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Upen Patel Of Big Boss

Does any 1 know who upen patel is?

upen patel is indian model. he is really sexy

Yes! It is scripted but how much? Can you describe?Look Big Boss is a reality Show and is Indian version of Big Brother that runs in western countries and rest of world. Concept of show is very interesting, if some people live in a closed house without any connection from outside world, how they react and how they make relation with one another. What they do when everyone has to vote to eliminate one of them.This happened in first two season afterward contestants started to come with their own script to play game but the show maker spoiled their game. This is happening from 3rd season. If you are regular watcher of the Big Boss then you recall the scenario of contestant like KRK, Imran Shidiki etc, what they did. They come with their script but Big Boss spoiled their game.Wherever scripted part of show is concerned, yes there is some part of show which seems scripted that is weekly task but it is format of this show. Salman Khan, host of the Show, have mentioned many time that this show is not scripted but critics are not ready to accept it.Conclusion:- If ask honestly, partially it is scripted. I’m regular viewers of this show, only in this season I couldn’t see all episode due to lack of time, but feels something like that but not sure.Thanks for asking this question.

Bigg Boss 4 or Bigg Boss 5 ?

i agree wid both of @Ramani & @Jumping Sun, bigg boss 4 was better coz the participants were so good n there was some fun in watching those episodes n even salman was also good the way he use to go the tv n talk wid people inside da home bt the way of Sanjay Dutt is so boring n so bad..

bt as its jst da starting week of this season we cn expect something wid this season good n enjoyable episodes...

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Who is hotter upen patel or john abraham?

upen patel plzzzzzzzzz from those two options i guess i will just chose John Abraham as he is muchhhhhhhhhhhhh bettterrrrrrrrr then upen patel and another think how in the world do u think that upen patel is hot he is totally not..............

Who was the host of big boss season 1?

season1 of bigg boss was hosted by Arshad Warsi, season 2 was hosted by Shilpa Shetty then season 3 was hosted by Big B (Ambhitab) n season 4 is being hosted by Salman Khan and for more details of Bigg Boss.go to this site:
(it includes all 4 sesons)

hope my answer is satisfying n helped u.