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Wat R The Foods Have Carbohydrate

Wat is the best food that can be given to fishes?Can i give wheat flour,to them?

Pureed beef heart and earthworms. They contain a lot of enzymes that will increase both the life span and the number of fry produced (in live-bearers).

What is the function of carbohydrates?

they are the main energy foods. A food rich in carbs will contain more KiloJoules of energy than a food rich in, say fat or protein, your body breaks the carbs down and uses the energy to run on.

Wat is themajor function of carbohydrate?

To supply energy to the body. Carbohydrates when they are broken down turn into sugar the body uses as energy.

What are the function of carbohydrates?

1. Energy source for plants and animals
2. Source of carbon in metabolic processes
3. Storage form of energy
4. Structural elements of cells and tissues.
5. Storage...

Is Atkins diet a pill or wat?

Are you for real??

Dr Atkins created the Atkins diet. His theory was that if you eat nothing but protean you will start to use the energy stored in your body (carbohydrate) i.e. you’d burn fat and lose weight.

The problem is you need a balanced diet and this is very unhealthy. Just eat fresh food when your hungry and get lots of exercise that the simplest and easiest way to lose weight!