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Need help to stop being "emotionless"?

Treat yourself to something nice. A exotic vacation. Take yourself out of your usual environment.

btw, You ever try marijuana before?

I need to find a bet din or a rabbi who live near me and will help me to convert?

Hi there
I'm from Israel. my name is David.
first of all if your mother is jew you are a jew. and I wan to add that all the jew that come from east of Jerusalem are sefaradic, and not ashkenazi ok?!
first you need papers to prove your tree. there is in Iran a small comunity, and before 2-3 weeks arived here 10 families. the came from Iran. you can go out of Iran but not dierectly to israel.
u must have the papers of ur can convert in france usa spain it is not an easy way, but if you wish todo so it is not a legened.
there was a man that want to come a jew, and for him it was very dificult, one day he went near to a river and he saw that some drofs of water were faling above a stone and in the stone was an hole, that the faling water caused.and he said to himsef if a soft water can do that to a stone, I canbecome a jew, and he was one of the famos rabi in those time.
in israel there r a lot of places to become a jew.
you can't prey if u r not a jew. and u can't keep shabat low. you can practic but it is not allowed to keep shabat.
have a nice time.

Can someone please define Schizophrenia for these people?

People on answers keep confusing its symptoms with bi polar disorder. Its giving me a freaking headache, especially since they aren't even describing bipolar disorder ---they are describing borderline personality disoder. The difference between bipolar disoder and borderline personality disorder is the LENGTH OF TIME associated with the mood swings, and also the emotional vulnerablity associated as symptoms. Now, fyi, people, the only disorder that "should" actually be confused with schizophrenia is dissociative identity disoder (which was previously multiple personality disorder) and only that can be confused in one in four cases of DID that has symptoms of auditory/visual hallucinations. Please people, know what you are talking about before you diagnose people. sheesh. 10 points to the best definition. Of any of these disorders.