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Vampire Or Werewolf What Will You Pick

Who would win vampire vs werewolf?
I think the werewolf would definitely win!!! Every time!!! Vampires are small and wimpy looking {Goths):O}. Werewolves are way cooler!!! If you're a big werewolf fan, check out this website:

Vampire/Werewolf Names?

For werewolves, I like thalia, verona and naamah for girls, and for guys i like raze, loki and tristan.
For vampire girls, I think you should go with old-fashioned names like Elizabeth, Anne, and Lucy, since these are centuries old people practically. You could also combine names, like Clarice Ann, or Sharon Elizabeth, or whatever.
For vamp guys I didn't really like any of the ones you listed. I think you should first establish what their nationality is and then come up with an authentic name from their home country. It might also be cool if you used biblical names, like Daniel, Gabriel, Ezekiel (Zeke), or Jesse.

Hope these suggestions helped, sort of. Good luck with your novel!

How can you tell if you're a werewolf or vampire?

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
Do you have the urge to pick at things; like your nails and objects?
Do you have the urge to chew on things?
Do you have a good singing voice? (because of different vocal chords)
When you stare in the mirror, does it look like your eyes change color?
At nighttime, specifically on a full/blood moon, do you have a lot of energy and feel like going outside and screaming and stuff like that?
Can you smell good?
Can you hear good?
Do you HATE Silver?
Can you see in the dark rather well?
Is your body more hairy than the average person?
Are your canines larger and pointier than most peoples'?
Are you strong?
Can you make animal, specifically dog or wolf vocalizations?
Do you have a short temper?
Are you hyper at random times?
Do you have the symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Are your fingernails curved?
Are your fingers long?
Are your hands and feet big?
Do you get sweaty easily?
Do you hate being around crowds?
Are you sensitive?
Do you lose and gain weight easily?
Do you crave rare meat?
If you have over half of these symptoms of Lycanthropy, then it's possible you're a Werewolf.
Sorry, know nothing about Vampires.. XD

Would you choose to be a vampire or a werewolf? Why?

Depends on the type.In Twilight series, there is no side effect of sunlight on vampires other than ‘glittering’ and not being able to sleep.While shape shifters also known as werewolves can attain immortality by phasing again and again.So in Twilight series I would choose to become a werewolf/shape shifter.In Vampire Diaries, vampires can negate the harmful effect of sunlight by wearing a ring.While werewolves do not attain immortality and age like humans.The choice is pretty simple - Vampire.In Underworld series, both species are immortal.Vampires are weak against sunlight and nightshade while werewolves are weak against silver.So here I would like to become a werewolf.Usually Vampires are more popular because of immortality, eternal youth, high strength, enhanced senses, high speed but their main downside is their weakness against sunlight.Although if there is a chance at becoming a Hybrid, I would choose to become a Hybrid as it is usually powerful than both species and without any weaknesses.

On the game Skyrim, should I be a werewolf or a vampire?

If you decide to become a werewolf:Your beast blood prevents you from getting a “Rested” or “Well-Rested” bonus not that it would matter too much.You cannot be identified as a werewolf until you turn into one in front of people. Then all would attack you.At most guards will ask you “Is that fur coming out of your ears?”In werewolf mode, you have greater speed and melee damage. You cannot use your ranged weapons and are thus susceptible to ranged attacks. You need to feed on people to continue the form. While in that form, all progress would be on werewolf skill tree.During the dawnguard quest line, you are offered a choice of becoming a vampire. You cannot do that if you are a werewolf. You would be forced to follow the Dawnguard quests instead of vampire ones till you finally complete the DLC and face Harkon.You can cure yourself of it through one of the companion quests where you put a glenmoril witch’s head in the fire and kill your wolf spirit.If you decide to become a vampire:Firstly you need to be normal(not a werewolf) to become one. You may become a vampire either by following the quest line of dawnguard where Harkon bestows it upon you or you might become one if you are affected by vampirism and you do not cure it with a potion.You can cure your vampirism by completing a quest given by Falion in Morthal. You may ask Serana to convert you into a vampire if you are cured of it or you had chosen not to become one when Harkon offered.By becoming a vampire, you become an enemy of everyone in Skyrim. People might start attacking you from the moment you appear. You would need to keep your vampire appearance at bay. That means you would need to feed on blood on a regular basis to maintain your form and not transcend into a full blown vampire look. Sunlight would hurt you. You can change into the vampire lord form which has a skill tree of its own. It has both the melee and ranged attack modes (ranged would include life drain spells). Like a werewolf has his speed, a vampire lord has his teleportation powers to vanish in a swarm of bats and appear at a short distance away. By becoming a vampire, you loose your access to Dawnguard castle as they become your enemies. You may complete the quests and kill Harkon but the Dawnguard would still be your enemies. They would keep attacking you wherever they find you. They would even attack you after you cure yourself of vampirism.Now that you know all the aspects, you can make an informed decision.

Would you rather be a vampire, werewolf or a witch?

if all were real, I'd have to think about it.

eternal life and youthful good looks sounds great, but you have to constantly kill, so dunno bout that one.

werewolf........MAYBE if i could control it when in wolf form......then again, the transformation is probably painful.

I'd probably go with witch.,...or warlock as the males are called. cool powers, not as many downsides

Skyrim: Khajiit, Vampire or Werewolf?

Personally, I find that vampires have virtually nothing good going for them compared to werewolves. As a vampire, you are severely limited in many ways; the main thing I don't like is the sunlight thing. Your health, magicka and stamina regeneration is stunted by 100% in daylight, which sucks, because it makes you much weaker during the day outdoors, and with each progressive stage of vampirism, your healt, magicka and stamina total drops even more.

Another thing is how your vampiric powers grow with each stage, but you get weaker with each stage as well, and at stage four is when your vampire powers are the strongest; you also get powers like invisibility (Embrace of Shadows) and calm (Vampire Seduction), but you're also attacked on sight and it's very difficult to feed at stage four because of that, and when you do feed, you lose those powers and go back to stage one vampirism. There's just virtually nothing good about being a vampire.

As a werewolf, you are stronger, deadlier and faster, simply put. You also get a constant effect that's active even when you're in your human form, which grants you 100% immunity to all diseases. In werewolf form, you get +100 to your health and stamina as well, and there are several shouts exclusive to werewolves only. One thing I really like is that as a werewolf, your bounty is separate from your human self, so any crimes you commit as a werewolf will not be associated to you as a human. You can just go on a killing spree in a town, feed, leave, then come back as a human, and no one will know it was you.

There are disadvantages, of course, but they're tolerable. You are unequipped of all items, and when you phase back, you will be naked, so you have to put on all your armor again. You also cannot pick things up or loot enemies, but I think compared to how being a vampire impairs you, these things are tolerable since they're only active when you are in werewolf form, whereas being a vampire is 24/7 until you cure yourself of it, and all disadvantages are constant.

So in short, vampires are kind of terrible in Skyrim, I don't know why they made it this way, but there really isn't much good about being one. If you have to pick one, I'd go with the werewolf. If you get the Hircine ring as well, you would be unstoppable since it grants unlimited werewolf phasing.

Can twilight werewolves become vampires?

Nope. it mentioned in passing in breaking Dawn that they cannot be turned into vampires. It's where Jacob is playing with Renesmee and she bites him and Edward's like, "It's a good thing she doesn't have any venom." Vampire's venom works as a poison to them, just like it does with any other person that gets bitten, but they cannot get turned into a vampire so, if they're bitten, they're killed, instead of being changed.

But, go ahead in change it! When you're the author, you control everything. Do as you wish. I've written fan fic where Edward and Bella are both humans and the vampires of that world are totally different. One where Bella doesn't meet Edward and so she falls in love with Jacob instead. One where Bella leaves Edward and gets changed into a vamp by the Volturi. Stuff like that. Really, just have fun with it. Fan Fiction is a way to expand you're writing skills without having to spend time on developing characters because they're already there for you. That means that if you stick to the original plot, it's going to turn into a dull and lifeless story that doesn't make you grow at all. If I wanted to read something with the same plot and ideas as Twilight, I'd read Twilight. If I was going to read a fanfiction, I'd want it to be as out of the box as possible.

So, turn some werewolves into vampires. kill some main character. Cause pain and wreck havoc onto Stephenie Meyer's story. You'll become a better writer for it.