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Top Trumps For History

If Trump were on the “top 10 hated leaders in world history” list where would he fall in comparison to the others on that list?

He wouldn’t make the top 100 “hated leaders in world history” except perhaps among Chinese and Iranian economic staffers.You need to study a lot more world history and fewer “current news cycle blatherings” and someone who’s hated in a country they victimized is often lauded in the country they ran, i.e. Ghengis Khan, Julius Caesar, Mao Tse Tung, Queen Victoria, Phillip II of Spain, Saladin, Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible, King Leopold of Belgium, etc.. There’s been a lot of leaders who did awful things in large scale and over decades to their own peoples, the neighbors, people far far away so what they did there was mostly unknown back home, and depredations they managed to blame on others at least during their own lifetime. To make it on the top 10 you’d have to have directly gotten at least 5 million people killed with the top 5 in the tens of millions (Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Spanish Kings in the 1500’s-1600’s, etc.).

If you were a card in a top trumps game, what would be your highest stat?

It’s time to D-D-D-D-D-D-D-Duel!Ankit KumarDexterity: 5/100, +50 item effectSpeed: 1/100 + 25 age effectStrength: 5/100 + 25 age effect, + 50 item effectArmour: 75/100 + 25 item statIntelligence: 75/100 - 25 age effectHealth: 80/100 + 10 age effect, -30 item effectSpecial moves:Ackshually The ability to explain things on the internet while being incredibly condescendingYouth The vim and vigor of youth lends the character a 25 point bonus to his speed and strength, at the expense of his intelligence stat. This is worrying, as he didn’t have that much before.Cringe Character’s inability to know about the latest and greatest memes inflicts +15 cringe damage on every blow.C̵̨̲͕̘̜̜̣̪̰̅́́̎͋o̸̟̱͒̆͋ͅͅn̶̳͚̯̞̎̅͂̽͊s̸̥̺̗̰͌̀̏̅̈́̆̆̿́̌ȗ̷̘̱̤͋̔̃̔̈̌͛m̴̻̩͉̜̻͇̫̱̓e̷̛̩̘̙̥̽̃̌͂ Character eats all food items in play, regardless if they are in the player’s hand or not. Adds a temporary +50 to strength and dexterity, but a -30 to health.Fashion Lack of any fashion sense makes character impervious to any form of criticism. Armour + 25.Power Level: 16

Is the Trump administration the worst in US history? Have you ever seen such a bunch of contemptible morons as this?

Most of these creeps are acting this or acting that because he can’t hold onto or find quality people! I thought he was draining the swamp, but all he initially installed was Wall Street Goldman Sachs billionaires, the very people he told us he was against!!!

Which president will go down in history as the best, Obama or Trump?

Neither. Too many people hate Trump and will never give him credit for anything good he does. Obama was well liked, but not a good President. He was didn’t accomplish much and was too divisive. Much of what he did do was not in the country’s best interests*. Obama could never make the switch from campaign mode to being the President of all the people. He was, and still is, happy to remain a partisan and attack his “enemies.”The irony is that if the left would stop attacking Trump, he’d be more than willing to work with them. Trump would be open to all kinds of deals the Republicans in Congress would never go for. For example, he was ready to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in exchange for funding the wall, but the Dems said no.*Obamacare, Iran, ignored immigration law, more burdensome regulations on business than anyone since FDR, more activist judges, weak on terrorism (yes, yes, bin Laden is dead. OK’ing that mission was the best thing he did), raising the national debt 8 trillion dollars, Iran, using the military for social experiments, increased the power of the Executive Branch to a dangerous degree, fomenting racial tension, Libya/Benghazi, Bergdahl, betrayed Israel at the UN, “Dear Colleague” letter allowing kangaroo courts in colleges, automatic reductions of sentences for federal inmates convicted of drug offenses, Iran, etc., etc., etc……

Which leader would be the best historical analogy to Donald Trump?

General Georges Ernest Boulanger of France (1837–1891), an enormously popular but highly divisive French soldier and politician.He started out apparently liberal but turned to the most conservative (monarchist) side of French politics. He created enormous enthusiasms by espousing ideas that more experienced political thinkers considered totally unrealistic. Despite Germany’s huge military advantage, he urged the restoration of Alsace-Lorraine, and engaged in anti-German provocation, but rejected the idea of France allying itself to other nations. He was allied with antisemitic 1889, at the height of his popularity, it seemed that he might lead a coup against the Third Republic, but his procrastination (while he pursued a liaison with his mistress) caused him to miss the ideal moment. When he later turned to taking power by election, his opponents had time to organize against him, and he lost.Eventually, he committed suicide on the grave of his mistress in Brussels, Belgium, and was buried in the same grave.Here is what Wikipedia has to say about his character as a leader: “Academics have attributed the failure of the movement to Boulanger's own weaknesses. Despite his charisma, he lacked coolness, consistency, and decisiveness; he was a mediocre leader who lacked vision and courage. He was never able to unite the disparate elements, ranging from the far left to the far right, that formed the base of his support.”Here is the article from Britannica about him: Georges Boulanger | French general

Trump is the best president USA ever had, have we reached the top now?

Maybe not the best, But I truly believe he could and would be one of the better president we've ever had. Now if the liberals quit crying and try and help instead of doing nothing to help this country grow and not be dragged down. After all there is a REAL reason Trump won. And that being said there was enough people that have been paying attention about the people trusted to protect this country at all cost. instead of turning into a bunch of political correctness people and out for personal gains, He was never suppose to win but he did, True American's I suspect that if the Democrats don't start trying to help this president and the country, It just may be a long time before they will win the White House . And the press can start reporting the truth istead what fits their fancy that day. All of this is a perfect example for "TERM LIMITS"Politicians don't have a lifetime job, remember that voters.!