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Truth Be Told What Business Is It Of Obama

Does Obama ever tell the truth?

Obama said the health care reform would lower the cost of (free!) health care. Instead we were given a cumbersome confusing mess that will make it a lot worse.

Taxes collected by cap and trade will help the environment. No they won't they will go into a special bank account set up by Obama, Gore and other soon to be carbon billionaires.

During one of his many apology tours, Obama said we are not a Christian nation. And we are the world's largest Muslim nation.

During his speech about the oil disaster, Obama said we had a limited supply of oil on our own land. Wrong, we have a 200-500 year supply.

Obama said all bill proposals would be transparent and shown on cable news networks. That's why there are backroom deals and lobbyists involved that we never hear about.

Obama said he would not give any considerations to lobbyists. Instead, Obama has caved to every lobbyist out there.

Obama said taxes would not go up. And we know how that is going to turn out.

Obama said the Stimulus package would create jobs. That's why unemployment rose from 8 percent to 10 percent. And some of that stimulus money was sent overseas. The rest hasn't even been released yet.

And the biggest lie of all. When Obama was giving his acceptance speech and said, "Even if you didn't vote for me, I will be your President also." Yeah, right. You ignore the will of the people.

What are good and bad things Obama and Trump have done for America? Everyone is so biased on both of them, but what have they both done well and bad for the US, objectively?

Obama, pro: got us out of bad recession. Didn’t put the Economy into bad state. Inspired disenfranchised to believe in him. Good domestic President.Con: let ISIS take foothold the Middle East. Let Arab spring to unravel. Increased taxes on middle class. Doubled national debt. Decreased USA companies competitiveness with additional regulations.Trump: pro: Didn’t screw the Economy, yet. Stock market doing great. Plans to do some useful delegulation for the USA Economy. Leader of rural folks, and those who seek to financially benefit from his presidency. Not Politically correct. Doesn’t do much.Cons: Horrible Diplomatic skills. Pathological liar. Distances many allies. Increases feud with North Korea. Plans to double national debt. Plans to do tax cuts for the rich and wealthy.Jury is still out for Trump.

Do people on cocaine tell the truth?

Interesting question. In my experience I have seen many people who with their use of cocaine have gained a proclivity to prevarication, a.k.a. lying or evading the truth. Best to do some fact checking, if possible, and confront friend with fact versus conversation. I have also found that their lying is seemingly unconscientiously practiced.(they don't know why they do it). This is indicative of receptor sites in the brain being compromised by possible drug use. This would be a good research paper.

Is President Obama bisexual?

No, he is not. He is also not gay. He is also not Muslim. And he was also not born in Kenya. Truth be told, Mr. Obama is your basic African-American heterosexual male. He was born in Hawaii in 1961. His mother was white (from Kansas), his father was black (from Kenya), he was mainly raised by his maternal grandparents in Honolulu, he married Michelle (Robinson) in a church, his two daughters were baptized, and as far as we know, he has done a commendable job as a husband and father over the years— even his political enemies acknowledge that he has been a good family man.That said, tabloid rumors about him have been spread for years, mainly by folks who never liked him nor wanted him to succeed in politics. I truly don’t understand why some folks like to spread rumors, or why they want to make claims that are based on myth. If Mr. Obama were gay or bisexual, that would be none of our business. But as it turns out, some folks just don’t want to accept that the former president is not very outrageous or non-traditional. Yes, in high school and during his first year of college, he smoked a lot of marijuana (as he has acknowledged); but he ultimately gave that up to focus on his studies and his career goals; since that time, as I said, he’s mainly been a successful politician, and a loyal husband & father. There is no credible evidence to suggest otherwise.

Did Obama commit Treason?

the Presidential oath of office solemnly affirms or swears that the President shall defend the United States from all enemies, domestic and foreign.

The summary of the Benghazi attack on sovereign US territory as we know it today: [source front page of the Investor's Business Daily for Monday, Oct 29th]

overhead drone provided 50 minutes of real time video of the attack, which was piped into the White House situation room

multiple real time emails were sent in the same situation room, detailing the attack by 20 armed men and the weapons they were using.

the two CIA operatives in the CIA safe house nearby were ordered to "stand down" twice -- which they courageously and at eventual cost of their own lives refused to do.

Ansar al-Qaida claimed responsibility while the attach was underway and asked for assistance from any like minded men in the area. [no idea what response they got]

The fire fight lasted seven hours in all. US forces nearby included F-15s, which could have been overhead within an hour, Special Forces troops who could have been there within three hours, and AC-130 gunships and attack helicopters which could have been there within two hours. Two Navy ships in the Mediterranean also apparently had helicopters within range and Marines on board.

Joe Biden, despite the 5pm situation room briefing, says "Nobody Told Us" -- a flat out lie if there ever was one.

The President apparently went to rest before his trip to Vegas to raise campaign funds. Timing not reported, but it either was before our people died or after they were dead. What did he do? went campaigning.

This craven, cowardly refusal to defend the persons and lands of the United States [the consulate is legally US territory] and to DENY others permission to do the same, in defiance of his oath of office, sure sounds to me like Treason.

Lets have the House of Representatives impeach this fool -- in special session if that's what it takes -- so that he can be indicted and tried for Treason.

and if the Senate refuses to hear the Impeachment -- let us beat the Democrats and Harry Reid over the head with this until it is plain to all Americans that the Democrats are the party of surrender.

am I hot? you betcha!

In your opinion, if the evidence cited above is the truth -- is this Treason by Obama and cause for his removal from office?

Is Trump the price to pay, for Americans, for having had Obama?

No. Trump and George W. Bush are the price America has had to pay for Fox News and 24-hour-a-day right wing talk radio, which in turn are the result of President Reagan overturning the Fairness Doctrine.Under the Fairness Doctrine, local station managers could go on the air give all the far-right editorials they wanted; but they were also required to let the opposition on the air to give the other point of view. This law treated the airwaves as a kind of public trust, in which no one side could monopolize to push their own agenda. Overturning the Fairness Doctrine didn’t just give us Rush Limbaugh; it gave us stations with 24-hour a day Rush Limbaugh clones. And so many of these talk-show hosts preached hate.I believe strongly in the First Amendment, but I’m horrified how it has been perverted to create 24-hour-a-day Hate Radio and the unending series of lies it tells.For example, I know of perfectly nice people who were brainwashed into thinking “Hillary Clinton is the biggest liar of all time.”A fact check turns up the opposite conclusion. The independent organization PolitiFact reported that 27% of Clinton’s statements in the campaign contained “some distortion of the truth.” For Bernie Sanders, this figure was 28%.BUT FOR DONALD TRUMP, OVER 70% OF THE STATEMENTS HE MADE HAD SOME DISTORAION OF THE TRUTH! THAT’S SEVENTY PERCENT!!!!!And recently, I think this figure (percent of Trump’s statements that are fantasies and/or lies) has gotten worse.So, if you want to derive cause and effect, I think that Trump and W. are the price that America paid for the “feel-good” presidency of Reagan.Personally, there are things I like about Reagan, He wasn’t all bad. But the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine is something that, in retrospect, has poisoned our political landscape.Also, it think it even more obvious to point out that George W. Bush and Donald Trump are the price the country has paid for not taking the silliness and unfairness of the Electoral College seriously enough. That’s another argument, but I think the evidence is strong.If Trump turns out to be a great president, people may think, “Maybe the electoral college isn’t so bad.” But if we get another disastrous presidency, as happened with Bush, people even in small states are going to have to take another look at things.