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Urgent Need To Lose Weight. Any Tips

I need to lose weight before a quinceanera?

Okay so I'm overweight, but I want to lose some weight before June 14th, to be able to get a cute dress for my friend's quinceanera. I'm about to turn 15 years old, I'm a girl, I weigh 180 pounds, and I'm 5'2. I know that is unhealthy, and I know I'm fat. I want to lose weight soo much though. But I can't do too much exercise, I have a tendon problem in my foot. Please only give helpful advice, suggestions, websites, etc. I'm open to any suggestions. Also, what is the most amount of weight I can healthily lose by then?

How much weight can you lose by doing this over 180 days??? Help me 10 pts?

One to two hours of excercise is enough, make sure to consume enough proteins, this will help you curb hunger as well as help you recover from working out, if you do decide to drink protein shakes make sure to do it within 30 min. after working out. I'd also suggest to really look at your eating habits, just by changing that alone it can greatly affect your weight loss. If you do it in a healthy and responsible way you can expect to loose 2lbs a week, which is considered a safe and normal amount. Since you are going to excercise so much during the summer make sure you stay hydrated. When a person is thirsty it is already signaling your body that it's starting to dehydrate, so make sure to drink water even when you are not feeling thirsty. I don't want to put down a limit since it's not healthy to drink too much water as well so I would say again look at how intense your workouts are and what you ate. Good luck.

I am 22 years old. I am very thin. I need to increase weight. How can I increase weight? What kind of food should I eat?

You need to follow the below points.As soon as you wake up, drink 1 liter of water completely. Walk for 10 minutes so that the pressure will get on to your stomach and you will get urge to go to wash room right away. Drink 1 liter of water again after 1 and half hour and again walk again for 10 minutes until you get the urgent feeling to go to wash room. Now, you are free from waste. Your body now accepts the new products that you are going to provide.2. Do exercise for 1 hour everyday. Your stomach becomes ravenous after burning calories. This is very important.3. For Breakfast : Soaked Peanuts-1 cup, Coconut- half, Dates -10 to 15. You can also add cashew nuts or almonds-10 if you can afford and then eat fruits like Banana, Chickoo, Jackfruit, Mango, Custard apple.4. For Lunch and Dinner : Eat Brown rice along with green leafy vegetable curry and any other curry. Follow 3:1 ratio of rice and curry. More rice is required because , it’s very easy for our body to convert carbs into fats rather than fats to body fat.5. Eat curd daily .You can surely increase your weight if you can follow this clean diet. Here I made sure that you get fats and carbs which are required for body fat. You don’t need huge proteins, because those are required for muscle formation.That’s it. This is by far the best method to gain weight in a healthy way.Eat healthy, Stay healthy. :)

How can I lose 4 kg in 1 week?

I LOST 11 KGS IN 8 DAYS….& I lost 55kgs in 6 months (124kgs to 69kgs)And if I had continued this….this would be the lowest I could get to (Which I had done before)This is me at 75kgs.This is me at 69kgsThe lightest I have ever been in my lifeSo what can I recommend for you to lose weight?(IMPORTANT - CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE EXERCISING!!!)Fasting for 4 days (no food only water). I fasted for 8 days without food.Intermittent Fasting (eating in a 8 hour window)Eating only protein & Green SaladsDrinking Lot of WaterExercising on a Fasting StateBlack CoffeeAerobic & Anaerobic ExercisesCircuit TrainingLong Distance Slow RunningHaving Bath with Cold Water (Ice Cold) 4 to 5 times a daySoaking the Body in Ice Water before sleepingDrinking Cold Water especially at nightNo Sugar, No Carbs, No Milk, No FruitsIf you follow this consistently….You will become from thisTo this…Hope this helps.Loy Machedo