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Verdict On Socks And Sandals

Socks with sandals or slides.?

Most of these stupid fashion ideas come from jail. Socks with slides or sandals is one of them, because in some rehabs and jails, shoelaces are forbidden. So are belts, they can both be used as weapons and used in hangings. People that wear their pants hanging around their *** ,and socks with sandals or slides don't even realize where these looks come from. They think that they were created by people in sports. Oddly enough I see more people that don't even play sports wearing such styles. Let's get it straight. You look like an idiot. You say that it is comfortable. I say you are lazy. Put a f#*^#*g belt on. Pull your pants up. It takes more energy to keep adjusting your pants than it does to just wear a belt. And as far as the slides or sandals go. Seriously. Take a good look at yourself. Is it cool to look like an inmate or a patient at a detox ? you look like a lazy retard and you probably dont have any one to tell you the truth. Years ago ther was a rapper named nelly who showed up on MTV wearing a band-aid on his cheek, the next days were unbelievable. Idiots were popping up left and right with band aids on their face. Monkey see monkey do. Parents don't let your kids leave the house dressed like lazy idiots. Kids stop dressing like you just rolled out of a friggen rehab, or off of a 3 year stint upstate. I'm here to tell you, you look ******* stupid and that is the truth. Comfortable ? A bath robe is comfortable , but I wouldn't wear it to the mall. Think about it.

Socks and sandals...?

If you're going to wear sandals, it's because it's hot out and maybe your feet seat a lot during the hot months.
If you wear sock, it's to either keep your feet warm, or to prevent your shoes from that "sweaty bare-foot" smell.
When you wear both, it's kinda confusing, and an oximoron.
IF you don't wnat to expose your feet, then don't wear the sandal. Wear a covered shoe or something.
Plus, it just looks stupid. That's like a man wearing boxers AND briefs. See what I mean? It just doesn't make sense.
Hope this helped!
Mama JK

What is so bad about socks and sandals?

Well think about it, the whole point of sandals is so that you can let have your bare feet exposed to the air, usually because its hot. By wearing socks, you contradict the purpose for wearing the sandals, hence the looks people give you because its so pointless to wear sandals if you're going to wear socks.

Socks or no socks with sandals?

I don't like someone teasing someone else, regardless of the reason.

However, it is a fashion faux pas to wear socks with sandals. Sandals are designed for feet only; the sandal-look *means* bare feet in the sandals. Logically, there's no point as well; why wear shoes that consist of only a bottom and some straps, if you want to cover your feet up? If blisters are an issue, there are other ways to deal with that; a cushion or a bandaid on your foot, or a cushion on the strap itself, for starters. The key to blisters is preventing them; always buy shoes for comfort and style; never think that shoes will "break in". If they're not enormously comfortable when you buy them, they never will be.

It is almost always a fashion faux pas to wear clothing as it was not designed to be worn. Think of how it looks to see someone wearing a shirt or jeans backwards; they're not undecently dressed, it just looks silly. There's no reason to tease them to their face, although people are very likely to speak behind their hands; "Look at them! What are they thinking? Why are they dressed like that?" A few giggles are probably inevitable. Socks with sandals are the same way.

Whats wrong with socks and sandals?

Am I the only one that gets their feet torn up whenever I wear sandals? Seriously I wore them at the beach all my life and every week I d go home with blisters. I wear socks all the time around the house because my feet get cold. So slipping into my flops is nice and easy and take 1% of the time to put on than sneakers, yet I don t do it because people seem to care so much about how some one else wears their footwear. The people saying not to wear them are honestly just assholes that think anything but their way is appropriate. Don t listen to these people, be you.

Why do elderly men wear socks with sandals?

Hey Michelle... My 'sainted' mother, most of her life (especially indoors) went barefoot and paid the ultimate price; the soles of her feet were 'absolute' shoe leather, near the end of her years. Yet when she 'went out' she wore mid-level heels ( 3 sizes too small) and suffered the inevitable agonies, happily. Woe to the dictates of fashion.
If you peruse my various answers to this 'August Forum'; you will find that I am strong, yea (dare I say it) even resolute, hinting at powerful: in mind and body. A man among men.

AIN'T TRUE. If I wear sandals... without socks; a piece of 'grit' , 1/2 the size of a grain of salt, can bring me to my knees in agony. To my wife's chagrin, I must admit that 'Yea, I am a Tenderfoot'.
However there are redeeming features. Convince me of your sad and doleful tale, and my tears will flow, almost unabated. Empathy, I have in abundance.
One other cogent factor; when I head for that final resting place, the soles of my feet will be as soft as a newborns bottom.
Yours in comfort... Haemish.
p.s. I must admit that I am not elderly... I'm old.

Depends on what the invitation says. For most weddings, formalwear is expected. Socks and sandals would be out of the question. If it's clearly a casual or informal event, maybe. But even then, many people are not a fan of the socks and sandals look. I'd suggest closed shoes instead.That being said, if there's a medical necessity involved, that's usually a permitted exception.

Do you wear socks with sandels?

i do no longer probable think of socks seem that large with sandals... to no longer be rude or any element... its in basic terms no longer some thing you will possibly usually see. i ought to reccommend some in spite of the indisputable fact that it kinda relies upon on the type of sandal additionally. Sorry, yet i in my view do no longer think of socks and sandals circulate mutually. Ihope this helped! -Taryn

It's pretty widely considered silly looking more than sloppy. It's like wearing nothing but socks to bed….not sexy. The reason is that either it’s warm enough for sandals, or it’s cool enough for socks and shoes. It’s not usually both at the same time. Or even if it is, it's also because sandals are designed for a bare foot, artistically. Fashion isn't always very practical and sometimes it is the most impractical thing ever. If you don't want to look silly but crave practical comfort, try to find the balance between beauty and comfort. A lot of brands and designers are out there just for that reason. Try athletic wear, made with sweaty feet in mind (Keen sandals have odor block technology, for example). Or, say screw you, fashion snobs, I wear what I want! Also perfectly acceptable. :)Edit: since this answer is appearing now under a different question, I should also address the question about type: practical and either socially oblivious or socially apathetic. If all three, then just old. :)