Was General D.d. Eisenhower The Greatest Republican President That Ever Lived

Do you believe Dwight D. Eisenhower was a great president?

I believe he was an effective President, but that you can’t really classify him as great, because he never faced anything as President that really was a test of his leadership abilities.He did preside over a very strong economy, with only two very brief, mild recessions during his eight years in office. He was able to do this largely because he cut back U.S. military spending, ironic considering his background. But his experience during the war gave him a very strong feel for just how strong the conventional military forces of the USSR actually were, and felt he could cut spending without jeopardizing U.S. security. It was way too early for a policy like Ronald Reagan’s, when he deliberately restarted an arms race in order to bankrupt the Soviets.I give him tremendous credit for the work he did in promoting infrastructure in this country, especially the Interstate Highway System, which was inspired by what he saw after the war, when he studied the German Autobahn system and decided this country needed the same type of high-speed roadways. He got it passed by selling it as a national defense priority, and today it is named in his honor.

How did President Eisenhower extend the new deal?

this is a great resource, he was a pragmatist but not in favor of the new deal, good luck

If President Dwight D. Eisenhower were alive would he be a Libertarian?

Ike would still be a republican, but the current GOP/Teabag/Fox 'News'/Jesus party would label him, Dick Nixon and Jerry Ford RINO's. The party Ike used to head doesn't even refer to Barry Goldwater anymore....he's not considered a 'real' conservative these days after he said some very pointed and non complementary things about the 'neoconservatives'...a group he considered nuts. Even St. Reagan has been kicked upstairs and his tax increases are never mentioned. The current republican party fits the general description of Mussolini's 'corporation-ist' fascism. A strong alliance between wealth, business and government, and a strongly complainant church. I doubt that Ike, Nixon, and Jerry Ford would be in favor of such antics as that. I'm certain that Teddy Roosevelt wouldn't stand for the fascisti foolishness of a Sarah Palin, or a Bachmann or the bland, 'Let 'em eat cake', thrive or die corporate capitalism of Newt, Pawlenty or Rick Perry. Lincoln, an early on Republican, was a champion of labor and had little good to say about corporate power and it's corrupting influence on a government that was supposed to be the friend of, by and for the 'people'. Even Bush the Elder wasn't thrilled with what he called 'voodoo economics'.....they don't talk about Bush the Elder much anymore either. This post Bush/Cheney era has collected the most economically, socially, politically, environmentally, scientifically lame bunch of characters this side of a Fellini movie. Any working class person who votes for these lunatics is either retarded or has been listening to way too much right wing radio...way too much! You may quote me!

Why didn't MacArthur try to run for president like Eisenhower did?

MacArthur did run for President in '52. He just failed at a much too early stage to have gathered press attention as a 'serious candidate,' similar to former HHS Secretary and WI Governor Tommy Thompson in '08 or IN Governor Mitch Daniels in '12. When MacArthur was recalled from Korea in '51, he tried to sneak back in to the US in the dead of the night, unsure of his welcome. The CA authorities had none of that. MacArthur's flying chariot lands. The lights pick up, the band begins to play. America's hero had returned.Move to NYC, where the biggest ticker-tape parade since V-J day took place. MacArthur then goes to DC to give a speech. Senators at the time said they were never more afraid for their government; if he had looked at the White House and said "let's take it," he probably could have.Sen. Richard Russell steps up to the plate, holding the Army-MacArthur hearings, in which MacArthur's plans for Korea and China were held up on display for the country and found lacking. Sec'y of State George Marshall, another potential candidate for President in '52, took point, possibly disqualifying himself for running from President as well, since the hearings were initially so politically charged at the point when Marshall testified.Fast forward to spring '52, as the convention approaches. MacArthur was tapped to throw out the first pitch for the baseball season for the DC Nationals. He had a scattering of cheers, boos, nothing like the positive emotion of six months earlier. To make an analogy to the '12 Republican nomination fight, he peaked too soon and failed to put any serious organization together for the nomination fight, so he was basically a non-entity in the fight between Eisenhower and Taft at the convention. Before '52, MacArthur was still an active general. By '56, he took the preferred route of old soldiers, not dying, but fading away: Source: Most of this comes from Robert Caro's Master of the Senate

What are the general beliefs of the democrat party? The republican?

Democrats- people are to stupid to run their own affairs and need big Governement to show them how and especially how to spend their own money (higher taxes)
Republicans - People must conform to certain moral and ethical standards (as decreed by Governement) and those who do not agree will be banished to the outer darkness.
My own opinion - we very badly need a third choice, and no, I do not mean Ron Paul

Who was a better General: Dwight D. Eisenhower or Douglas MacArthur?

MacArthur generally did what he was told, and ironically got fired for insubordination. Eisenhower is not known for ruffling feathers, but he at least on one occasion was asked for his idea, gave it and was subsequently told to carry it out. He did so well.
MacArthur did not actually ruffle feathers either. He is known for being a proper speaker but antiquated. This apparently made him seem unapproachable to biographers, but is needed in the military chain of command.
Eisenhower carried out the decisive mission in World War II. But he had the combined efforts of more than one countries' armed forces. MacArthur's biography reads like a man who never had enough supplies... and still won. Also, what was needed at times appear to be MacArthur himself. He left an island in the pacific promising to return. He returned to find his men captured, and was able to liberate them. Also, although older, MacArthur could probably have served for much longer than he actually did; he lived beyond the beginning of American involvement in Vietnam. He was still around. At this time he made the speech with the famous line, "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away."
He endured a lot of misconceptions, did not get what he needed at times,suffered a president who was insecure about him, but still soldiered on and did his job. Eisenhower was a well liked man by the people above him who counted. Both men contributed quite a great deal to the freedom of this country through military duties. But MacArthur suffered quite a bit from people who tried to make their misconceptions of him personal. And he still got the job done. So the fact that neither general whined, is a greater testament to MacArthur than to Eisenhower. So with the greatest of respect to both men, I have to pick Gen.Douglas MacArthur.