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Upgrading Pc New Suggestion Gaming

Its my first time upgrading my PC for modern gaming, where do I start?

My current specs are
Asus CM6850
Intel Core i5 @ 2.90ghz
12288MB RAM
NVIDIA Geforce 8400GS

I purchased an EVGA - GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card and when I opened my pc I was only able to find 2 plugs but the graphics card required 4 so I went back to best buy and purchased a power source but it did not work so out of frustration I returned both products and looked for a lower grade graphics card but all required more wattage than what my computer supplied. I believe its around 315 watts and the graphics cards I am interested in are around 400 watts. What is the best choice I should make to handle games like skyrim with ultra settings and hopefully gta v when it comes out?

Upgrading an emachines w5243 (gaming uses). suggestions?

Well to begin with upgrading your ram and cpu will barely affect your gaming but a few more gigs of ram won't hurt, you need to upgrade you gpu like you are doing. Now for the ram I reccomend 4gb of Corsair Vengeance ram, try and find out what speed your motherboard is designed for and 4gb is the least you should get, but over 16gb is useless and yes ram fits the same in every computer but you need to find the recomended speed (check your bios or manual). For your cpu I say keep it the same if money is an issue. But if it isn't go ahead and get an Intel core i7 cpu, you choose your specs but the lowest i7 is only a little worse then the highest one and will barely change gaming performance. If you want you can get an ssd for reliability and super fast r/w speeds. Check out the Samsung 830s (my favorite brand, I also like the low cost of Crucial M4s :). But I'm not sure what you can upgrade, check first before buying the parts. Hope I helped you improve your pc :D

What are some good upgrades from a AMD FX 8350 (PC for gaming), have a GTX 1060 6GB and need a new CPU + Motherboard to get DDR4 RAM?

For mATX: System Builder - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core - PCPartPickerFor ATX: System Builder - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core - PCPartPickerJust put mobo, cpu and ram. You (should) already have a case, psu, and gpu.The 2600 should be able to handle multi-threaded and single-threaded loads. Intel is a bit better at single-threaded loads.I'd also recommend changing your GPU to an RTX2060 performance equivalent (or something close), be it an 1660(ti), a 1070, 980ti or a Vega56/64.

How would I know that my gaming PC needs an upgrade?

A few hints :if you have this message while trying to install a game : “Sorry, Windows 95 is not a supported OS”.If you can’t click on the “next” button on a popup window because your screen resolution is too low and the button is off screen.If your computer lag when you finish a solitaire game and all the cards are falling and bouncing.If Clippy tries to assist you in speeding up your pc.If your video card is a Cirrus Logic or a Trident or a S3.Then you should consider upgrading your gaming PC.

Should I upgrade My gaming rig?

Here's the thing about your rig: There is very little you genuinely need to change. Best investment: New GPU. I'm frequently recommending R7-370s or R9-380s for budget gamers who want to stay current (R9-380 if you can, really.) You might want a 500W PSU for that, it's pushing a 430W a bit, but you're on the edge of okay. Also Handy: 2 cheap upgrades would get you a lot of better general utility. First, a small SSD for a boot volume and everyday use software. 120GB drives are cheap and you already have a nice fast drive for mass storage. Also, games are starting to require more RAM, I'd consider another 8GB to get yourself to 16GB.There is nothing for you to gain from replacing the system board or CPU unless you want to upgrade the rest a lot further. Newer platforms give you more expensive features for high end builds like M.2 slots, DDR4 support and other things... but you won't be doing those things anyway in most builds. Technically, the Athlon X4 760K doesn't give you PCI-e 3.0 support (it's FM2 as opposed to FM2+ which you'd get with an 860K) but as much as I normally rag on this, I really rag on this for new builds. For upgrade purposes, you don't gain enough real world performance to make it worth addressing your CPU and the performance you get out of the 760K is fine. So... minor tweaks, starting with your GPU and then some extra RAM and an SSD if you can. You're not in bad enough shape to need to start over, the CPU is only 2 years old and still has a good 2+ years of life left in it before you need to change platforms.

How do I upgrade an office PC to a gaming PC?

I see the link to the specific ‘office PC’. Oh god… Please tell me you haven’t bought that PC… I mean, if it was given to you, I feel even worse, but still… There would be almost no point in getting it.Ohhhhhkay, let’s see… The 4 GB RAM is too little to even run a few tabs of Google Chrome on Windows 10 (that’s if you don’t want to spend extra to get the maximum of 8 GB), that CPU is ancient, there’s no dedicated graphics card, the hard drive is half the size normally expected in the modern world, and the monitor that comes with it isn’t even 1080p. So what we’re talking here, in order to make it even relatively feasible to run SOMETHING bigger than a DOS game, is a complete overhaul.Yep, you read that right: complete overhaul. By the time you’d finish ‘upgrading’, there’d be almost nothing left of the original. Maybe the case would stay, if it’s not too small, the power supply might be strong enough, and I guess the built-in card reader is pretty nifty, but everything else would be replaced. Yes, that includes the monitor.So really, it’d be more practical to either buy a completely different pre-built rig or just build something yourself from scratch.I’m honestly appalled that something as weak as that is still being sold… And from the looks of things, it’s not even for novelty or legacy stuff! It’s being sold under the expectation of being used! I… I just… Nope, I give up.

I'm buying PS4 instead of upgrading my PC, is it a good decision?

Well -  I was hard core gamer during my engineering days so I want to start old habits again. To me the answer is obvious. PC. To further strengthen my point: 1. It's your PC. Unlike a gaming console, you don't have to compete for to use the TV, this applies whether you are married or not. 2. Upgrade. In 5 years, your PS games graphics will be dumbeddown  to fit the hardware. Add to upgrading a PC, is not that expensive (def cheaper than buying a new PS which may only come out in another 5-10 years). You upgrade will mainly go to three parts- processor, ram and graphics. 3. If you were a PC gamer previously, you will prefer mouse and keyboard over gamepad. 4. Affordability of games. The biggest problem PS games poses is the buying games. Sure you have options of swapping and renting, but there are make do solutions. PC, on the other hand, has steam which offer affordle games (you're earning so avoid torrented games; add to that plenty of awesome indie games on steam like Trine, life is strange, etc). 5. Mulitasking - a gamer PC is a beast. If the need arises, you can photoshop, do video editing and all kinds of intensive tasks with ease.Affordability, affordability and availability of games  is in the PC's favour.

I'm looking to upgrade my gaming rig, which I retired a few years ago. Suggestions?

2nd gen i5 is still great although in two to three years it may be very difficult to replace the board if you need to.Video card is definitely what will help you improve fps and overall quality of gaming. Although 560 ti is still very good imo.Depending on your budget from lowest to highest nvidia gtx 960 < 970 < 980 or ati 280 <285 < 290pc games are also always cheaper specially if you wait for the the steam can also use an xbox 360 controller if you need a good one.

Upgrading my pc graphics card ect.?

My PC is a gateway gt5674 and i was told that if i upgrade the graphics card to a Radeon HD 5570

I would be able to play games like Call of Duty 4 but I was just wondering how good/bad my pcs processor is and will it keep me from being able to play such games even if i up grate to that graphics card. On sites that tell you if you can or can not play games it always seems the processor is just under whats required.

Here's my PCs stats
System Information
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002)
System Manufacturer: Gateway
System Model: GT5674
BIOS: )Phoenix – Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Phentom 9500 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 2942MB RAM
Page File: 2029MB used, 4094 available
Direct X Version: DirectX 11


Name: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip Type: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
Dac Type: Integrated RAMDAC
Approx. Total Memory: 1336 MB
Current Display Mode: 1024 x 768 (32-bit) (60Hz)

DirectX Features
DirectDraw Acceleration: Enabled
Direct3D Acceleration: Enabled
AGP Texture Acceleration: Enabled

Main Driver: nvd3dum.dll
Version: 8.16.0011.9107 (English)
Date: 9/28/2009
WHQL Logo'd: n/a
DDI Version: 9Ex

All help is greatly appreciated thanks in advance!

Which gaming computer upgrade for GTA V?

Here is my current configuration:

AMD Phenom X4 9100e @ 1.8Ghz :( that's why GTA IV laggs......
2GB of Ram (have an extra 2GB of ram but the motherboard only has 2 slots :( )
8800GTS 320mb
Rocketfish 900W PSU

(With those specs I'm able to play GTA IV at high settings but not in maximum settings)

Now here is what I was thinking: (since I don't have that much money to spend)


New Motherboard that supports dual+ graphics cards and that it has 4 slots for the ram (so i can use all my 4GB)

And buy another graphics card which is exactly the same as my current one so I can put them in SLI

New Motherboard that supports dual+ graphics cards and that it has 4 slots for the ram (so i can use all my 4GB)

And buy a new graphics card the "HD 68XX" series

And buy the AMD Phenom X6 processor.

I know that my 8800gts is NOT the newest card, but performance wise, 2 8800gts on SLI how will they perform against some of the newer cards?