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Ups Tracking Not Available

UPS tracking info not available?

What did it show Friday, just entered into billing, or that it was actually scanned in off of the truck at the distribution center? You are a bit impatient expecting it to move during the weekend when they have until Tuesday to get it to you.

I shipped something Friday "Next Day Early AM Saturday", and was a little concerned because tracking didn't show the "Saturday". But it did get there Saturday by 9 AM.

USPS tracking not available?

Hi there,

If they sent it with delivery confirmation, not delivery tracking, it will only update on the USPS website when it is scanned/received by them and when it is delivered to you by your local post office but not track it along the way like UPS does.

The USPS website generally updates only once per day. Also, my personal experience w/ delivery confirmation has been spotty at best. I recently ordered from Overstock and the USPS website never updated the status but it showed up on my doorstep a few days later.

I'm sure that if Abercrombie shows that it shipped it will show up. Don't waste your time contacting the post office - they'll just give you the runaround. Good luck!

Why does my tracking number say it is not available?

Tracking info not available means you cannot track your items with the tracking number you provided from online system at this time and it may due to the following reasons:Your tracking info was not found (Trackingmore defines it as “not found ” where it has the same meaning as “not available” here), Possible reasons:1: The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet.2: The carrier hasn't scanned and entered your package tracking information into their system yet.3: Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.4: Your tracking number has expired and removed from carrier's system.

UPS tracking number not trackable?

Friend of mine gave me a tracking number for UPS but I don't see any result come up yet. It's sent on Thursday and been over 50 was document mailed from marine base address in Asia where UPS provides service for sure. The number includes alphabets and numbers like EIxxxxxxxxxUS (x=9 digits). Any idea why it's not trackable?

UPS tracking number not working?!!?!!?

I ordered some airsoft items from recently. I tried to enter my tracking number into the UPS website and it said "Tracking information is not yet available. Please try again later". I ordered the items two days ago (1/15/14). Please help!!

What does the error message, "Tracking information is not available yet for this shipment" mean?

The USPS is not required to scan the package along the way. This message means the USPS has been notified a shipping label with your tracking number has been created, but they don't know where it is. I can create a label and take the package directly to the counter that same day. The package label may not be scanned until it reaches a large distribution postal center along the way. The only requirement for the USPS is to show the package was DELIVERED. There have been delays in shipments due to weather across the US, but I would think you should have received your package by now.

If you have contacted the seller and have received no response, file a dispute with eBay. The longer you wait, the longer it takes to get your refund. In fact, if you wait too long you won't get your package or your money back. You could also take the tracking number to your Post Office and see if it is in their carrier's vehicle. That has happened to me, too. GL!

Are UPS tracking number digits reusable?

I see two ways you could be asking this.First does the company re-use tracking numbers. Those numbers are assigned to shipments and while there are a finite number of them, there is no need for the company to re-use them at this time.Second can you re-use a tracking number for a different shipment. No. The numbers act like postage stamp in that they are used once. Reusing the number can create problems in the system since it will show that the package was already shipped and delivered to the previous address. If the package is lost, late, or otherwise in a problematic situation you will have a difficult time resolving the issue. Also your charges will probably be higher since the system might decide the package was re-routed which incurs extra fees.

Why do people say UPS tracking sucks?

Near as i can tell it is because people are spoiled and do not understand that tracking items is a rather nacent feature (45 years old in most cases and computer logged only for the last 30 years or so for the most part). While tracking, all forms together, encompass maybe a million plus items/shipment per day, but theirs falls into the .001% that is boofed in some way, and that is all they can care about. As a student of economics, history, and anthropology, i have come to conclude people are and always have been selfish creatures. We, as a rule are only concrrned about things that directly impact on us. We give lip services about this and that, but really, if it is not about us, it does not mater. That is our baser selves. Some, indeed many, do care about things that really don't effect our lives, or even our days. Those are the “angels of our better natures”.Philosophy aside, tracking is really very advanced, and becoming more so every day. When i started working in the frieght/parcel industry back in 1981. We thought we were doing great if we “,bird-dogged” a shippment just by calling each transfer point and asking them if they had any info on said shippment. Mind you, that was only within our own company, and there were only poorly kept written loadsheets or manifests. Not a very scientfic answer, but, really, what more can one expect?Facts: parcel/motor freight, any compay, has a 99% accuracy record for each parcel/shippment. With a million plus each day, thats still 1000 inaccuracies. Which is pretty damn good, but they are working to make it .0001%. when they hit that mark, yep, next is .00001%, and so on.UPS does have maybe the best in the trade tracking. From my point of view, i'm impressed as hell it is that good. Why? Because i do understand just how much goes into it. Think of it this way: you have no clue how elecrtricty works and are angry when the light does not luminate when you toggle that switch. If you've ever worked in power supply, you’re kinda surprised it works so often. Same with cars, phones, computers etc.etc.