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Ways To Relieve Stress During The Wait After Submitting An Application

After putting Stess Coat in tap water how long should I wait before putting it into my aquarium?

Whenever you'd like. Stress coat is able to be put directly into a running tank. Waiting for it to mix with the water is not necessary. If you're doing that to add water to your tank just be sure the water is dechlorinated and close to the same temperature as your tank water. If you ever need to put stress coat in again just put it in, it won't hurt the fish. Hope I could help!

How Long Should i Wait Between Masturbating?

Ye's, i'll admit id, i sometimes masturbate to relieve stress. I am 16 and i hope it is normal. I was wondering, how long to be "safe" should you wait between masturbating at my age, and if i don't wait, how much pain can happen, or if jock itch, or something else will happen?

How to deal with stress of waiting for college decisions??!?!?!?

It IS hard -- you feel like your whole life is right there in front of you, just out of reach. But you can't plan ahead until you know where you're going. Until you find out, exercise is a good stress reliever. Go for a walk or put on some music and dance. Good luck -- hope you get into your top choice!

Is there an advantage in submitting an early application to a college, versus applying for regular decision admissions?

There are certainly times when applying early is advantageous. First, it lets a school know how deeply you are interested in attending. Second, many schools are now admitting more students than ever from their early applicant pool. That said, there are some things to consider before sending in your application early: if early decision, be sure this is absolutely the school you want to attend, because you will bound to them, if admitted. Beyond that, understand that if you apply early and have any….spottiness in your academic history or if you have little or shallow extra curricular involvement, you do not have that first semester of senior year to rectify any of this. An early applicant pool is full of the absolute strongest swimmers. If you are not among them, it is worth considering giving yourself a little extra time to get your ducks in a row by waiting to apply regular action and dedicating yourself more seriously than ever to all of your academic/extra c endeavors.

"Alternative" stress relief methods?

I've been looking online just about everywhere i can imagine, but i can't find what i'm looking for. I'm looking for some alternate, i.e. non-religious/non-bullshit, methods to relieve stress. I've found all those stupid "teacher answers" that come straight from a psych class like meditation, finding the root cause, eliminating sources of stress, sleep, etc, etc.

Those are fine if you are a passive-aggressive douche, but i'm a student in high school. well, wait a minute. that's contradictory.

Anyways, i'm looking for a way to expell some adrenaline from my system. something exciting. Optimally, it would be something like auto-racing or just plain breaking stuff, but those are expensive, and there's no race tracks near where i live.

if anybody can help out at all, i'd be greatful.


How long after getting my H1B should I wait before asking my employer to file for a green card?

Ah this is a great question!  As someone who has represented both employers and employees in these types of matters, proper timing is key. Think of it as dating. How long after dating someone would it be appropriate to ask them to marry you?  Ask too soon and you might turn them off by being presumptuous. Wait too long and you might lose your chance or they might lose interest. Ultimately, each relationship is different, so the answer is "it depends*," right? Asking your employer to sponsor you for green card can be both daunting and stressful. On the one hand, you want to get started as soon as possible to avoid delays and ensure that you get the green card on time. This is particularly true if you will be in the EB-3 category, or if you are from an impacted country such as mainland China or India.  The sooner you get started, the quicker you will have that green card in hand and your options for future employment, naturalization and the like will open up. It will also give you peace of mind. On the other hand, it is in your employer's best interest to hold off for as long as possible. They want you to stay with them and they want to ensure that you are committed. Employers are acutely aware of the possibility that even after they invest significant time and good money (hello, legal fees!) on you, you may still jump ship and quit as soon as you get that green card.  For this reason, many employers do not even consider beginning the sponsorship process until you are at least half way through your first H-1B. Some push it until the extension (though this is not recommended).My best advice is to evaluate the type of relationship you have with your employer and, if you are comfortable discussing it upfront, do so.  Maybe wait a couple of months to make sure they like you and then bring it up.  Although they cannot force you to stay with the company once you've gotten the green card, you may be able to assure your employer that you are serious about growing within the company and plan to stay for a while. *Mazzeo’s Law: The answer to every strategic question is “It depends.”  Corollary: The trick is knowing what it depends on.

What is the most stressful part of applying to college?

A2A,From my perspective these were the things/parts that I found to be quite stressful during my application process:Communication: As an international student, understanding the applying process was confusing as there is overwhelming amount of information regarding the applying process on university websites and I would easily get lost. And in case of confusion, I had to email the admissions department to clarify and they always took about 2 to 3 days to respond. This baffled me and made the process even more tedious.Gathering documents: Some universities (especially the top ones) require tons of documents, this includes high school transcripts, essays, letters of recommendations, and standardized test results and the list goes beyond for an international student. This stage took time, energy and money.Uncertainty: After submitting application, I had this weird feeling of uncertainty which was daunting. As I applied to the top schools and there was no guarantee of admission, plus the top schools are notorious for even rejecting the brightest candidates for. This always led me to the second thoughts of rejection during this stage.

Is it worth waiting for a green card in EB2/EB3 processing?

No its not worth waiting. I’ve seen people hold on to the hope that something will change for over 10 years and nothing has. And I would expect bigger hurdles ahead.I’ll try and answer this question from the perspective of someone who worked on an H1B in Silicon Valley for over 6 years and recently moved to Toronto on a PR. At it stands this “wait” over 30+ years. I wouldn’t call that a wait its more like the path from H1B to GC is closed for people born in India and maybe China.If you really like your job and don’t feel the stress of restrictive nature of H1B then by all means stay. But I suspect like in my case it’s clearly on the top of your mind and are often reminded of it. Many people pass up on amazing opportunities, the chance to travel, launch a startup or just spend more time with family back home because of it.I loved my life and work in California and have a ton of friends there but in the end I chose freedom over everything else. It took about 6 months to get my Canadian PR and I moved to Toronto to work for a pretty amazing tech startup there called Influitive. Instantly everything changed I was free to do whatever I wanted and the experience I had gained in the valley was very valued in the Toronto tech ecosystem.It’s not worth waiting because there is an even better option up north. Canada has an easy and transparent PR process. The city of Toronto is an amazing place to live, cost effective, family friendly, safe, great schools, healthcare and a exciting and fast growing tech ecosystem. Google, FB, Uber, Slack, Shopify, Amazon have engineering and product offices in the city.A long time ago I asked a friend about Toronto and he said that it was the best kept secret in North America. Now I totally understand why, we absolutely love our life here.In the end the best person to answer this question is yourself “Is it worth…” your freedom?I have written about the story of my move from Silicon Valley to Toronto and about the Canadian PR process in detail on my blog.Mov North

I am truly a 40 year old female virgin. I am tired of waiting for marriage. No one special yet,?

Why wait for marriage? Who's to say that a huband would be the answer...? What gross offers have you had...? Don't do anything if you're not ready...
If I was you - I'd stop looking for a hubby, just be yourself & find someone you like, be honest with them, get to know them well, and once you're comfortable with it, try it out...hopefully they will show you how good masturbation can be...! Good luck and have fun!!

I graduated my course, also done with reviewing and already passed my board exam. Will a long vacation before applying for my first job help me? Like refreshing and relieving stress?

Yes. And not really. Don’t wait. Apply now.I’m not sure where it started, but there seems to be a myth that one should take a break before starting a new job. There are even agencies that offer tours for newly-graduated students. I have never understood this.Most of us can’t afford to take time off, and that’s why we went to college in the first place.If I were the hiring manager who noticed a significant gap between college/university and applying for work, I would probably ask you to explain it. If your answer indicates you really don’t need the job, then I might be likely to choose another candidate with equivalent qualifications.