True Or False Women Can Be Perverts Too

Can women be perverts too?

OH YES they can! I got an example to prove it. back when I was almost 18 years old and still bussing tables for this all night diner. We were THe ONLY place in town after 3 AM for any food which meant the bars would close and we get packed! What do people want after they have been drinken, Food! This extremly heavy set woman walks in and sits down. She orders her food and coffee. I walk around and bus tables. As I am walking she just keeps stairing at my lower parts. YIKES. I went through a second time, she did it again. This went on 4 more times! Finally I had to go bus the table right infront of her and in one instance I had had enough! I whipped around and asked bluntly "Lady!! Is my pants unzipped?". maybe in her head. She blushed big time and apologized and laughed at the same time.

My boyfriend tells me to pull my mind out of the gutter on a regular basis.The fact that I’ve been chastised for my inability to have a serious, nonsexual conversation without thinking about some absurd and terrible sex act or another tells me that yes, women can be perverts.Too much so for our partners, even.

True or false: Men can get away with more things than women?

"Men do have some things tough but they don't get crap for not dressing up all the time or being lazy. Or sleeping with plenty of women. Or not wanting kids."

I've personally heard about not moving towards getting married and having kids and my relatives clearly want me to dress up more because they buy me a lot of dressy clothes I'd never wear at Christmas, so there goes that argument. I don't sleep around so that one is kind of a moot point with me. I've heard the laziness one too, but...well, that's kind of true so I can't complain about that one too much.

From what I can tell it's mostly other women who expect other women to do these things. Women definitely seem to dress to impress other women more than they do men.

In any case, it seems like a lot of people will explain away women's bad behavior faster than they do men. I might start to think men can get away with more than women when I hear of a man murdering his wife and not going to jail for long because she was abusive to him. None of that is to suggest women always get away with these kinds of things like some people around here suggest, but it does seem like people will look for an excuse to it faster than they will for men.

The one big thing men seem to be able to get away with more is not being involved in their children's lives. I'm not sure that's really a compliment to men because it stems from the idea they're not as good parents and not as important in their kids' lives, and it definitely hurts them in custody disputes, but it still seems to be there.

Why are women not perverted?

Ok, women are horny and enjoy sex, regardless of how coy they are about that. Even tho most women seem to enjoy sex, they are still not perverted, and when I say "perverted" I mean to say they don't seem to have fetishes or shallow physical desires inspired by sex. Every guy I know has a fetish of some kind. Most women if asked what there fetishes are would say something like "Doggystyle" ,and to me that's not a fetish, that's just sex. To me, women are not perverted since they don't watch as much porn, agree? Also I know I am speaking in generalities, but what choice do I have? I don't know every women on the planet, if u are a female what are ur fetishes?

I understand that this is a broad generalization and that, yes some women are perverted, but I can only speak in generalities since I dont know ever signle women on the planet.

Can girls be perverts too?

Certainly. The problem with pervy women is that they don't seem to realize that what they do to men is exactly what they don't want men to do to them. So, for example, overt references or looks or "hand grazes" toward a man's crotch, are seen by these women as "cute". They think "what guy wouldn't like that?" They clearly don't see the contradiction. If women don't like getting grabbed, then certainly a woman should keep her hands to herself.

Girls prefer confident men and  perverts have more confidence and are extrovert, oppossite of girls who are shy and introvert..may be that could be the reason why girls some how fell for those guys instead of simple ones ..

True or False: "Most men don't like women very much" (and justify your answer)?

I don't know. I would say that most men don't understand women very much (and the other way around). I have a fair number of male friends whom I consider actual friends, not just people I know. I don't go shopping with them or watch Merryl Streep movies with them but they are friends of mine.

The men that I don't like fall into two categories: people who I don't like and wouldn't like regardless of gender because they have what I consider character flaws, and people who I feel are always looking for sex. Basically, I don't trust them (those people individually, not men in general).

I think we stereotype men based on their group activities. They like to get together and watch sports or violent movies or play video games or look for women or drink. But when my female friends and I get together we watch "sappy" movies and shop and drink and sometimes look for dates. So its just two sides of the same coin.

I try not to think of men in general terms because you miss the fun of the individual that way.

And, to be fair, I know a lot of women who can't stand other women.

Women are the most perverted human beings in the world. They just project themselves as otherwise just to be protected from the society's criticism.They like to open their legs in front of a man’s face to make him feel uncomfortable but they don’t so the world will not tell them bitches. They even fantasize that if they could do it, it would be without underwear.They want to do it from behind but they never tell it and they wait from their relationship to ask it also because they don’t want men to consider them as bitches.They fantasize themselves in threesomes and gang bangs but they don’t say it for the same reason i wrote again and again. (for safety)The same goes for all their body parts. They just want so much to show them. For example their boobs. They want to put them in front of men’s faces to make them fantasize. It turns them on to make men fantasize that they fuck them.

True or False ; Women prefer quantity to quality?

I prefer quality. I can have sex a bunch of times sure, but I'd rather it feel amazing. Quality. It's rarer and just better. It shines brighter then all the rest. ;D

2nd example: you can't buy my love. You could be the richest man in the world and I would shun you for a poor guy who likes cats and is sweet. :) Maybe he likes riding a bike.

Some girls like quantity though and they ruin it for the rest of us, because then guys assume every girl is a gold digger, which is a huge huge huge mistake to think. You can't buy love.

True or false: Men hate "fat" women because.....?

They're fat.

Edit: How would you vent about a skinny person to another skinny person? Have you ever hear the term "Preaching to the choir." When you vent you want someone to understand. That's like a racist complaining about blacks at the NAACP Image Awards. They're not going to want to hear it.