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Website To Create Couple Cases With Different Phones

Why does Gmail ask for my phone number whenever I try to create a new account?

As Priya said - to stop fake and spammy accounts from being made.You create one account? Okay, great. Create two? Sure, why not… everyone needs a backup. Create three? I mean, yeah… I can see how some people may need more than two mail accounts. Four? Five? Same as three… More than that, though, is just going overboard.That’s why you need to verify your phone number after that you’ve created a couple of accounts on a single IP address.This, however, is a shoddy implementation of an anti-spam mechanic as it’s very, VERY easily bypassed. There are virtual SMS numbers, methods others have stated in this thread that are easy to do, apps for virtual SIM cards, and a lot more that can be used to bypass this “protection”, but many people won’t go to those lengths just to create more accounts, so I guess it works to a degree.

Which is the best website in india for customized mobile cases & covers? is the best website for customized cases. have 10 mobile brands with 130+ model and have a more than 170+ different best designs.Listed below are design categories have onPatten02-FlowerCaptionsMarbleHipsterCouplesAnimalsArtsySuperherosBeardSportabstractreligiousFeminineproud to IndiaWhy BefunkyDESIGN - We create designs that are an extension of youQUALITY - We manufacture our own products to ensure you get the best.PRICING - We give best offer to make every product affordable for all.ONLINE SUPPORT 24/7 - Team to support you 24/7 365 days proactively.Check out the some of the designsThank You

What are the pros and cons of a separate mobile website for an already existing website over responsive design?

“Build a separate mobile-optimized site (or mobile site) if you can afford it … Good mobile user experience requires a different design than what’s needed to satisfy desktop users. Two designs, two websites, and cross-linking to make it all work.”Separate Mobile and Desktop WebsitesPro: With a separate site, you can more fully tailor the browsing experience for mobile users, including things that are not just HTML and CSS. For instance, your user research may indicate that the content, navigation, or writing style/length should be different for mobile users.Pro: You can load only the assets that your mobile users need (e.g. smaller images, JavaScript, CSS files), resulting in faster load times.Pro: Your separate mobile site can use more modern front-end technologies like HTML5 and WebKit features when you don’t have to plan for backward compatibility with older desktop browsers. These newer technologies can enhance the user experience and cut down on maintenance costs.Pro: You may be able to produce a separate mobile site using lightweight content syndication technology such as RSS. This may allow you to avoid rebuilding all of your CMS templates.Con: You have to manage cross-linking and redirecting of users between the two sites. This can be tricky to get right and will negatively affect page load speeds.Con: Having two separate front-end codebases to maintain may increase maintenance costs.Con: Some users don’t want a separate experience, especially on tablets. Any time you have separate mobile and desktop sites you must provide easy, obvious ways for users to navigate from one site to the other.Happy Coding.

I want to start a phone case printing business, how do I start?

Find out which are the case models that most sell everywhere (iphone, samsung galaxy, htc, etc). Wherever you plan to sell them. You can ask case sellers as a consumer and do a quick market study.Check when are those models going to change (iphone 7 is coming up soon so that may affect you)Make some designs for the cases, you can use a marketplace like fivver or 99designs to get professional designers to do it for you. I’d start with 20–50 designs.Find 2 or 3 providers from china. Alibaba or aliexpress should do.Ask for samples (5 to 10 from every major smartphone model for which you want the designs)Find a printer that can print the designs on the cases.Do some printing tryouts and ask your friends about them. Choose the most popular ones.Make a simple website using shopify and upload the cases you already have.Setup a cheap and easy google adwords campaign and analyze which cases are the ones that users most buy or add to their cart.Make a small shipment on those models and start selling them.Setup your company legally, open bank account, etcGet a small shopping mall kiosk or setup a more elaborate ecommerce.Get filthy rich.This should work as a quick blueprint, pbviously there are more stuff you should look into like regulation, competition, locations for the store, funding, etc.

Steps To Creating A Deco Den Business Online?

Sounds like you have a good grasp of what you need, so that's a good start!! :) I'd suggest starting on Etsy, as there are a lot of sellers on there selling the supplies, including blank phone cases. That way you help another Etsy seller and get the supplies you need, everyone wins! For little things like glue or just getting some rhinestones in a hurry, all you need to do is hit up the nearest craft store, they always have SOMETHING

My advice for an Etsy shop is as follows
1) For your type of shop, look at what is trendy. Look at the phone cases your friends are wanting to buy, or what you see lots of pictures of on sites like tumblr or instagram. Are those pyramid spikes trendy? Or have people switched over to rhinestones? If you stay on top of the trends and offer new products that fit those trends, you'll have better chances of making sales right then.

2) TAKE AWESOME PICTURES! Aim for pictures in natural lighting, and offer a couple different views of the item, so people can see as well as possible what they are getting. Use a neutral background that the item stands out against. Kinda like this: or this

3) Make the names of your items as accurate and descriptive as possible. Like, say you are selling a Hello Kitty phone case. Don't just title it "Hello Kitty phone case". Call it "Pink and White Hello Kitty Phone Case for iPhone 5". The more accurate your title is, the more search results it will come up in. Same sort of thing applies to the tagging section (you'll see when you start creating listings). Tag as accurately as possible.

4) Communicate and be prompt. If someone messages you with a question, respond ASAP. Don't let it sit around for a week, because in the week you were not answering, that buyer went out and bought a case from someone else.

5) Ship safely. Do what it takes to ensure your item arrives in one piece.

I have 100 phone cases. How do I sell them?

I know nothing about business.This exact phrase in your question is your problem. If you knew about business, you’d know you don’t spend money you don’t already have a plan on how to turn it into a profit.What’s left to do it to get out on the street and sell your cases. In Canada I would recommend selling them at 20$. Most people have a couple of 20$ bill on them, since it’s the one we get in a ATM. You’d turn a 250$ investment into 2000$, allowing you to buy another set of cases, and start investing in an online business.

Is beastiality illegal in the united states to do or view online?

Its illegal to do im not sure about watching it online. If you look at sex offender registers people who commit beastiality are charged as having commited "crimes against nature"

How do I start a custom mobile case cover business?

What do you want in a cover that you can't get in the market? Make one, 3D print another and make three more - one in real leather, one in carbon-fibre (hope it's not too expensive) and the last one in an unbreakable material. Attach a price to each case and sell them. Post it on social media, throw the one with the unbreakable material against a wall and post the video on YouTube. Rinse and repeat. Figure out the details later. Just start the business and enjoy the journey that comes with it. Just go for it!

What is the right price for a phone case?

All the answers are long and don’t mention prices. So I will be brief…Slim cases up to 10$Rugged Cases up to 40$Power Cases up to 100$I am considering the cases that are branded and offer a good quality. There are cheap versions but I would stick with this prices as a guide. For example I would never go with a cheap power case. They contain electronic parts and can cause problem to a high priced smartphone.I got an I-blades modular case for my Samsung, which is a case that adds lots of additional functionalities. I got extra power and memory with the basic package. There is air quality sensor that I consider to buy next.This kind of cases serve the purpose to give modularity for the phone. Similar like the ARA concept just you get to use your phone and then get the modularity from the phone.Also feel free to check Nexpaq and Otterbox uniVerse. Great ideas worth spreading.