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Was Thinking About Getting Netflix

Should I get netflix?

I love netflix, instant watching is great! I never have a problem getting dvds by mail either, dont know what that guy is saying, not say he is wrong, But I rent a ton of movies and netflix has never slowed down. I do live in a big city though, I love havin a list of all these movies online that I want to watch, I remember having to go to blockbuster and thinking, "what was that movie I wanted to watch?" and netflix has soooo many more movies than any store.
FYI they have a great 24/7 techsuport that can help with any issues, even silly ones
Im just upset because both my watch it now Queue and my regular Queue are full and I had to make a fake Que for a fake friend to hold all the extra movies.

What do you think of Netflix?

I love Netflix. But just be aware of the difference between the streaming plan and the DVD plan.

On the streaming plan, you must have a Netflix ready device such as a smart TV, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Blu-Ray player, etc. (anything with an internet connection). Also on the streaming plan, there are only a selection of movies that are available. Many new releases are only available on the DVD plan. But the streaming plan usually has a lot of TV shows, children's movies, some theater releases and documentaries.

The DVD plan is also a great option. On this plan you choose how many DVDs you would like at your house at 1 time (I believe it goes up to like 6 or 7). With the DVD plan, you have access to a lot more movies that were in theaters. You pick the movies you want, put them in your queue in the order you wish them to come and they send them to you in the mail. Once you've finished watching, you put the DVD back in the special sleeve they provide and place it in the mail. If you place the DVD in the mail on a Monday, you usually get the next movie on Wednesday.

They also have Blu-Ray DVDs available at an extra cost.

You have the option to also get a combination of the streaming and DVD plan together.

I hope this helps! Good Luck!

Should I get Netflix?

If your looking for a great alternative to Netflix, there are other sites that are way better. Netflix is often way out of date and pending on which country you live in are often lagging in there release times.
If your looking for a safe reliable site to watch movies online try as my family has been using them for years to watch/download movies online. They have all the latest movies with no advertising and no buffering on their streaming videos and they even have direct downloads, no torrents. It is absolutely the only site in this category that I trust my kids to use safely.
If your trying to watch movies on your Ipad try because you can watch the original high resolution AVI, the site works with any device and since you can direct download your movies, there is no need for a proxy.
I've been burned way too many times and found myself with Spyware or a virus on my computer after using many of the free sites to watch movies online. Its not so free when you have to put hours and hours into removing the crap I got from them. If you are looking for a website that is safe and reliable give them a try.

Is Netflix worth the money?

If you are looking for things like an episode of a tv show from just a few weeks ago, stick with iTunes. Netflix can (as far as I know) only deliver to you what has been released on DVD. It's possible to have access to both streaming and DVD. Not everything is available on streaming with Netflix. Netflix streaming, if you have it for unlimited, is unlimited for both movies and tv shows.

You probably want to stick with iTunes. I love Netflix, but then there are hundreds of movies from the 1930s through now that I want to watch, so I am never lacking in either streaming or DVD.

Question about Netflix.?

I'm not 100% sure but I think you can only stream one movie per account. So to stream separate movies on separate TVs you would need separate accounts. But you will still be saving money as long as you have less than 10 TVs in the house. The only other issue is your internet speed, streaming eats a lot of bandwidth so trying to stream netflix to more than 1-2 TVs might be difficult depending on your internet speed and the picture quality of the movies might suffer.

Is netflix only 7.99 per month?

It's basic charge is 7.99 yes, but this does not include DVDs. As long as you don't want to have DVDs sent to your house then yes 7.99 is your basic price. Also keep in mind you will need internet fast enough to stream and a device to watch them on. A ps3, Wii or laptop will do the trick. Some smart phones are able to stream as well

Is there a catch to netflix?

I've never had any problems with hidden fees with Netflix. In your friend's case it would be a problem with the cable company, not Netflix.

There are several different membership levels to Netflix - the most basic of which is a streaming only membership. With this level you get no DVDs in the mail, you can only stream available movies (which when compaired to their massive DVD library, is incredibly limited) on your computer or though a gaming device with internet access (X-Box 360, Wii, Playstation 3) though you can stream as many of these as you want.
The next membership level has unlimited streaming movies and 1 DVD out at a time (and last time I checked was only $1 more a month)
You can also get membership levels with 2 or 3 DVDs out at a time (good for households with diverse taste - or kids) and there's even a BluRay option - as you can imagine each of these options adds a little to the bill, but they are very user friendly and straighforward.

They're also easy to cancel, to if you sign up for ther free trial,look around and don't like it, you can turn it off easily. If they were difficult to deal with they wouldn't have made it so big :-)

Oh, and they're fast (though I may have a distribution center near me or something). If I put my movie in the mail on Tuesday morning, I'll get the next one on Thursday afternoon.