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Was There A Place Called Kid Zoo In Florida In The 90s

Is Jacksonville, FL a good place to live?

Being a Florida girl myself, I would definitely say that the people are nice. I would say that if you’re willing to put yourself out there to make friends, then you won’t have difficulty doing so. Your accent alone will attract people! We love it! As far as living in Jacksonville, it is so appealing, that it was #2 on’s list of Cities Gaining the Most Residents.For jobs, WalletHub rated Jacksonville as Florida’s 4th best job market in 2016. More interested in the suburbs? Nearby Fleming Island was rated #3 for Florida’s Highest Median Annual Income and #1 for most affordable housing.As for the weather, the average summer high temperature is 89 degrees and the lows in the winter rarely go below 48 degrees. If you can’t decide whether you hate snow or sweating more, perhaps moving to Jacksonville is the perfect next step.Located between the St. John’s River and the Atlantic Ocean, Jacksonville is definitely a water town. If you love fishing, boating, surfing, or any other aquatic activities, you’ll fit right in. Dry land more your thing? Jacksonville has the largest urban parks system in the country.If you and your family love going out on the town, check out the latest events at Jacksonville Landing. Whether you’re into food trucks or festivals, you’ll find plenty to do.If you’re a football fan, you might be tempted to change your new favorite team to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The fans in this city are diehard, and the stadium reflects the city’s commitment to the sport.With affordable housing, plenty of jobs, and more than enough to entertain you, your move to Jacksonville should bring you a lot great experiences and new friends too.For more on moving to Jacksonville, click here.

People In Europe, Do You Swim In The Ocean During The Summer At Your Local Beaches?

I live in the Netherlands and we have the North sea next to us.
I myself do not swim in the sea, as I am not fond of seawater and currents, but my brother regularly swims in sea in the summer, just in his swimming trunks.

The weather here allows swimming or surfing in a wet suit year round, (maybe a few weeks in winter it is below zero,) but swimming in just a trunk is only for July till October.

There is wind surfing from some of our beaches, golf surfing on a few as we do not have many big waves..
Beach sailing also called blow carting. Kites, also with buggies or boards.
Those are all available most of the year.
In summer all kinds of beach games are available too, but on very nice days there will be little space near the cities and villages.

Any been to San Diego Zoo/Sea World?

If it's your first time and your going in the summer do sea world first because there are more opportunities to get wet ( hot days here are in the 90's or so ) and cool (penguin exhibit) plus they have fresh beer and a few rides. But if your into animals the zoo is great too it's been a while since I've been there but i know there are lots of shady areas, and it is one of the top 20 zoos in the world (probably the top 10 ) Take extra $$ for both because you'll want food which is about $10 plus the cost of a drink and souvenirs. Yes la Jolla is close and has the tide pools but there are only about 50 small fish tanks and 2 small pools it's $10 if your AAA to get in. And The wild animal park is great but hot, not much shade but it's like 45 minutes north from balboa park. (give or take with traffic). BUt everything the first time is fun

Besides Walt Disney World, what are the best attractions in Orlando for a 4-year old?

There is tons to do in Orlando! Especially for children. We recently went and wanted to do more than just the typical Disney and Universal. We purchased the Go Orlando Go Card and LOVED it! I totally recommend it. We have 6 children 2 below the age of 5 so I know your 4 year old will love visiting the same places we did. We went to Legoland, Dolphin Racer Speedboat, Boggy Creek Airboat Tour, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not to name a few. We also had an amazingly fun dinner at The Circus Macique Dinner Show, I recommend all these places. You should check us out on our blog for more family friendly travel destinations. Our blog is Traveling with Kidz.

What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Orlando, FL?

My hometown of Clermont, just a few minutes west of Orlando still offers a couple of old Florida attractions. The world famous Citrus Tower, a 26 story tourist observation Tower built in 1956 still offers a “Ride to the Top.”For a small fee of $6 for adults and $4 for children, riders visit the gift shop at the lobby, then board an elevator straight to the top. Once the doors open, visitors step into an enclosed, windowed 360 degree walk around observation deck with a stunning view of sparkling lakes, rolling hills, downtown Orlando skyline, and Walt Disney World's skyline. Disney landmarks such as Spaceship Earth (Epcot's giant geodesic ball), Space Mountain and the Contemporary Resort Hotel can be seen in the distance.The Lobby also offers a historical section showing the attraction in its heyday, and its representation in the 1964 New York World's Fair, and various fun facts and photos about its builders, construction and operation before Walt Disney World. (It's rumored that Walt Disney himself visited the Citrus Tower while he was scouting the area in the early 60’s.)Closed Sundays.The Citrus Tower - World Famous Observation TowerNext door to the Citrus Tower is the “Presidents Hall of Fame” which doesn't look like much to offer from the front, but inside is quite amazing. A massive, 20 ton miniature replica of The White House awaits, along with countless exhibits, wax figures of past US Presidents, and an Oval Office set you can pose for pictures in.http://www.houseofpresidents.comFinally, along HWY 27, not far from Disney and the 192 tourist areas is The Showcase of Citrus. A 2,700 acre property on Disney’s doorstep with many varieties of citrus that visitors can walk around and pick themselves for a small fee. A “fill the bag” experience.Also, check Groupon for their Monster Truck Swamp Ride. An informative, fun tour on an elevated truck platform that takes riders gently through the orange groves, pastures (get to toss oranges to the grazing cattle) and through the wetland swamps.The gift shop features all things Florida, from real, freshly squeezed orange juice, to local honey, alligator bites, Florida wines, etc. Exotic animals such as a kangaroo, peacocks, goats and a playground for the kids. Old Florida Tourism.Showcase of Citrus | Florida U-Pick Citrus | 4x4 Monster Truck Adventure

Going to Disney World next summer! Need advice? :)?

So next summer, I am going to Disney World for the first time!!! I don't know much about it, but I do live right by Disneyland, CA and go there all the time. I just have a few questions about Disney World Orlando. I know it seems kind of early to ask this question since I am not going until next year, but we need to get tickets as soon as possible.

First off, how different are Disneyland and Disney World? Are the rides in similar spots in both of the parks? If they are, I don't think I will have as much trouble getting around as I would think. And also, what rides are must-dos there and where are they located in the resort? I totes need some thrills such as California Screamin' like they have here in Disneyland, but I also need some cool dark rides because we will be bringing my 2 year old nephew with us next summer.

We will be in Florida for about a week, but we are not staying in WDW. We will be staying in the beachside Marriott, like, 5 miles away. So we will not go there everyday. Probably only three days or so. So we can only go to like two or three parks each day. Which ones do you recommend for each day? The same ones or different ones? And also, what else would you recommend to do in Florida besides WDW?

Well, thanks for your help in advance!!! :D