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Using Multiple Hair Vitamins Hairfinity And Walmart Brand

Using multiple hair vitamins? (Hairfinity and walmart brand)?

I recently bought an hair, skin, and nail vitamin from walmart, but determined I really wanted to try hairfinity. There are plenty of the walmart pills left so I figured I'd take both together. Would this increase my results or would this be too much?

Remington or Conair straightener?

Im having a tough time figuring out which straightener I want. I have medium-long thick wavy hair. Im in between the Remington Pink Animal printed straightener and the Conair 1' straightener. Theyre basically the same, color doesnt matter, i just want to know which one works better:) if you have tried both, or have one let me know which one!:) thanks

Should i get an instyler flat iron or CHI?

i wanted instyler but i saw a site that had many complaints about not getting their order and about paying more
yet there are also people on different sites who say it works and said nothing about their order or money
so i'm not exactly sure which i should get..
does it work better or is the same?
what are your opinions? is it easy to order?

Is there a store where I can buy Hairfinity Vitamins?

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How do I become pretty before school starts?

These are the things I want and NEED, so tell me how to get there please!
1) A nice tan
2) Super long, healthy hair
3) No acne
4) Healthy skin (no marks or any crap like that)
5) Fit

I am white, I've never dyed my hair before, and I am currently using the Original Pantene shampoo and conditioner. I have a feather in my hair, as well. I am about 5'5-5'6 and I weight about 125-127-ish. I do see a dermatologist but I need to be perfect pretty much. No BS answers telling me how to love myself for who I am because that's not what I'm looking for. If you can just help me with the things I'm asking, I'd really apreciate it. Also, how can I get my teeth to be super white and clean? Thanks!

- Jessica -
10 points is up for grabs

Will a hair straightener kill lice eggs?

it will kill lice and eggs, but most of the eggs are laid very close to your scalp, so it would be near impossible to kill them all with a hair straightener. i remember i had head lice when i was little, my mum would put treatments in my hair every other day and comb EVERY day, morning and night, and washed my hair in tea tree oil. It took some time but eventually, they were killed off, and good riddance to them! I know your misery, they're horrible and embarrassing things :( x

Where to buy hair straightener in New York?

So, I'm not from United States, but I'm going to travel to New York..
And I need to buy a hair straightener/ flat iron/ don't know how you guys call it...
Pleeeaase I need to find a store, NOT ONLINE, and the closer to times square, better.
I really need this... Thanksss :*