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Two Years In College And Still Trouble Making True Friends

Is it hard to make friends in college?

I just returned from the FBI Collegiate Academy club.It was incredibly fascinating and I thought to myself that perhaps, the kinds of people I want to be friends with are here. In this club. Attending this meeting. So I thought that, optimistically, just as I had thought with the dozens of other club meetings I had attended.In every single one of these club meetings, I have found that nobody cares to make friends. Truly, no one cares enough to even keep a conversation going. I look around at the stillness of the room; inhabited with 100 people, not a single one makes the effort to get to know the next. I am no better. In many ways, I have given up. I have given up being the lead on every single conversation and friendship, and I have given up because I am exhausted.But there are of course, exceptions. 100 people and no one, except one person initiates a conversation. Out of hundreds of people, one single person, and now, he and I have become friends.Although it is sad that I haven’t found a connection with anyone except this one, it is also true that if it were me two years ago, I would probably be in a different spot. I would’ve been more outgoing, and I would’ve probably made several friends, excluding that one, and still, I would’ve probably felt just as or even more lonely.The truth is, the number of friends does not really matter.This single person is worth more than those other hundreds combined.This single person has somehow found his way to me, and he is someone of incredible intellect, kindness, ambition, empathy, and depth.One conversation with this person immerses me into the world I want to live in; I want to be challenged, but reinforced in my deepest beliefs, and I want to be appreciated, but grounded at the same time.What good does a superficial conversation have if you leave more hollow after?What good is a friend who judges you or uses you, or only wants to be with you during the good times?Making friends at college is as easy or as hard as you make it.I have made it hard on myself, but only because I know that I cannot take anything less than someone who is truly compatible with me.

Why do I have no real friends in college?

I always end up making friends with people who leave and I never hear from them again, people who stop being my friend or we just grow apart. I am 19 and somewhat shy. I can talk to almost anyone though. I am in my second year of college and have no real friends. I try to join organizations to meet some new people, but that doesn't work. I don't even have friends from high school. I made friends freshman year, but we are no longer friends or they transferred. It seems like no one understands how to be a real friend anymore. It seems like I will be alone forever :/

Are college friends your true friends? Do they last forever?

My heart aches as I realise that we will not meet again the same way. The college will be same, the corridors will be the same, the same assignments, the same rules and regulations but not us. Yes, we will meet! But not between the classes, not after the classes, not in the garden, not in the library. And this is killing me.I met her on my first day of college, though it was not her first day at college. As we saw each other, we bonded within a second. Starting from sitting together in the class from day 1, to adding me in every Whatsapp group, to providing me with all the missed classes notes, she did it all.She is my shoulder to cry on. She is the one who makes me feel peace just by her mere presence around me. She is my motivator. She is my secret keeper. She is happy, so I am happy. I am happy, so she is happy.She is the one who introduced me to Quora. She is the one who has given me the most honest opinions about my decisions, regardless the fact I may like it or not, she said the truth always. She is a bundle of positivity. I grow as a better person whenever I'm with her.I had many friends in the initial year of my college, but by the end of the last year, it all boiled down to only one. That is her. Do I regret not having many friends? Absolutely not! It is better to be with only one person who makes you feel complete than to be with a group where you still feel alone.And I feel complete. I feel content.Thank you User-11727538374185312465 , you are the reason of my successful, satisfied and happy college life, without you, there would have been a void. I'm happy to have you in my life. I believe in you, you will achieve great success in your life. I love you, a lot.College friends are true friends, if not many but atleast one. And trust me, that one person is enough!Us laughing at each other's lame jokes. *True candid*Us during 1st year of college in physics lab!Us dancing in the rain!Us helping each other to clean each other's shit.Us on the last day of college :(P.S.- Just incase we don't find a guy for ourselves, we may both end up staying together *forever*.Date anyone?Edit 1 : Yes she is Parineeti Chopra. I call her Trina, nick name you know.

Same College as your Boyfriend, pro or con?

Remember that even though you might be in love now, there's a chance it won't be that way forever. You will grow and change a LOT when you get into college (I know, *I* did and I'm only in my second year, lol). I'm not saying that you will necessarily break up with him, but IF you do, you should be at a college that is right for you regardless of the BF.
Being at the same school also means you won't have to deal with the long-distance relationship thing (always a plus)... and even though the two of you will be busy, chances are you'll get to spend quite a bit of time together.
My recommendation? Try to put the boyfriend issue aside as much as you can while you're deciding and really make sure this is the college YOU want. You're going to be there for the next four years, after all. Having your guy there is just an awesome bonus!

Fake Friends Vs Real/True Friends, how do you tell the difference between them both?

this is from personal experience
True Friend: 1) They like spending time with you, and they'll ask you to hang out with them
2) If they're with other people they won't pretend like they don't know you
3) they'll listen to you when you need a shoulder to cry on
4) they'll do favors for you and don't expect anything in return

Fake Friend: 1) they'll call or text you once in a while if they need a favor or to borrow money
2) they'll make lame excuses why they can't hang out
3) they'll say you're their friend but constantly insult you or put you down

hope that answered your question :)

Transferring to college my junior year?

No you don't need to worry about anything. You will not be alone or have no friends. First making friends at a community college is slightly more difficult then at a university because they are generally larger and have lots of commuter students which means you only see students in class. Being a junior transfer is normal but you do not need to make up for lost time in making friends. Also you are not too old for the dorm life because junior transfers can live in the dorms to. Basically when you arrive, you will go through a transfer student orientation and if you choose you will move into the dorms and get a housing orientation. Because you will be living in the dorms, with the freshman and sophomores, who are also new, you will get a chance to meet everyone. I recommend you live in the dorms because its a great place to meet friends and you will never be alone. Its easy because you guys live together, see each other in the hallways and bathrooms, eat in the dining hall together, and take some classes together. Also there will be building events hosted by the floor leaders, or RAs that you can go to. There is absolutely no way you can not make friends in the dorms so don't worry. Even if you don't live in the dorms, I suggest you join an club or organization. Again you will be able to meet new people, that will hopefully introduce you to others as well. Joing a club is the best because you will have a group with you that shares a common interest. That interest is whats going to keep your friendship going. So you will be fine when you get to a university.