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Want To Shop On Instagram

What is Instagram and should I get it?

Instagram is an app where you share your photos with the world.
As per the trend now this app is turning into a place where you can share your photography skills. But there are many people out there who just share pics of themselves or any simple click.
Now many celebrities (like Justin bieber, Selena gomez, Taylor swift, Mike shinoda etc.) and many big brands/companies (MTV, Converse, Burberry etc.) have their accounts on Instagram.

You can use this 'free' app only from an iDevice.

How do I use Instagram as an online shop?

I have already written a detailed answer to this one.Check it out here -> How do people on Instagram do their e-commerce businesses?Highlights of the Online Instagram Shop are:According to research, users love shopping on Instagram.The highest number of User engagements are on Instagram. i.e. a maximum number of likes and comments.Instagram launched a new feature called “Shoppable Posts” that allows a brand or company to tag products similar to the tagging of people.Tapping on a tag reveals the Name and price of the productOn tapping yet again it takes u to another page which shows details of the product.If you like the product, you can click on it further to take you to the website where you can buy it.For a company to sell on Instagram it must first have a product catalog on Facebook. This can be pulled by the shoppable post to tag the products.Shopping on Instagram is going to be a critical aspect of a business. It's best they have a strategy for selling their products on Instagram.Keen on starting your own photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service like Instagram?

Is it safe to buy iphone from shops on instagram?

They are Chinese fakes. You will have NO protection from PayPal as these are not authorized Apple retailers and they are fake sellers. PayPal offers no protection if you buy from unofficial retailers
Apple does not allow retailers to discount prices by more than 10% unless it's in conjunction with a 2-3 year contract with a mobile partner. Anyone selling cheaper is selling Chinese clones that won't sync with your computer or the App Store, doesn't have iCloud and is really a basic phone that just looks like an iPhone but with no interactive features

Instagram just released a new feature where you can shop on Instagram and buy right from Instagram, what do you think about it?

I think that it is good for businesses, and makes everything easier for customers (which benefits the businesses as well).As a customer, I sometimes look at the things I like on Instagram, but then if I want to buy it, I have to go somewhere, which I might not want to do, so for the business it can be lost money, and ease of purchase for customers.As with everything in the business - the less roadblocks you put for your customers to buy, the higher chance that they will buy.I can’t comment about privacy/safety from customer’s perspective, because I haven’t looked into it that much.

Should I buy products from Instagram page?

I have never bought replica products that are sold on instagram but I have purchased many products and services from instagram and have made most of the deals directly in DM or through call/whatsapp and till date I had no issues.Some thing to take care about:When you buy a product from any account, firstly check how old is there account (If it’s made just few days/weeks earlier than don’t buy from them)How frequently do they post (If they post frequently than you know they are active and want to sale there products)The payment method they suggest will mostly be direct transfer to there bank account but if you are buying for first time ask for Cash On Delivery, it may cost you some extra money but you will be safe of any kind of fraud happening.Also ask from your friends as they might have bought the products from those dealers earlier and also ask the account holders if they have a retail shop somewhere and try to buy products from dealers who are from your city/town.If you want to know about the quality of the first replica stuff than you need to look for recommendation from people who have previously bought those products from that dealer as you can’t know it unless you see it and use it.

How do I add the ‘shop now’ button to my business Instagram account?

If you have your shop’s products on Facebook you are also able to contact Instagram and ask them to integrate product tagging on your Instagram Profile (note that you have to have your profile set to business not personal) you will then be able to tag the photo for your products just like you would tag them for people in the photo. When the person clicks or “touches” the tag on the photo your product will show up and they will be able to click through to your website’s product page.