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Treatment For Anxiety

What is the cause of anxiety ? and treatments ?

How is the cause of anxiety viewed from the cognitive perspective ? behavioral perspective ?
What are treatments for anxiety through the cognitive perspective ? behavioral perspective ?

Thanks in advance !

What is the treatment for anxiety attacks?

I’ll start by saying I’m not a doctor so please take everything I say as personal anecdote rather than medical advice! That said, there are many different treatments for anxiety and panic attacks, and I myself have used lots of them, including biofeedback therapy (which worked well for me but had to be done 2x per week for at least 6 weeks or so before it really made a difference).In the course of that therapy I learned about breathing exercises (very easy to do) and that journaling is an effective method to reduce anxiety. I was skeptical at first but I was also desperate to stop feeling so anxious all the time, so I gave it a shot, and it REALLY worked. Apparently the act of committing your thoughts to paper—handwritten, ideally, not typed—is scientifically proven to help quiet the anxiety in your mind, almost like you have “released” it on to the page. I found this incredibly useful in the early days of treating my anxiety and panic. And I wrote a lot of angry letters to the people and things in my life that were causing me so much stress (I just didn’t send them). Highly therapeutic!I also take medication for panic disorder, 25mg daily of Zoloft, which was, I have to say, a life saver. It just took the edge off of the crushing daily anxiety and looming panic attacks that I had been experiencing and allowed me to live my life again. I’m neither 100% happy all the time, nor am I an emotionless zombie, but life is a LOT better, for me, with meds. I have a Xanax prescription as well, just in case I find myself in an otherwise unmanageable situation, or for when I fly. (Xanax works really quickly and can help me get out of a panic attack that has already started. Again though: NOT A DOCTOR.)If you’d like to read more, I tell a story in my third book, You Do You, that was also excerpted in Woolly Magazine, about how I once used a litter box full of [clean] sand to keep panic attacks at bay. Check it out HERE.

What is the treatment for ANXIETY DISORDER?

There's plenty of websites that can help such as calm clinic. They will give you the symptoms s and treatemnets for anxiety.
Do your research.

There's is plenty of ways to cope.
Drink camomile tea, do yoga or other exercise, distract yourself, go out with friends, draw, paint, read, avoid caffeine, drink lots of water. Keep busy.
Remember that the anxiety will pass because your body can't keep that level of emotion for too long.
Stay clam and learn the art of mindfulness.
It helps me and I have severe GAD, OCD, hypochondria and etemaphobia.

What is best treatment for anxiety disorder?

Everyone feels anxious now and then. It’s a normal emotion.Anxiety disorders are different, though. They can cause such distress that it interferes with your ability to lead a normal life.This type of disorder is a serious mental illness. For people who have one, worry and fear are constant and overwhelming, and can be disabling.→ first let me tell you about my experience then will share how to deal with it anxiety disorder experience was the worst night it became so severe that it gave me an opportunity to visit emergency room \U0001f602 Doctors were like WTF is wrongi was sweating, chest pain, shortness of breath was feeling like going to die soon.while in emergency room i went through ecg and report showed 138 beats/minutedoctor were not sure what the problem isand suggested many more tests Everything came out normal. This continued for almost 2 years.My inner self was like don’t loose hope so i decided to fight this.started meditating which is very essential for people suffering from this illness because it restructures your brain you start thinking positively.medicines won’t help you instead it will affect your health in the longer run.My condition started to improve slowly filling my mind with positive thoughts and whenever i used to get any negative thoughts it just automatically gets converted to positive one all just because of meditationSo i’d only suggest meditation to everyone suffering from this illness rather than going to psychiatrist or taking medicines.

Can ECT be used to treat anxiety?

ECT was used in the 60’s ad 70’s but the lost favour. It shoots electrical impulses into your brain. The objective is they will change the electrical impulses. No-one knows how it works or why it works on some patients, not others. not even now. It is the last treatment when everything else has failed. I have seen patients who have been given permanent brain damage when they have been given multiple treatments. It is not something to be taken lightly.Also if you have been given benzodiazepines for your anxiety you need to be careful. Before you take them, they can destroy your life, please have a look at the Ashton Manual How They Work & How to Withdraw, Prof C H Ashton DM, FRCP, 2002 and join benzo buddies to read a few stories. read SSRI stories before you take the medications as well. SSRI Stories | Antidepressant NightmaresCheck on every medicine, and what class of medicines they are before taking them. You can do this on WEB MD. WebMD - Better information. Better health.If there is a cause of your anxiety I suggest you try EMDR. It will replace the circumstances that caused your anxiety and enable you to be able to handle any situation which has caused anxiety in the past and present. It changes your brain patterns without the need for dangerous and potentially deadly medications. Please try this before resorting to psych medications. Many psych medications will make your conditions worse over time.Here is a brain before and after EMDR. You can see the cause of the problem has been replaced to a different part of the brain. You need an experienced psychologist. It worked for me when I dismissed it but gave it a try. Have a look at the before and after images on the web. There are no medications involved with this treatment.If the anxiety is overwhelming and is effecting your ability to function try EMDR first.

Can vicodin be used in the treatment of anxiety?

No. Nor should it be. In some cases, the rebound off of Vicodin can make anxiety much worse. I agree with Doctor Mark Lundquist in that Vicodin is no good for anxiety and is a pain reliever. The best medication for anxiety may be the one that works for you, but there are some that just aren’t meant for anxiety, and Vicodin is one of them.Although I do have to disagree with the assessment that anxiety isn’t a medical problem. It can be both. I am not a physician, but I have seen patients whose labs are severely lacking in serotonin, and they experienced severe panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. Going on an SSRI improved their conditions greatly. So in those cases, it would certainly be considered a medical problem due to a chemical imbalance. I didn’t want to put myself out of a job back then, but truth be told, the physicians (psychiatrists) were the first line of attack against anxiety, at least in those cases. My main role in those cases was medication education, maintenance education, and recognizing when and if the medications stop working.Some people don’t need medication at all for their anxiety, and some need a combination of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. Some just need medication. It’s best to go with what you and your physician decide together, but unless your doctor is grossly irresponsible, you won’t be getting a prescription for Vicodin for anxiety.Good luck.All materials included in this post are intended for informational purposes only. This post/information is not intended to and should not be used to replace medical or psychiatric advice offered by physicians or other health care providers. The author will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages arising therefrom.

Are herbal treatments for anxiety effective?

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