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Under What Circumstances Might A Woman Give Up Her Teat For A Man On A Bus

What would cause a woman to give up on men?

his is part of the problem. You asked why women would give up & instead of women telling you why, you have the source of their problem-men- "explaining" why. And I can tell by some of the answers that these are old men, men who should be in nursing homes, not on yahoo trolling women.

Some old Gary on here said women can't get "jungle sex" from the "nice guy". What does being a nice person (which this clown is not) have to do with sexual prowess? So being nice makes a man sexually inadequate? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Another thing women are onto is the " nice guy" routine. They've learned from experience that when a guy totes himself as the "nice guy" whom society is against, watch out. They end up being batterers & everything else. Women don't except the nice guy. Also, they don't want some old man. When you talk about "Jungle sex", it sounds like you are old & basic sexual positions are " jingle sex" to you because you're so out of shape.

Why SHOULD i give up my seat on the bus to a pregnant woman?!?

It's not about her. It's about the baby inside of her. Who has no choice what so ever. If a woman get to over worked during pregnancy, it can cause complications. If she just walked 6 blocks to the bus stop, and then has to walk who knows how much when she gets off that bus, it could cause preterm labor. Especially if the pregnancy already has complication (like the woman having high blood pressure). Also, if the bus was to be in an accident, the baby would be better protected if the mother was seated. By giving up your seat, you are giving an unborn child a better chance at life. Also, it is a matter of being respectful. i don't know for sure if you are male or female. But, if you are male, you would want someone carrying your child to be able to sit down. If you are female, If you are ever 8 months pregnant, and riding a bus, I hope, and so will you, that you will have a seat.

What factors or circumstnaces allow a woman to give herself permission to cheat on her significant other?

I'm happily (most days) married and have been with my husband for 23 years (I'm 42). I would not cheat on him for many reasons, one being I would not like how I felt about myself. However, I was with someone for 3 1/2 years when I was a teenager and did cheat. I cheated because he was cruel and I needed to feel appreciated. He was mentally abusive and I finally got away when he started becoming physical. I don't regret what I did to him, just what I did to myself by letting others have me.
If a woman is lonely in her marriage, feels unloved and is treated badly, there's a good chance she will give in to temptation if someone offers her comfort and love...even if it's just physical. She doesn't feel so guilty breaking her vows, if he broke them first in other ways.

Should a woman give up custody of her child?

In 1996, Cosmopolitan Magazine did a world wide survey of it's readers, nearly 100% women, on what would make them happy. Among the question was one that in the even of a custody issue involving their children, would they be happier having or not having custody? Over 60% said they would be happier not having custody, but feared the conclusions of society as to why they didn't.

Of interest, much of our society is accepting of a woman having abortions rights, but see something wrong with them not having custody of their children.

Personally, I promote Bird Nest Custody.

If a man shows comitment by giving a woman a ring then how does.............?

Well I must start out by saying that when my husband and I got married we did not get our rings until a few months later, so not all women are materialistic bi*$hes. Now, what do I do for my husband to show him that I appreciate and love him as much as he does me, I get up at 4:30 am make his coffee and breakfast and make sure that he gets out the door by 5am, I then make sure that his laundry gets done from the day before, make sure that I have what I need for dinner that night and if I don't get in my truck and go to the store and get what I need so to make my husband a meal that he will enjoy. I make sure that all of our bills get paid on time, I make sure that everything we may have going on regarding our home, kids, his work, the vehicles, camping trips, vacations, bills, pets, etc... all gets taken care of so he doesn't have to miss work to take care of these things and when he comes home he has nothing to worry about. I then make his dinner so it is hot when he walks through the door at 6 or 7pm, do his dishes, make his lunch for the next day, and give him great sex whenever he wants it. I don't know what more a wife can give to her husband. We are not a very materialistic family though, I mean we both drive brand new cars but that is because we can afford them and want something dependable for our family, not because we have to have them. We live in a nicer neighborhood for where we live in a brand new home, but once again he bought me that house because it fits our needs and our family, not because I had to have that house. I mean I know what you are trying to say, but just because some women are money hungry and want the best and the biggest of everything doesn't mean that we are all like that, and some marriages we just do for each other because we love each other. Yes, my husband works 10 to 12 hr days for our family but he worked long hrs when we started dating, it's what work requires of him, and yes he supports our family financially, but I support our family emotionally, spiritually, and physically, I mean it comes down to is marriage is give and take, it's not 50/50 it's 100/100%.

Would women give up their seats on a lifeboat for a man?

It’s hard to say with absolute certainty how anyone would react in a highly stressful, chaotic, life-or-death situation. Sometimes the desire to survive overwhelms a person’s better intentions. However, I hope that I’d behave honorably. To me, that means that I would give up my lifeboat seat for:A boy or girl under age 16 or soA physically disabled or infirm individual, male or female (I can tread water for at least a few minutes while waiting for help to arrive. They can’t.)A mom or dad accompanying young childrenA member of the crew or other individual who is needed to assist in the rescue effortI don’t think I’d give up my seat for a healthy adult man, except where the above circumstances apply. And while I’d appreciate it if a man offered his seat to me out of chivalry, I wouldn’t expect that of anyone. Hopefully the passengers and crew would at least have the moral compass to prioritize children, families and the disabled if there was a shortage of lifeboats.

Am I, as a man, obligated to get up and give my seat to a woman? If society is moving more towards equality for women, does it make sense for me to be less chivalrous?

Let's unconfuse something once and for all. Each of us is obligated to do things, not by our gender but by our conscience. So, for example, if I see an elderly person on the Metro, my conscience tells me that I am younger and likely stronger and therefore can stand without pain or discomfort. That knowledge makes me aware that in taking the seat for myself, I may be inadvertently contributing to another person's pain or discomfort. Therefore, my conscience obligates me to offer my seat. It's sympathy. Likewise, if I see a man or a woman traveling with a small child (or children), I'm up immediately. Because I am a single mom and remember distinctly how tough and tiring lugging all the stuff and the baby can be. I always appreciated the kindness of others who offered my daughter and I their seats then, so I pay those kindnesses forward now. This is empathy. If your conscience tells you that women are weak and frail and therefore can't stand without becoming entirely overwhelmed, and if you do not want to be the inadvertent cause of such discomfort, then yes: you are obligated by your conscience to relinquish your seat. If, on the other hand, your conscience tells you that this is absurd and unnecessary, then no: it does not obligate you to offer your seat. In either case, however, the obligation should come from your own sincere beliefs. Not from some antiquated custom that automatically assumed the latter scenario for everyone in spite of clear and visible evidence to the contrary. Don't blindly follow "rules" when your conscience tells you otherwise. That's the fastest way to get yourself in trouble.

Have you ever seen a person not give up their seat on a bus, train, subway etc. to a pregnant woman?

I had a colleague once who was talking about something similar - whether or not there should be parking spots for pregnant women. Her comment was “I don’t need a space when I’m pregnant - the kid’s in its own carrying case. When I need help is after the kid is born - when I’m trying to carry a kid, a car seat or a stroller, a diaper bag, and all the other stuff.”Look - I’ve got five kids and, while I’ve never been pregnant, I’ve lived with a number of pregnant women and I know about the swollen ankles, tired legs, and everything else. So I’m not going to try to say that pregnancy is a walk in the park. But I also know that broken bones, arthritis, heart conditions, old age, and other things debilitating and can also make it difficult to stand on a train as well. What we should be asking is who should stand for whom.In my mind, the person in better shape should stand for the person in worse shape. I would not expect someone in their 80s to stand for a healthy pregnant woman in her 20s - and I would hope that the pregnant woman wouldn’t expect that either. On the other hand, I would hope that a healthy person in their 30s (non-pregnant) would do so.Sadly, like others, I have seen perfectly healthy people in their teens, 20s, and 30s look at (and ignore) an elderly man or woman, or at a person with a cane or a cast, or a woman who was heavily pregnant. Most of the time someone will give up their seat - but sometimes you just can’t find a decent person.

What would America be like with a woman president?

Hello there Kathy,There will no difference in the way the Executive Branch runs. The only difference will be in the MSM presentation of the great milestone that was finally passed. Since it is a moral and legal reality that the sexes are equal, then outside of a feminine appearance there should be no difference. If her brain processes information differently than men and makes decisions differently than men then there would be no equality and the US culture would suffer.This happily should not be the case. A female President would be of the same cut as all of the cynical, lying, cheating, underhanded, arrogant, self centered political bastages that preceded her. It is, more or less, a job description. Why? Well, she had to fight, connive, deal, back-stab, her way to the top because that is politics. Do female CEOs run large companies any differently than the men before them? Nope. They make business decisions and succeed or fail, whether the toilet seat is up or down, makes no difference.Depending on how good she is at dissembling and public speaking, she should be a pleasure to watch as she ignores her campaign promises and implements her party’s interests to help them gain more political power. She will serve her 8 years, then become a retired stateswoman making money writing books and public speaking.Do you honestly expect any difference?Ciao.

What are the signals that a girl gives if she's interested in a guy? And what are some crucial signals when she's not interested?

My answer is special, as I am actually a gay man who has been in many awkward situations with women. Specifically, I’ve been in many situations where girls are clearly interested in me while I am obviously not attracted to them. And believe me, girls give a ton of signals to show they’re interested in a guy. Here is a small list:They constantly make polite, yet understatedly awkward remarks; they’ll add a bit of innuendo, a bit of unabashedly personal stuff, and sometimes a passive-aggressive reference to something that you’re doing that they either don’t like or like a lot.They look at you in multiple ways, trying to grade your level of interest in them at all times. Their eyes have it, but be careful. They always seem to be comparing and contrasting with the same expression, so the “interest” may not be for the same reasons as you expect.They record every line you say and peruse it, and seem to take 1000x more connotations on your actions/words than what you actually intend. I guess they’ve probably run like 10,000 hypothetical scenarios in their mind before going towards you, and are trying to fit your behavior with one of these in order to know where it will lead. I do kind of the same, except I already know the answer before I even start: guys are very straightforward, so when you don’t feel the tension, it’s probably because there isn’t.Some girls actually try to make the move, but the majority of the time they’re expecting some sort of ideal reaction from you. Again: anything you do has millions of ramifications, and inaction is also one of those things.When girls manage to get your attention, many of them just seem to flick a switch full of syrupy flirting and smiles, whipping of the hair and acting nervous. Though this I gather only from many close friends’ experiences, so no firsthand knowledge of that happening.In general, much of the woman’s charm seems focused on giving small, subtle hints and expecting the prospective partner to take notice. This is sort of a personal test to “weed out the undesirable” (which I also do). I guess their plan is that when a guy is really into them, he’ll notice these hints, as he must be fully focused upon them to detect such details.So there you go, a gay man’s awkward understanding of the female hinting game. P.S. Thank God I am gay!