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Wear Your Success Like A T-shirt Not Like A Tuxedo

Wear your success like a t-shirt not like a tuxedo!?

it basically means don't act all formal or ceremonious just because you're successful.

be casual and at ease in your attitude.

in other words--don't get the bighead. (:

i like that quote.

My partner doesn't want to wear a tuxedo or a suit for our wedding?

Its going to be a small backyard wedding, with family and a few friends (well my mothers backyard is huge but anyway)
These are a couple of the dresses I'm looking at.

I'm in to the shorter 50's style/pinup style. The colours I'm wanting to use is, cream, gold, champagne, and red.
The thing is my partner doesn't want to wear a suit or a tux and I'm coming up short on ideas for what he could wear. I really don't want him doing the jeans thing... but I suppose if it was done tastefully I could go with that,

If anything I'd love for him to be in similar colours to me or black. Any ideas? Oh and feel free to tell me which dress you prefer.

We are both mid twenties, should I wear a tie for a first date?

A date is not a torture nor an interview. It is for your mutual pleasure and enjoyment.You show great respect for your companion by dressing well and there is no surer way to offend her than by “failing to make an effort”. But a first date is already exciting/uncomfortable enough if one or both people are shy or a little nervous. I think a tie is maybe stretching things…Jeans are okay but because they are casual, you’ve indicated that you will style them up with a neat shirt and a v-neck pullover. This is perfect. If you wear good shoes (not sneakers or trainers!) like moccasins or lace-ups (brogues etc) then this is great.I would leave off the tie but add something subtle but stylish: a tiny hint of men’s aftershave/cologne (a proper French or Italian one). And no, I don’t mean that you should pay $120 for a bottle if you don’t already own some. If you live in a big city, you just need to breeze through a department store after showering but before meeting your date and help yourself to a spritz from the tester bottle.This is actually a tip I once got from an ex-girlfriend. She was an artist and in-and-out of work and in-and-out of money but loved French perfume so she made sure she kept swinging by department sores where she could help herself to the perfume testers free of charge.Actually, you sound like a good guy. But remember the success of your date doesn’t ride on how you dress. Your behaviour —especially the courtesy you show your companion—is far more important. But the onus is on her to behave nicely too!

Why do most rich people wear simple clothes, and why do people who are not very rich tend to dress more exoticly?

I had a professor once who did a lot of research on this. All people attempt to impress their neighbors to some extant. There finances depend on what they can do and how they will do it. This is oversimplification, but his research basically showed the following.Poor people impress by what they wear— clothes, bling, etc. That is because they cannot afford to display in any other way.Middle class people impress by what they drive— A trendy car, or maybe a boat or a bunch of motorized “toys” like four wheelers. They can afford the “bling” but don’t want to look poor. However, they can’t afford to radically change their lifestyle to show off.Upper Middle Class and Wealthy people impress by either where they live or where they go— Some live in nice show houses in trendy neighborhoods. Some are the “millionaire next door” types that live in a regular house, but take a trip to Europe or the Amazon each year. Having an expensive car won’t impress any of their neighbors but they can’t afford to have a college named after them.Very wealthy people try to impress by what they do. The wealthiest like to have buildings named after them, like Carnegie Hall or the Geffen School of Medicine. Think about it. What could Bill Gates or Warren Buffet wear or dive that would make anyone more impressed. Help develop internet access for all the libraries in the US (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) or buy ABC Television and General Motors (Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway) and you have something.There are some theorists that say this effect actually works in the other direction. Poor people stay poor because they spend money on “bling” instead of saving for a decent vehicle. The trendy vehicles the middle class drive are usually too expensive, lose value and are bought with interest payments. This actually stops the middle class from becoming wealthy. The Upper Middle Class and Wealthy people end up spending too much in upkeep and property taxes on their homes. These people would say that the very wealthy became that way because they wae not concerned about how other people see their clothes, vehicle and home and concentrate on doing important things.Something interesting to think about.

Don't trust any guy who wears a bow-tie?

My dad used to say that too. Is he an engineer? I got the impression that it's an engineer thing.

Actually, dad always said to never trust anyone who wears a bow tie or suspenders.

I think it's because all the "bean counters" would be more apt to wear bow ties (accountants, bookkeepers, etc.). Engineers have a superiority complex, and are of the belief that they alone contribute to society and that the rest are just non-productive leeches (particularly, accountants, marketing people and lawyers).

My wedding colors are purple and lilac. what color does the bridesmaids and the groom wear?

Normally I would say give the darker color to the guys. But in this board you can see the tie is lilac, and I think it's pretty and kind of unexpected...

I would give one color to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the other to the matron of honor and best man. That way the coordinate. Hope this helps, good luck and congrats!

What clothes should I wear for an interview at a small bakery?

There's a rule in business: Always dress for the job you want.

In this case, the job you are applying for may be working in a bakery, but you should still dress nice for the interview. I don't think you can ever dress too nice or too formal. (Well, maybe a tuxedo is a little overkill.)

The job I have now is a job where I mostly wear jeans and t-shirts and I get dirty a lot. But when I interviewed, I wore a suit. I was interviewing with executives and dressing appropriately was a sign of respect and that I took the job seriously.

On the other hand, I once made the mistake of dressing informally for an interview because the town I was working in was a mostly informal kind of town. Business casual is the normal dress for most businesses, so I wore a nice shirt with a tie.

I got a second interview, but not before the person interviewing me told me that I was not dressed appropriately. The job I was applying for required me to wear a suit every day and that's the appearance they wanted me to project in an interview. She also told me that I needed a nice leather portfolio.

After that interview, I went to the store and bought a portfolio. I had a business suit dry cleaned and ready for my next interview. I got the job, but only because I projected the right image in my second interview. Had the person not told me what was expected, I probably would not have gotten the job.

My point to all this, is dress as nice as you possible can. Overdress even. Once you start working, you can follow the dress code for the other employees at your level. But until you get the job, you should be dressing to project an image of success.

Good luck!