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Want To Know What Film It Was

I want know about theme of film akeelah and bee?

Synopsis for
Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah Anderson (Keke Palmer) is an 11-year-old girl in south Los Angeles, with a love for words. Spelling words was a way for her to connect to her father who was killed when she was six. Akeelah is a bright student, but she has been skipping class and is barely passing. Akeelah's principal is about to put her in detention when he persuades her to enter the Crenshaw school's spelling bee. Akeelah wins the spelling-bee and now she can go to the state contest. Dr. Larabee (Laurence Fishburne), a college professor and former national spelling-bee contestant, enters the picture. The principal has asked Dr. Larabee to help coach Akeelah. At first, Akeelah is stubborn and hardheaded that she doesn't need any help to win the next spelling-bee. However, Dr. Larabee shows Akeelah that she doesn't know all the words to win. During the summer, Dr. Larabee is a tough taskmaster teaching Akeelah as much as he can. He then gives her 5,000 new words to learn and tells her to do it on her own. With the help of the whole neighborhood, Akeelah learns all the words, and makes it to the national spelling-bee in Washington D.C. Douglas Young

I want to learn about cameras and film..:?

Hey guys, I’ve always loved the idea of cameras and photography and film but I don’t really know anything except how to take a picture. Where would you recommend me to look in order to learn the basics and then move onto the advanced stuff. I have the opportunity to take film in college next year but my parents don’t see how it’s useful.

I want to know what the movie is. The song "Eternal Flame" was sung by a man in the movie.?

Jason Bateman in The Sweetest Thing

If I want to make a movie, but don't know how to write a script or raise money, how do I do it?

Now your question is rather ambiguous, I am not exactly sure what you mean by  'I want to make a movie' so my assumption is that you want to be a Director. But, when I read your question again the  'or raise money' strikes out as you wanting to be a Producer. So, keeping the ambiguity of your question in perspective let me advise you this:If you want to be a Director then:Though being a writer-Director won't hurt, you don't have to be a writer. All you need to be able to do is, be able to read script & visualize the story frame by frame.You need to be a good team player. If you are a one man army aka Rambo, forget Direction all together. Directing is a team sport not a game of ping-pong or tennis.You need the ability to pick best person for the job. Now if by chance you happen to be in India, this condition does not apply. There you pick people who can help you make your project happen. So, if you are in India, then remember, connection matters.If you want to be a Producer then: You need to be well networked within the Film Industry.Have keen business acumen and willingness to take risks (remember film is not a commodity)Have  the source of finance for your project streamlined for any contingency. Having creative bent of mind will help but, not necessary. You don't even need to be a literate as long as you can smell a good project 100 miles away. And FINALLY....You need to be a HUSTLER, a persistent one too.And next time please, phrase your question in a manner that it is less prone to multiple interpretations- :)

I want to know a certain song in the movie save the last dance.

i think its 'tell me what you want' by Mase?
I'm gonna go check and then come back with proof, well that's the plan....

OK i don't have my DVD its on loan, but hopefully between my memory and youtube I'm right, here is a link, and the song was used in the film and I'm sure its the scene you mentioned, check it out and if I'm wrong let me know, and il try again.