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Walmart Secret Shopper Or Just A Stalker Help

Do cashiers secretly judge and categorize people based on what they buy?

I worked at my local friendly grocer for three years when I was a teenager.Silvana would come in to the shop almost daily and buy only no-name products. Sometimes she would clear us out of Black and Gold washing powder. She’d buy all ten cartons. Then the very next day she would be back, demanding to know why we didn’t have any in stock.An unnamed lady came in one day and asked to sample half the meats in the deli one-by-one. Just after putting the toothpick serving of ham in her mouth she complained it smelled “rather hammy.” I said, “With all due respect ma’am, what did you expect it to smell like?” She bought the ham.John was a lovely 50-something-year-old man who breathed through a hole in his neck. He always bought three packs of Benson Hedges cigarettes every day and sat out in front of the shop smoking two at once. I always said “See you tomorrow John” to which he replied “I’ll do my best, but don’t count on it, Georgia.”There was a family who bought a lot of canned dog meat. A lot. Enough to feed six big dogs. My manager thought they couldn’t afford proper meat for their family, so they fed their kids dog meat instead.A teen boy once rode up to the store front, bound off his bike into aisle three, bought a single pack condom with small change then zoomed away. No more than twenty minutes later he was back to buy another.Kids from the local school would swarm the lolly counter at 3:13 p.m. every weekday. Some of them would siphon ten lollies or mini-chocolates into their hoodie pocket and then only pay for one or two. I would follow them out of the store two or three steps, tap them on the shoulder and put my hands out. Almost invariably, they handed the lollies back. One time a boy came in with tears in his eyes, a ripped backpack and hand-me-down shoes two sizes too big. I caught his eye as he was nicking a Mars bar, but I let him have it. My glance wordlessly absolved him and wished him the best.I try my best not to judge people but to put myself in their shoes. A lot of the buyers mentioned probably had a mental illness so I was always good-natured and friendly to them. Sometimes it was entertaining but sometimes it just was so damn sad.

Why do people like shopping online than going shopping in a store?

Nowadays, people prefer online for shopping compare than going in a store. Through online, they save their time. They can also compare price of any product from different-2 websites. They get so many options at online websites.Not only small products, people also purchase big products like TV, refrigerator, AC, Cooler and so many others from online. Online shopping sites also give them an attractive discount on every products.Through shopping sites, anyone can send gifts, cakes, flowers, chocolates, teddy bear, dry fruits, fresh fruits and so many more items to wish your family members or friends anywhere in India or worldwide. You can wish them on any occasion or festivals like birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, holi, diwali, raksha bandhan, new year, christmas etc.If you want to send gifts to India for your beloved ones then i would like to prefer you It is one of the most trusted online gift store who have multiple varieties of gift items for every occasions & festivals.Through this online store, you can also send cake to India. They’ve so many flavors of cakes like photo cakes, tier cakes, chocolate cakes, designer cakes, eggless cakes, character cakes, five star cakes and so others.

How do people not get caught shoplifting?

I'm not asking how can i steal and not get caught but I don't understand how people can get in a store, take some stuff, and get out with no problem. Beside the moral side of stealing how can people not see them commit the act, every store i go there is cameras and I've always assumed there was people watching those cameras so people don't get away with shoplifting. I don't think its hard to see people take stuff off a shelf and see them not put it back.

What should you do when you are being followed by a store employees who may be suspecting that you are a shoplifter or "suspicious character" because of your race or garb?

After having them follow you around you could go up to them and ask them why they are following you. The last time this happened to me, I was too young to really see what was going on. I was so offended, I felt they didn't deserve my money and left the store. Now, in my wiser stage, I would feel the same way, but I would also want to flip the situation on to the person that was following me. Now that I'm older, I would know what to say to them to make them feel very bad for choosing to follow me.