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Week 3 Starting Lineup

Like my week 7 starting lineup?

QB: Tom Brady
RB: Ray Rice
RB: Alfred Morris
WR: Aj Green
WR: Marques Colston
TE: Kyle Rudolph
W/R: Wes Welker
W/R: Jordy Nelson
K: Blair Walsh
Def: Cardinals

QB: Matt Schaub
QB: Christian Ponder
RB: Willis McGahee
RB: Rashard Mendenhall
WR: Torrey Smith
WR: Denarius Moore
WR: Donnie Avery
TE: Vernon Davis

Is this starting lineup good for rec league?

Raw Dawgs
1. Ivins
2. Bukowski
3. Webba
4. Trent
5. Medvec
6. Mcockin
7. (open)
8. (open)

Starting Lineup:
1. Mcockin
2. Medvec
3. Ivins
4. Webba
5. Bukowski

Second Line:

Not sure about these players:

Cut list:

How many ways of selecting 9 players for the starting 9 lineup exist?

a) 15 choose 9 = 15 choose 6 (the ones left out)
The formula is 15! / (9! 6!) which reduces to
15 * 14 * 13 * 12 * 11 * 10 / 6!

15 choices for 1st guy left out, then 14 for next, and so on.
But since order is not important, you divide by 6!

The answer is 5005.

The given answer of 362800 = 9! is wrong.

b) If you multiply 5005 by 9!, the number of ways to order the 9 chosen batters,
you get the number of possible batting orders: 1,816,214,400

15 choices for leadoff batter, 14 for next, 13 for next and so on.
In short 15! / 6!

Again, the given answer, which is (9!)^2 is wrong.

To choose 3 lefties from 5 and
6 righties from the remaining 10 =
5 choose 3 * 10 choose 6 = 2100

The given answer is correct.

What is the best lineup for my Fantasy Football team in week 2?

The only change I would strongly urge on you is to swap out Perkins for Montgomery. Detroit — the Giants’ opponent — did pretty well defending the run last week against a better crop of backs than the Giants have. Atlanta (Green Bay’s opponent), on the other hand, had real trouble against the Bears, and Montgomery adds so much value as a receiver that it’s hard to justify sitting him….I’d also give this video a watch:Disclaimer: While I do enjoy playing fantasy I mostly don’t know anything about the actual sport or the teams. I go full on Money Ball just making my picks based on the stats and win from players who use their ‘gut’ fairly solidly. If you haven’t seen it already playing with something like this is pretty solid DFS Lineup Optimizer for DraftKings and FanDuel Daily Fantasy SportsThat’s not to say everyone likes it though. I mostly play with strangers for prize pools but I have a smaller league with friends mostly just for fun and they complain about my strategy because they think it takes the fun out of it.

Start Cam Newton or Ben Roethlisberger week 3?

Serious question? 2 Super Bowl Rings vs 2 NFL starts.

Play Ben.

Cam Newton is more likely to duplicate the 3 INTs from this week than 400+ yards. Amazing start, but a great sell-high candidate imho.

Week 3: Out of these three backs who would you start? Stevan Ridley, Trent Richardson, Willis McGahee?

Stevan Ridley because the Patriots will lean on him in light of their current passing game struggles.  In contrast, Richardson and McGahee won't be fed the ball as much because they are still learning their new playbooks.

Start Mario Manningham or Jacoby Jones week 3?

hey dutchey

i like jacoby jones as a better wr than manningham - but right now a. johnson and walter and daniels pretty much got that receiving core on lock down and almost see jones as a robert meachem at this point in the season

MM on the other hand has steve smith (who really just gets 3rd down and main coverage) beat and almost as many points as nicks and alot of targets. on another note - idk why analyzers are acting like titans def is like the jets...titans played oak in wk1 n a 2nd/3rd string qb wit pit in week 2...i expect eli and co. to do fine

2013 Fantasy Football Season: Week 9: Should I start, bench, or get rid of Trent Richardson?

I would bench Richardson, or get rid of him. Don't drop him by any means, but you could still try getting some decent value for him if there are people who remain sold on his talent and what he did last year. I was a Richardson believer until around Week 6/7, and it'd be worthwhile to see what you could get for him while he's still penciled in as the Colts' starter.When I tried to trade for him around Week 6/7, I offered Matt Ryan and Danny Woodhead, and was laughed at (which was a little unjustified if you ask me). If you need a RB/WR, try for another struggling preseason star who has reason to be optimistic about. It could also be a good idea to go to an owner who has a surplus of good QB. I can't imagine there's more than one or two owners who have an excess of strong TE, but hit them up as well. If you can't get a deal done and can afford the bench space, hold onto him. It doesn't look great, but his upside is still strong if the Colts choose to lean on him as an offensive weapon.