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Tried Everything And My Cat Won

Tried everything, cat still peeing all over the house!?

I had a cat that did this for the last half of her life. In 2004 she was put down due to failing kidneys that weren't diagnosed until she was 16 years old. She would pee on beds, on my sofa, on blankets on the sofa, on the carpet and it didn't matter what I did she still continued to do this. I fortunately had an enclosed patio at the back of my condo, she was forced to live outside on the patio with a litterbox, a covered bed and food and water. Only when I was home did I allow her inside otherwise she remained outside when I was not home to supervise her. This was the only solution I could come up with, I had two litterboxes, I had to keep puppy pee pads under and around the litterboxes because she would pee outside of the box, in the patio I ended up tiling outside and removed the indoor/outdoor carpet because she peed all over that and I had to constantly mop the tiles with bleach and water to remove the smell.

Other than remove the carpet there is no way to remove the cat odor. The Urine Gone they advertise that actually is supposed to remove cat urine, does not work. My cat too was declawed but since she lived on the patio this wasn't an issue.

Have you had him checked for bladder crystals? He might not have a bladder infection or a UTI but might have bladder crystals that cause him to urinate all the time. I had a friend whos male cat had this issue and had to go on a special diet to help with this, he peed everywhere and she had no choice but to make him live outside in the fenced in back yard, unfortunately he left one day and never returned.

Cats are difficult once they start urinating they don't stop and this is a very difficult problem to break them off. I wish I could offer you more advice, a vet might be able to help but I just couldn't give my cat up and expect someone else to put up with the problem, I didn't think that was fair, I kept her till the day I had to put her down.

Good luck

Cat poops on the floor, pees in the box - tried EVERYTHING - help!?

The litter box is pretty clean right? Not too much urine? Because your cat has pooped around the box and not in it, this may indicate that she intended to use the box, but for some reason she just couldn't bring herself to get into it. Usually this is because it is too dirty. Remember, cats are self-cleaning. They are not voluntarily going to step into moist or dirty dirty litter that later they are going to have to clean off their paws or fur. A box that seems clean to you may not be clean enough for your cat. Since their senses are far more acute than ours, what is not offensive to us may be unbearable to them.

To help her become comfortable with her litter box:
Add a scent cue to the litter, so she knows what it's for, by taking a small amount of stool and placing it in the litter.
You stated that you have tried EVERYTHING.
Being creatures of habit, cats don't appreciate sudden changes. Don't surprise kitty with the new litter, or she may surprise you with a present of her own.
Have you tried adding/removing the litter box liner?
Have you tried clumping/non-clumping litter?
Is the litter box big enough? The bigger, the better. It should be at least 16x22 inches.

Your cat has been given a clean bill of health by the veterinarian, it's time to consider other possible causes of your cat's litter box problem.
One possibility you can eliminate immediately is spite. Spite is a human emotion, not a feline one. Cats don't soil the house of spite. They may, however, soil the house because they are stressed.

Cats are very intelligent and sensitive little creatures. They are highly reactive to their environment (some more so than others).

Most people recognize the obvious stressors:
-a new baby
-a new pet
-remodeling or moving to a new home

The more subtle stressors may be overlooked:
-less attention from the cat's favorite person
-infrequent or inadequate feedings
-the scent of another cat on a visitor's clothing
-the sight of a stray cat through the window.

We may not be aware of kitty's anxiety until we actually step in it.

(This is a good time to remember that punishment never corrects inappropriate elimination problems, but it can make them worse by increasing the cat's stress.)

Good Luck.

My cat has fleas - and we've done everything we can to get rid of them - but it's not working!?

My cat has had fleas since we got him. We've tried everything to get rid of them - we've used all of the Bob Martin and Frontline spot-ons and flea-combed everyday, we vaccume twice a day, we've tried the flea bombs you can get, we've used the spray you can put on your cat and around the house, we've done everything! We've got some medication from the vets, but it won't work! My family are talking about getting rid of him, but I'd hate for that to happen. I just really want to get rid of them. Please help!

My cat is extremely overweight. We've tried almost everything to keep him on a diet, but we can't stop him from eating our other cat's food as well. Should we even bother anymore?

Of course you should “bother “! You are responsible for the health of your cat.I had 5 cats and one was very overweight because he ate out of boredom.First, I researched what a cat should be eating calorie wise for the sizes they were/should be.Second, no more free feeding. My cats get fed twice a day. That is a minimum as cats shouldn’t go much more than 12 hours without food.Third, understand how much food they should get because losing weight too quickly can kill a cat. They get fatty liver disease (basically their liver turns to fat and they die). So slow weight loss is mandatory. My cat lost 3 lbs over two year.Lastly, you will have to watch them when they eat. If you need to separate your cats for ease of feeding then do that. I had 5 cats in 3 rooms.You should also buy a a baby scale, weigh your cats weekly and record it. Once ideal weights are established and consistent then you can weigh leas often.

My cat STILL has diarrhea. tried almost everything. HELP?

My fat cat still has diarrhea after months and hundreds of dollars...almost getting to the thousands and the vets still have not figured out the problem. I have paid for multiple fecal exams and no results...funny thing is they are asking for another one this week. I am tired of this, not to mention he also has diabetes (vet said this is a separate issue from the diarrhea) so I paid last week for about 400 dollars (more then half of my check) for that issue and have to give him insulin shots twice everyday.

Back to the point..I have tried giving him 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar, pumpkin, yogurt. He had coccidia and the vet gave him medicine for that. We did a fecal exam again after that and no signs of any parasites but he still has the diarrhea. I feed him Hills Science Diet, then tried Blue Buffalo. I paid for prescription canned food (which he doesn't even touch) No matter how expensive the food is, he still has diarrhea. The vet also gave him Flagyl last week to treat any kind of inflammation and the diarrhea. His butthole is less swollen and red but he still has the diarrhea. Poor thing can't use his litter box without getting his poo all over his paw paw..then he walks around the whole apartment and I'd have to clean it up. I clean his litter box about 5 times a day to prevent this. I also have to clean his paws, and give him water at least 3 times a day to keep him hydrated. My insurance company decided to take out my premium 3 months late, so now I have to pay for my premium and the monthly fee and taxes..that is $200 out of my check for the next 3 months and I do not make that much. I'm stressed and broke. Help.

Cat won't stop scratching the door at night?

Yes he does want to be near but I definitely
do understand! I have all out playtime every
night just before bed with my cats. Getting
them all wound up first, then I give them lots
of love and praise. Then last but not least,
I fill their bowls with food and give them fresh
water as I am on my way to bed. They sleep
usually then until my husband gets up at 4am
for work. Hope you can soon get a good
night's sleep. Good luck!

My daughter's boyfriend is severely allergic to her cat and has tried everything with no success. Any ideas?

Georgie: Her kitty has an allergen in the saliva and urine (Fel d 1) that her boyfriend's body is mis-identifying. His immune system has a defect that causes it to raise the alarm on benign proteins as if it were under attack from bacteria or viruses. His body begins to produce IgE (a human immunoglobulin) that that results in a production of histamine. The histamine can cause a variety of reactions from sneezing, wheezing, coughing, stuffy nose, runny nose, itchey, watery eyes, to hives, eczema or anaphylactic shock. The good news is that because it is a protein, it can be denatured. This means that by the application of heat, acid, or akali the protein can be neutralized. The Allerpet company makes an awesome product called Allerpet/C that will use plant extracts to denature (or neutralize) the protein that had adhered to the skin and fur as well as laying down a protective layer that can denature for up to a week. I will give you a link to their site where you can read about their product, read about cat allergy, and see where you can get the Allerpet/C. Also, Alkaline Labs makes a spray called ADMS spray that is also plant extracts that will denature that protein. She can use it to spray all fibers in the house. I am also including an awesome website about controlling cat allergies that tells you step by step what to do. Tell her that there is help and hope. She shouldn't have to chose between her boyfriend and her cat.