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Unclear Gift Certificate Disclaimer

How can I impress my girlfriend on her birthday?

I gifted a box of Cerelac to my girlfriend on her birthday.Now to give you guys a background, we were once cooking during a weekend and happen to talk about our childhoods with each other. Amidst all the talking she mentioned how much she liked to have Cerelac as a kid. This was probably months before her actual birthday and the topic diffused casually between words.The time her birthday does actually arrive, I was completely unprepared. She is not the kind of girl that would like special ceremonies or a outing to an expensive restaurant. But even then I had to do something special cause it was her birthday and first one with me on top of it.I headed to her home, hoping that I’d figure something out before I’d meet her and then suddenly I remembered this talk we had. It clicked, a light bulb in my mind. There was a Medical store and I went and shamelessly ordered an Apple flavored box of it and got it gift wrapped from the other nearby shop. Now why I bought this box, following are the two reasons:She had casually mentioned that she liked Cerelac, but I sensed her underlying craving for it.No girl of age 24, will ever in her right mind, would buy a box of Cerelac for herself.Well since, she wasn’t going to do it, I bought it.When she finally opened the gift, she purred like a cat with a bowl of milk.

What are the problems faced by people shopping online?

What are your biggest problems when shopping online?I added some topics to the question: Counterfeit Goods & Replica Watches .Why?Because I have great difficulty when choosing an online vendor for these shopping categories and felt I could deliver some more insightful information.I will first enumerate the problems I generally encounter & then explain.Scam Cotent on Page (i.e. many keyword stuffed on a single title)No Guarantees / Warranties / Money Back / Return PoliciesConstant struggle with language related issuesShady payment methods (no secure checkout / paypal / skrill implementation)Lack of SSL High Security Certificates (very important as your data could be mined)#1. Scam Content : How many times have you entered a website to see it littered with images, names of brands, unreadable content? I hate these because I can’t find what I am looking for nor what I need or at least something of value.#2. Guarantees : This is, many times, an indication of scammy websites with bad intentions for you as in to deliver either low quality items, damaged, cheap fake “ship built” items. I hate these websites because I can’t find valid trust in them.#3. Language Related Issues : Instead of the content being easily readable & simple to purchase, the content is in two or more languages, and has chinese characters seems to me, is a bad indication.#4. Shady payment methods : How much do you know about secure checkout? Your credit card / debit card details are very important because they can be easily stolen in low security situations and that’s bad for your money (hehe). That’s why I prefer high security secure checkout connection (like the image below shows payapl). You know it’s shady when they send you an e-mail asking you to fill your card data. Only fill in certified money brokers such as PayPal / Skrill / Bitcoin etc.#5. Lack of SSL High Security : This matters because when using even the cheapest SSL your connection is at least 256 bit key encrypted, ( i know , trust me) and thus your data is encrypted & stuff such as e-mail minig, personal information collection is not possible by third parties.This is my main negative experience when shopping for such items, and have noticed this when searching for other shopping items.Hope this helps shed some light on online shopping experiences.