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Ups Pt Dockworker Appointment

I missed my UPS appointment for a package handler job. Will I get a second chance?

I tried showing up early. Unfortunately the final street I was supposed to turn on never appeared. I was driving around for a while thinking that it might have been a real small street that I might have missed, but I could not find it. Finally I ended up asking for directions and the directions that I got were completely different from the one Yahoo Maps provided me. I finally found the place, but by then I was ten minutes late plus I still had to look for parking and the entrance so I figured it would probably be best to reschedule. When I got home I logged onto my pc, which is how I got the appointment in the first place, and I tried to reschedule. Unfortunately it said there were no more appointments available. My question is, do you think I'll be able to get another appointment and if so, will my missed appointment prevent me from getting the job?

What do dock workers do at ups?

This Site Might Help You.

What do dock workers do at ups?
Is this the exact same thing as a package handler. Thinking about applying and just want to know what I am getting into.

UPS Job Appointments?

I am a little upset. Two weeks ago the UPS center in my area listed a job for "part time package handlers". As soon as I saw it, I decided to apply and went to their website where I filled out my contact information. After that, the system simply said my application was "pending" and there was nothing else I could do.

I checked in every once and awhile and decided tonight to check again, this time the system asked me to complete my application and asked me a whole new set of questions, like a normal application. At the end of the application it asked me to schedule a appointment to see the human resources manager of the local UPS facility.

... Except when I try to schedule an appointment it simply tells me none are available. I have been waiting two weeks now to try and get an interview, no one ever called me, I didn't even get an e-mail from their system. It seems kind of limited and difficult to make people wait to finish the rest of their application and then suddenly just not allow them an interview.

I checked on Saturday evening, is there a chance the system just doesn't allow for scheduling on the weekend since they don't operate on weekends? I'd really hate it if I missed a chance to earn some extra income simply because I didn't check their website every single day.

Ups Package Handler? I have an Appointment. What should i do?

What should you do? Go on the tour. You didn't say that they were offering an interview. Usually, they give a tour to a group so that people can see what the work is like, and ask questions. It gives them an opportunity to see how you carry yourself, and decide if you would be a good candidate.

For a college student, I think that a part time job as a package handler with UPS is very good. Yes, it is physical work; and keep in mind that they are getting ready for the holiday shipping season -- so UPS will be very busy, and you will have possible opportunities for more than 20hrs a week. UPS pays fair wages, and it could lead to a career opportunity for you.

But I must comment that the way you position the question suggest to me that you really do not want the job. You make it sound like the only reason you are going to the tour is because UPS is the only company to call you. You also seem to question your ability and desire to do (potentially) heavy physical work.

Look deep inside yourself first.

How much do ups workers make part time?

8.50 to start, 1.00 raise after 90 days. After that raises come fairly often. I was part-time for 3.5 years and was making 15.00/hr. Then went driving and now make over 28/hour.

I applied for an opening position at ups and I scheduled an appointment but I have no idea what to expect?

how honest are you?
timely to work etc


You would work from 6:30 till 8:15 and then go back from 6:30 to 9 at night. There is no magic to that... it is just how it is explained. No, you didn't get hired yet. It said your APPLICATION was successful. Now it has to go through human resources and if it gets selected, it will be given to a hiring supervisor. If the supervisor is interested, they will call you for an interview. If not, they will give it back to HR, and HR will send you a letter that basically says thanks, but no thanks.

If you score an interview, be 10 minutes early, dress nice, firm handshake and make eye contact when you're answering questions. Avoid sounding like a doofus with a lot of umms.. uhhhs..likes... etc. learn a little about the company and have 2 good questions on hand when they ask you if you have any questions, but NO questions about pay, vacation or sick time. Also, be prepared to take a drug test soon after.

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What to prepare for my first UPS Job Interview (Package Handler)?

The tie is unnecessary. All the rules for basic job interviews apply, be confident, use eye contact but don't stare, etc. etc. Google it. UPS is a physical job. It will help you if you appear strong and healthy. Ok, it probably helps in any job but in this one if you get it you will start by loading trucks and it is exhausting. They may have you take a test which tests your honesty and memory skills. UPS has a pretty good program of advancement and as a sorter(next step after handler) you'll need to memorize hundreds of zip codes. If you get the job you will be watched and tested for observation skills and honesty. You may be set up as a test. This happened to a buddy of mine and luckily he passed. It's the right time of year to get a job with them due to the holidays. Unless you blow it you should get it but staying there through Feb. may be a challenge. Work very hard and offer to work extra. Don't wait to be asked. Show initiative and ask for study materials for the next level. They'll keep you loading trucks for a while probably. Good luck.