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Trying To Understand Fishing Better Help

Do atheists understand that believers are rather fishing for souls than selling their faith?

Semantics don't make something less rude.They can call it whatever they like. The basic fact remains that someone proselytizing is trying to convince you that your world view is wrong and theirs is correct.Rude.If the discussion is two way and wanted by both sides, by all means. Try to convince them to see things your way. I've had many discussions like this.The far more common discussion is for the believer to accost the “deceived heathen" and try to force the discussion on them.Rude.I have lost track of the number of times I had absolutely no desire or intent to discuss religion with someone I know believes differently than me, yet the believer refuses to accept that I simply lack faith and can't force myself to believe.“But, Ohh, Mr Atheist. You simply haven't heard MY argument which will surely change your mind.”They don't care about what I really feel or believe, so I simply don't care what they call it.It's rude.

What is the best fishing rod?

Hello, a good fishing rod has many features.If you want to select the best one, you must have to know the skills of choosing it.1. The length of fishing rodsThe length of the rod can vary between 2 and 20 feet (0.61 and 6.10 m).And the common measuring method is measured from the tip all the way to the end of the butt. The length of fishing rods you choose depend on 2 factors: where you will be fishing and what you will be fishing for.Shorter fishing rods prefer well in big game fishing, it can offer great help when you are fighting with the fish. And people often use shorter fishing rods in trolling. But there is one thing you should know is that shorter fishing rods can’t cast the long distance, and they are always used for lightweight lures.In contrast with shorter fishing rods, longer rods can cast a long distance and are suitable for heavier fishing lures. The main application of longer fishing rods is fly fishing.2. The material of fishing rodsTraditional rods are made from bamboo, while contemporary rods are usually made from fiberglass or graphite. As we all know, fiberglass rod is usually cheaper than graphite rod, and it has better toughness and stronger flexibility. Graphite is lighter, stiffer, and more sensitive, but it is easier to damage.3. The action of the rodThe action means how and where the rod blank flexes when a force is applied. Or, the action is how easily and how far from the tip a rod will bend. A fast action rod will bend in only the top third or less of the blank, a medium or moderate action will bend in the top half or so and a slow action will bend starting in the lower third of the rod.People usually use fast action rods with bass or other large species of fish, because they have a stiff backbone and can help people to fight the fish. And slow actions are often use in catching small species of fish.The skills we listed above is the main skills of choosing the fishing rod, and there are still many other suggestions for you. If you are still puzzled about it, welcome to contact with us.More:Website: www.jsmfishing.comE-mail: info@jsmfishing.comWhatsapp: +86 15850596034

What “fishing hacks” have you learned to help be more successful in catching big fish?

Numero Uno gets the lines in the water, keep them there and fish hard with endurance.So much time is wasted ”faffing”.As a few fishing friends point out sardonically; you can't catch anything without a line in the water.Ever notice how when you first hit the spot, your first few casts seem to have great results. Then the fish seem to go off the bite. You work the area hard, then move. The new spot, still enthusiastic, good results, then off. Notice your casts are precise; it's great to be out on the water. Usually, it is early morning. The air is crisp, the light perfect, the day stretches ahead, chock a block full of reel screaming promise. You have your best lure on; your knots are primo, your gear is well organised, and the beers are still in the cooler and the coffee still in the flask.Fast forward three hours, the boat is a mess, gear is everywhere, you hurriedly tied your last two traces. You thinking about breakfast, you had a coffee. If you got into some big fish, you have had your celebratory beer. You have slowed down; your casts are not as full of enthusiasm.You think you have fished the ”golden” hours, now you thinking about putting out a ”livie”, kicking back and watching the wildlife. You find you are still optimistic, but if the fish are not kamikaze style jumping at your bait, you have slowed down.Fisherman fugue, fight it hard, keep trying and keep going. While the morning session may have been good and the fish have been spooked or gone off the bite keep going. Whatever was working stay at it, make depth changes, try a few different set-ups and think optimistically.It is straightforward to write off a good morning and mellow out. Keep fishing even when your companions are slugging beer and catching a suntan on the bottom of the boat.We got this upper Zambezi rapid dwelling tiger, 12 pounds of fury, at 1200 after a morning of smashing 6–8 pounders.

Is fishing supposed to be relaxing?

I had generalized anxiety and panic disorder when I was younger. I know about this. I tried fishing and, it made me paranoid. Now it doesn't make everyone paranoid for some its great and deals with anxiety, it's just their little click they get that relieves the stress. Again I tried it for 5 weeks it was no go for me. Like I said above a click, something you are passionate about makes you feel calmer and distracted so the anxiety stays out. Fishing just may not be for you. I tried fishing, basketball, and few other but, I found that special click. For me it was Guitar, something completely different from where I start. It depends on the person like I said, if fishing isn't doing it for you try other things. Certain hobbies aren't for everyone, if you don't have a passion for fishing or feel down hearted by the end of it stop and, try something else. :)

Fishing spinnerbaits and bass jigs?

Jigs- 3/8 - 1/2 OZ size is typical. Best "basic" color's?? Black/Blue (which mimics a Bluegill), Green/Pumpkin, Black, Brown/Orange Craw, PB & J and Okie Craw. Don't buy cheap jigs.

MOST of the time you'll want and need a good "grass jig" for Flippin' and Pitchin'. The only time you'll need a non-grass-headed Jig is when your fishing rocky reefs in deeper water, (where there is minimal weed-growth). In that case, you'd want to use a football-headed jig. Basic retrieves??? - Draggin' and a quick Lift/Drop.

Here is a great example of a good Grass Jig-

The best trailers are big bulky craw imitations and paddle-tail worms. (Realize, you can use any Soft Plastic as a trailer...use your imagination.) More info here-

Spinnerbait- 1/4 - 1/2 OZ size is atypical, (smaller 1/8 OZ can be excellent for Smallmouth & spooky LMB). Blade configuration's and blade types are important. Here is a good article on the subject-

Hope this helps??