throat was incredibly sore and dry. I thought it was because I just needed to drink something. My throat feels immensely raw, sore, dry, and it even burns a little when I swallow. I couldn't even drink cranberry/grape juice because it stung my throat. I've been drinking everything from cold milk tea, warm spiced tea, fizzy soda, water, and fruit juice. Non of these made my throat feel any better, and even the broth from chicken soup hurt to swallow.

Its been a complete day and it still hurts a lot. I even took an allergy pill to see if it would help, but it hasn't. What can I do to ease the pain?

I would love to get my tonsils removed permanently to get rid of my tonsil stones, but I've heard that doctors don't do it anymore, and the pain after surgery is longer and more painful the older you are. I'm pretty sure seventeen is too old for this to be an option. They even refuse to remove my mother's as she suffers from the same.

Tonsil stones can cause a sore throat?

I feel your pain. I too have/get tonsil stones.
The sore throat is most likely from you manipulating your tonsils to get the previous stones out. Because the stones themselves are not would not have a sore throat from an infection. if your tonsils do in fact become infected...they would be oozing pus and not just stones. many people have tonsil stones...get used to getting them out yourself...why? Because a tonsillectomy at an adult age is one of the worst surguries to endure.
And yes, there may be more stones that you do not see...but until they come near the top, they are not ready to come out.
Don't dig too deep or your throat will definitely be sore.
If you are new to removing not worry.
The first few times of removal are slightly painstaking...after that it will simply become something you do once a month like it is nothing unique and the pain will go away when you stop messing with them constantly.

Does tonsil stone cause sore throat?

Can u have a sore throat cause u have a tonsil stone? I have a small tonsil stone well I think that's what it is. It's small and whitish. It's on my left side and my throat only hurts on left side. i am kinda stuffy too. So was wondering is the tonsil stone causing sore throat? And what can I do to remove it fast and easy? And what can I do so my throat won't hurt anymore? Also is it ok to leave the tonsil stone alone? Will it eventually go away on it's own? Please answer kinda worried.

How can i tell if i have strep throat or tonsil stones??

Tonsil stones won't do any of that other stuff. Like, you'd just feel uncomfortable lumps, but your tonsils would otherwise be normal and so would the rest of you....
Sounds like an infection! Quite possibly strep. Go get checked out; you might really want those antibiotics.

Hope you feel better!

Edit: Dude, you so CAN have tonsil stones! (not you, the other respondees) They're called tonsiloliths... they're just your tonsils pushing out bacteria and dead material from their pores. Which is why they happen when you get strep - lots of nasty bacteria action going on there.

Anyway, good luck!

Tonsil stones from strep throat?

Hey, all! So...yesterday I woke up with a monster sore throat. I've had strep throat before, so I knew the feeling. I went to the doctor and they tested me for both mono and strep. Both tests came back negative, however; my doctor diagnosed me with strep throat (those tests come back negative a lot apparently) and gave me some antibiotics to take 3 times a day for 10 days. I did some research, and found out about something called "tonsil stones." The medical term is "tonsilloliths" I used a flashlight to check, and I found two white things that looked like tonsil stones. They were pretty small, but visible. My doctor never mentioned it. I'd never seen them before, but because of the strep throat, my tonsils were pretty swollen, so stuff can get in there. Is that what caused the stones? Should I just wait, like my mom says to, to see if the antibiotics take care of that before trying to take them out myself? They say that penicillin (which is in my antibiotics) helps with the stones.

What are tonsil stones? How can I get rid of them?

Irregular shaped white or yellowish-white lumps on Tonsils are commonly referred to as Tonsil Stones or ‘Tonsilloliths.’ These stones vary in size and can sometimes weigh as heavy as 42g. However, these ‘calculi’ are easily treatable and generally do not require a surgery. These stones develop when sulfur producing bacteria gets trapped in the tonsils.Source: Tonsil Stones pictures, Causes, Symptoms, Removal, Treatment and TonsillolithNeck pain, fatigue, cough, Tonsil inflammation, sore throat, ear-ache, bad taste in back of mouth, throat tightening, fever, etc are some of the symptoms which point towards this condition. There is no specific cause for its development, and research shows that causes can vary a lot from smoking, excessive alcohol and refined food consumption to sinus infections, stress, and auto-immune disorders.There are a number of ways to get rid of it and the simplest of them is having regular salt-water gargles. Advanced treatments include methods like TheraBreath, Oral irrigator and Laser Resurfacing. In extreme cases, doctors may resort to surgery (Tonsillectomy). Patients can additionally chew a Dry Cracker, which helps in removing these stones by pushing the muscles at the side of the throat. Hope it helps!