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Was This Joke Too Mean Do I Need To Apologise

I need to apologize but what do I say?

Help with what to say in this apology... here's the situation...

A nerdy kid in my grade told me he liked me and asked me out on a date today. I hardly even know him other then he's one of those kids in class who raises his hand for the teacher to pick him to answer a question before anyone else in the class, all the time.

I'm in the popular crowd, but not only that I hardly even know him, let alone ever talk to him. What the hell was he thinking? I was so stunned by his asking I laughed at him and said no in probably a very rude way but that was only because I thought he had to be joking. It turns out he was serious and was very depressed for the rest of the day.

I really, really, really did think he was just joking. I would never have been so rude to him. Someone suggested me to apologize on facebook which is what I am gonna do but I really don't know what to say without coming off like more of a ***** (like how do you tell him you thought he was joking without seeming like a *****?). I also have to be sure I don't give him the wrong impression because I do not want to date him.

When a girl keeps apologizing? Please answer!?

She's nervous around you! Maybe you could slam the car doors and tell corny jokes to make her feel like she's not the only one. And I know she likes you, from the stories you've told me about her. She's just shy, and nervous, probably because it's an awkward situation you guys are in. Things will get better in time, when you get to know each other even better. Don't worry.

How can 'Im sorry' & 'I apologise' mean the same thing except......?

"I'm sorry" conveys sympathy. "I apologise" conveys that you have caused offense in some way and are seeking to make amends.

Is it necessary to apologise when you've offended someone close to you even if you didn't mean to?

I believe it is, if you intend to salvage the relationship. This happened with my little sister over the last few years. Even though i apoligized and asked what it was she refuses to forgive me or tell me specifics and her husband has told me i am Toxic and am poisoning their family. I am never around them. I only talked to her via text which she misinterpereted several times. I am not allowed to see my niece or nephew and even though she says my husband and daughter can see them she never presents opportunities for that to happen. Its very disturbing because of the bond we had no less than 5 or 6 years ago before she had children. Even if you apologize for whatever it is, don't count on a reconciliation.

What is the best way to apologize to a girl whom you like very much after hurting her badly?

Thanks for the request.This question is very general, with no details offered, and the asker’s name definitely looks fake, so I’m just going to answer it very generally so that other people may find it useful.So from what I can extrapolate, you like a girl, probably romantically, but you screwed up and hurt her, and now you want to do two things: 1) get back on her good side and 2) have a shot at a relationship with her, right?Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that she’ll want a relationship with you even if she does accept your apology. You’ve broken her trust, and that’s not something you can erase with even the best of apologies. I also don’t know what specifically you did that hurt her, so I’m not going to provide the exact text of the apology speech you’re going to use. Instead here are some general pointers:Be sincere. You screwed up and you’re sorry for hurting her. So let her know that you’re sincerely sorry. And I hope for your own sake that you’re sorry because you hurt her, and not because you hurt your chances with her.Resist the temptation to self-flagellate. Crap like “I’m such a piece of shit, I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve to be forgiven…” makes it all about you and makes her feel guilty for something that’s entirely your fault. It’s insincere. It’s manipulative. It’s gross. If you hurt her, she’ll automatically have her guard up and be able to smell a rat from a mile away. Don’t do it.No excuses. You hurt her because you exercised poor judgment, not because a) she did something that set you off, b) life was stressing you out and you lashed out at her (that may explain why you hurt her, but it doesn’t justify it), c) whatever other excuse you may come up with to deflect blame.Don’t expect anything. This is not about you, it’s about her hurt feelings. You can offer an apology and ask for forgiveness, but it’s entirely up to her whether or not she accepts the apology and/or forgives you. She doesn’t owe you squat. (It’s also entirely up to her to decide whether she wants to be in a relationship with you, but that’s not the point of the apology. It would be in very poor taste to get her to accept the apology, only to ask her out five seconds later. No one likes to feel like someone was only being nice to you because they want something from you. Leave romance out of it.)Don’t know how to do those above bullet points? Maybe Hank Green can explain it better than I did.[1]Footnotes[1] How to Apologize like a Fartbag

Very mean prank. My girlfriend is really pissed now !!!?

I did not think she would be so pissed off. And honestly, I would love to be able to go back and NOT do that. I did not think, I just wanted to do it lmaooo.

Well basically we watched that movie right "paranormal activity" ans usually when we watch a scary movie she sleeps over. I knew she was gonna end up sleeping over at my house lol. So I saved a small video recording and kept close to the door. My girlfriend name is yasmeen. The recording went like "yasmiiineee *whispering voice* and I knocked on the table to make it sound like someone is moving in the recording.

We came home and cuddled, she was really scared lol. but then I had the controller hidden under my pilow. I played the thing about half an hour after we went to sleep lol. She was actually starting to sleep, I pretended I was sleeping I could feal her shaking and hearing her voice for a bit OMGGGGG

Then she goes like "wake up, wake up oh godd noo" and she was crying. I explained it was a joke and she kept crying for approx 2 hours..

Then she left. lol. SHE HATES ME NOW.

Any advice, lol. Should I just wait for her to get over it or do I have to go say soory.

More importantly, did I do anything wrong?? I recon we were allowed to joke with our girlfriends!!!!

Is it rude to ignore an apology?

YOu did the right thing by apologizing immediately. The offended person should have responded to your apology immediately as well with a "It's OK," or "Thank you for recognizing that hurt my feelings" type of remark.

Is it possible theydidn't hear your apology in the firstplace? YOu may need to re-apologize. "Again, I'm sorry, I didn't realize how upsetting my words were...."

But if you have apologized, and you are certain that it was heard, and now, after the fact, you're getting nasty emails, then the problem is no longer yours. You are dealing with a person who is unable to move past this.