Very Worried For My Sister

Should I be worried about my sister?

Education is never to early, but it could be late sometimes.Acquire knowledge is just a matter of time. But fixing one person’s character, mindset, behavior is a long, dedication-required process. As a brother, that’s easy, follow your sister, show her the thugs out there, that one day could harm her if she doesn’t change. Show her that you really care about her, it’s the love that drive you to do this for her. If she can’t feel it yet, take it away for a period, leave her alone on her own, but keep an eye on her from far away. Let her fall, then raise her up again. She’ll eventually change, and feel the love of her older brother.

Worried about my Sister's Marriage?

If you get in between, you are the one who is going to get hurt. No matter what, stay out of the conflict. Do not try to be a third party between them or try to be a referee.

On the other hand, take your sister aside in PRIVATE and talk to her. Her husband is misguided, thinking that his wife should fit into the role model of a domestic servant. I think the best thing she can do is find something useful to do, like get her own business put together, or go and find a job. Then, she no longer is dependent upon him entirely for income and he can no longer say she is just sitting at home doing nothing. If she has the education and training, she is wasting her own life not doing something with it.

He won't be able to make those claims any longer if she gets some independence, and it sounds like to me, she needs it.

But YOU, stay out of being in the middle of things. In the end, you will be the focal point of being an interfearer and then you won't like your sister OR her husband.

Used my sisters razor to shave, should I be worried ?

I currently don’t have a razor of my own but I was desperate for a shave so I used my sisters. I let water run on it for a few seconds obviously in the shower to make sure any hair and stuff on the razor would wash out (it wasn’t rusty). The reason I’m worried is because I got a lot of nicks from this razor, it was literally trash. I got at least 5 or 6 cuts from this damn razor and I’m worried that with those cuts I could have contracted something (I washed the razor after obviously) I don’t know if I kept the razor in the water long enough, should I be worried???

Is my sister okay im worried?

Im kinda worried about her.
Shes 14 years old and shes rather odd.
People at school find her scary and odd.

She sometimes run down the stairs saying what did you want. Everyone is usually puzzeled shes all like did you not call me. We say no. She runs off.
She constanly runs up and down the stairs for absloutly no reason.
She is always talking to herself. She has long conversations to herself.
She i very obiedient. If I told her to do something she does it.
She is very polite. Im not saying there is anything wrong eith it.
She sometimes cries for no reason.
she is very artistic and imaginative.
She is amazing at drawing sculpting writing etc. She comes up with the strangest things. She has friends at school but her best friend is her cousin. Thry are very close. My sister finds it hard to make friends
She is very hyperactive.
She is very paranoid. She thinks everyone hates her. If someone wasnt talking to her much she suddenly thinks everyone hates her. She scared of facebook. She is convinced people are reading her messages. She always wants to bring a weapon with her she thinks someone will kidnap her or kill her. She cant watch horror movies at all. She is easliy scared. She is friendly talks and works away with everyone. But she still a bit of an introvert. She told me she doesnt mind people but prefers hers or her cousins company. She is always day dreaming
she dresses way differently than anyone. She does care what people think she so free i jealous of that. But the outfits are crazy yet aceptable.
Im not sure is that why she has no friends.
she also has a very good memory. She can remember her 2nd birthday she told me in great detail. And she was correct about all of it.
our dad is an alcoholic too often shouts at her. My mom teases her.
Her voice is so quiet. Its like a whisper. She thinks she speaks too loud.
she is kinda secretive. But she has just told me random fact about herself randomly. Im sure there is more to her.

My sister hasn't been eating... im really worried?

whenever my sister eats she either has nothing or small amounts and whenever she does she complains her tummy hurts... i have noticed a major weight loss in her but she already knows she is skinny

I am worried about my sister. Is letting her live her life the best way for me to help her?

If your sister is an adult then yes all you can do is let her be. I can understand how frustrating it is to see your loved ones make mistakes or live a way that we don’t understand but it’s equally important to understand that screaming at them or pushing them to change isn’t the best way to get across to them. You are right to be worried about her but you also need to understand that she is an adult and the more you push her, the more she will resent you. It’s better to be there for her and support her than be somebody who is the last to know. At least this way you can warn her about her actions and then let her make the best possible decision.Open the channels to communication so that you are aware of what’s happening and keep talking to her about your fears and the consequences of her actions. May be in time she will trust you enough to “think before she leaps”. Also with increased experiences, she will mend her ways.If you do feel that she is taking way too many risks, you can always get her to seek counselling. Not to change her ways but to understand why she is taking the risks or behaving the way that she is!! Sometimes that clarity brings in changes and its best coming from a 3rd person than your loved ones!!Good luck!!

My sister has a girl Mustache and im very worried that she wont get a boy friend what should i do?

well if your "sister" is uncomfortable with waxing, wich really hurts, you could use a lemon. if you rub lemons on the hair everyday after she washes her face, after a couple of days it will go blonde! (it also works for your arms and legs!!! : ) )

I am so worried about my sister going to communist Spain. Should I let her?

Spain is not a communist country. Right now it has a socialist government which among other things is trying to undo a lot of the injustice perpetrated under the previous Partido Popular government - whether everyone guilty of corruption in that government gets their just deserts remains to be seen. In any case it takes a long time to seriously change the culture of a country and democratically elected governments rarely do that. Culture change tends much more to be a matter of the people being ready to change in some particular way. So, on the subject of moving to Spain I guess where you’re moving from is relevant by way of comparison - some things may be better, others worse. However on its own merits I think Spain is a fascinating country and I always found the people open and friendly. Spanish cities, especially the older inland cities are stuffed with great architecture and history. The climate is generally good, the food fantastic and very varied, the outdoor cafe culture very relaxed and stress free. Added to this your sister has what everyone in Spain wants - she is (I assume) a native speaker of English. This is a huge door opener to make friends simply by offering a bit of English chat free gratis. Getting a teaching job is another matter but simply being willing to help people with their vocabulary, expressions and pronunciation will be hugely appreciated and get your sister loads of grateful friends. Then she can start learning from them about their culture and point of view. Finally, travel broadens the mind in general and dispels myths - like thinking Spain is a communist country. Hence it is likely to be a valuable, life enhancing experience. As I learned from seven years in Spain it was hugely “enriquecedor” - enriching.

My sister might have BPD (bipolar depression) and I am so worried because I have no idea how to deal with this. How can I try to show her I am here for her without "baby-ing" her?

Disclaimer: I'm working under the assumption that your sister is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and you have noticed that she is slipping into a depressive episode.Bipolar depression is the same as unipolar depression (ie. major depressive disorder). Patients with both should be offered the same support. As a family member, it is important for you to keep an open mind about your sister. She doesn't want to be depressed anymore than anyone would want to be diabetic.Please don't blame her for the symptoms that she is experiencing, which could include irritation and inability to partake in things she could do before. However, if you believe that she is harming you or other people in any way, let her know firmly and be supportive of her changing that behavior.Your sister might not be able to take care of herself as well as she could. If possible, try to help her maintain some normalcy in her life. Remind her to brush her teeth and wash herself. Make sure she has water to take her medications. Try to decrease the difficulty for her of doing every day tasks, but don't go out of your way to do anything that you do not want to do.Treat her as the same person that she has always been. I'm assuming that if you asking this question, you care about her. At the same time though, make sure that you give yourself enough credit for what you are doing to help because you may not receive an obvious response from her. Your sister is important but you can't help her if you get hurt in the process.Finally, don't be afraid to seek help from others and healthcare professionals at any time, for both yourself and your sister. They may give suggestions for ways that you didn't think of to help with the situation.Depression: Supporting a family member or friendP.S: Bipolar Disorder is often abbreviated as DMDD, or BPAD. BPD is the abbreviation for a different disease called Borderline Personality Disorder.