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Wacom Tablet Not Working

Wacom Bamboo Tablet Pen Not Working?

Open the Preference File Utility under Wacom Tablet in your programs in the start menu (assuming you running Windows Xp or later) Remove all user preferences (backup first if you want, however if the prefs are the cause of your trouble-you don't want the backup anyhow). Restart your computer and try the pen again. Here is a link to Wacom's troubleshooting guide.
If the lights are all on but nobodys home, your hardware is probably okay and the trouble is more to do with drivers and/or Windows (or whatever OS)

Wacom Tablet not working with Paint Tool Sai?

I just got a Wacom Intuos Creative Pen today which works just fine in Photoshop and Paint - They recognize it and the pressure sensitivity is working. But when I tried using it in Paint Tool Sai, it just didn't work. I can move the cursor with the tablet, but whenever I try to click it doesn't work neither does it work when I try to draw a line. Is there a solution? I really want to draw in Paint Tool Sai... Q_Q

P.S. I have windows 7 btw.

Wacom tablet not working with Paint tool Sai?

Whenever I try to use the pen, the cursor is only moving, unable to draw or even click on anything at all. I have the Pen mode chosen, the latest wacom driver installed, and Sai is set in Wacom Properties but it's still not working. Can someone help??? Note that my tablet works just fine with other programs like Sketchbook, Paint,...

Wacom tablet not working well with Photoshop?

You might want to go to tablet settings on your PC or go to the preferences or settings in PhotoShop.

If you are having problems with PhotoShop, check out free softwares like Krita, MyPaint and Gimp. They are 100% free to download. See if your tablet pen works ok in those programs.

If you still have problems with tablet pen, you might need to upgrade your tablet driver. Download driver now.
Here is a link. Scroll down the page to select your driver. Download that and your tablet will be as right as rain.

Bamboo Wacom tablet not working with Paint Tool Sai.?

Paint Tool SAI doesn't have the same shortcuts as Photoshop. Any shortcuts it does have will likely be totally different except for the usual CTRL+C to copy, CTRL+V to paste etc, which are more or less the same on every image editing application. You can customize SAI's shortcuts if you want to change them, click Others > Keyboard Shortcuts

Example: in Photoshop the D key sets the default foreground and background colors, but by default in SAI "D" is for Erase. You can see all the shortcuts if you check out the menus, they are all written there.

The other problems you are having seem to be because you are expecting Paint Tool SAI to behave the same as Photoshop - which is an unrealistic expectation, because they are two totally different applications, which aren't even made by the same company. The presets in particular are completely different in SAI from Photoshop.

All other software you might end up trying will all be different in all those areas too. That's the challenge you face when using different software. There are no standard shorcuts or methods of working, all applications are different. Even more so if these applications are made by different companies.

The problem you say about a previous version of SAI working differently might be because they have updated the software since then. All software changes over time, the developers sometimes change stuff, add stuff, or even remove redundant functionality.

Edit > Ah well, you can live in hope. Perhaps some day all software manufacturers will follow a standard - although don't hold your breath!!!

Wacom Bamboo Tablet Touch Pen Not Working?

Hello! The EXACT same thing happened to me, and I just fixed it. I found out, in my case at least, is that the driver software wasn't installed properly, and it causes the tablet to only recognize really basic functions. What you need to do is install the new driver software from the Wacom website. After doing that, mine was fully functional (although I can't access the tutorial that comes on the disc, can't figure out why.) I don't know what computer and software you use (I have a PC and Windows Vista. My tablet is a Bamboo Pen and Touch, CTH-460) but here's what I did:
Go to this website and type in what kind of tablet you have and your operating system. There's a drop down list, and as soon as you select your appropriate answer, it automatically takes you to a list of different drivers. First on the list is what I went with, since it seemed to be the newest.

Download it, save it somewhere you'll remember it, and close the window. I recommend shutting down all other programs, like closing the Internet or any applications you have running. I even turned off my anti-virus program, but that was probably overkill. Once it is finished downloading, go to where you saved it and open it. Depending on your computer, it'll ask if you want to run the application. Do run it, and follow the prompts. It'll install (in my case) the Bamboo Dock, which is sorta like a command center. Once it's finished installing (be patient, it might take some time), it'll ask you to restart your computer.

After it's done restarting, if your tablet is plugged in, Bamboo Dock will automatically open up. Your tablet should also be restored to either the way it used to be or to default (mine never worked properly at all until I did this, so I'm not sure if it saves any custom settings.) I finally got it working.

If there's anything that goes amiss, or you need further help, I'd be happy to give what advice I can. :)
Hopefully I helped you get it working again, and sorry for the WALL OF TEXT- those can be really daunting to read.

How do you get your wacom tablet to work on ubuntu?

On recent distributions it should work 'out of the box', but experience thought me otherwise. As stated by Ian Omally the community can help you with your specific needs.There is also a great gui to help you setup your tablet: Wacom Control Panel Gimp and Inkscape you'll have to go to the 'input devices settings' and initiate the device.

Why is my Wacom Pen and Touch tablet not working correctly, and what can I do to fix it?

PLEASE do not come here telling me to reinstall the drivers. I KNOW.

Okay so, I recently got a new computer, it's a Windows 7 OS, a Gateway with the serial DX4831-05. When I plugged my tablet in for the first time and installed the drivers from the Wacom website, it worked. Then later on that day it started to spaz out, and from then on I've been reinstalling and reinstalling the drivers from the Wacom website and the CD that came with it.

Usually what happens is there's either a blue ring around everything, it selects all the text when I move the pen and I'm not even touching the space, the side buttons won't work, it won't click, etc.

I really really would like to get back to using my tablet and now this is just getting frustrating.

Please, all help is appreciated.

Wacom tablet tutorial not working (adobe projector)?

I recently purchased a wacom tablet. I attempted to load up a tutorial that came with it, but upon loading I received a message stating that adobe projector wasn't working. I was prompted to close the program. Can anybody help me with this problem.

My stylus stopped working with my Wacom intuos tablet. Do you have any suggestions?

The preceding answer is correct, but there’s one more possible flaw to look for: before calling Wacom, play around with the USB connector. If it’s a relatively new tablet, the cable can probably be disconnected at both ends. The computer end rarely gives any trouble, but the tablet connector, usually a Micro-B USB connector, may have become sloppy. If jiggling it brings the tablet back online, get a new cable. Any USB to-Micro-B cable will work. You can get them at Target or Wally World. If the cable is hardwired, as in older Intuos tablets, try everything, then if nothing works, call Wacom.