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Weight Give Me Advice To Get Down To 7 Stone

5 ft 9 and weigh 9.7 stone, need some advice?!?

I am a 22 year old female and am 5ft 9 in height. I currently weigh 9.7 stone and would like to lose some weight. I was wondering if it would be healthy for me to go down to 8 stone exactly and if so then how long would it roughly take to lose 1 and a half stone? I attend the gym around 4 times per week and am trying to eat healthily. Thanks.

Is 7 stone underweight for a 14 year old ?

Im 14 years old and im a girl, im 5 foot 4, i cannot put weight on at all but my weight changes sometimes to 6 and a half stone to 7 stone. If I sat down and ate and ate and ate I cannot put weight on, its a fact. Its genetic because my mum is really slim and so is my granda so I get it off them. My arms are very skinny looking and my stomach. Is 7 stone underweight for a 14 year old ?????

I am 14 and i am 12 stone 07 onces. Am i over weight for my age???! Please be honest! I dot want fake answers.?

Going by BMI if you are under 5' 11 then you are overweight.
Exercise for at least an hour a day, preferably running or swimming, both are high calorie burners.
Eat healthy, cut out all chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks etc.
If you have sugar in tea/coffee then switch to sweetener.
Be aware of what you are eating, ie how much fat are in things but also sugar, it is just as bad as fat in terms of putting weigh on,
Eat LOTS of salad, it is good for you and yet it has no calories in it. Also plenty of fruit and vet, make sure and get at least 5 a day,
Make sure and get at least 8 hours sleep, it is essential for weight loss.
Drink loads of water, your body needs it to convert stored fat to energy.
Cut out snacks, confine yourself to three meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, don't eat in between.
Weigh yourself each morning before you eat anything, this is your true weight. Write your weight down and keep a diary of it, this will let you see your progress :)
Also you can check your waist measurements once a week which will also show you what you have lost :)
Good luck and don't give up. Even if you have a bad day and eat some shitty stuff, just think, "I will start afresh tomorrow"

What does stone mean when referring to weight loss?

A stone is equal to about 14 pounds. ;D

Lowest possible body weight, 4 stone and 7 pounds? Why?

How can four stone and seven pounds (63 lbs) be labeled as the "lowest possible adult body weight"? I mean, maybe as an average, but what makes it absolutely impossible for a human to get any lower than that? According to the only information I can find; "the lowest possible weight a fully grown adult can survive at, dropping below will result in death for the person."

But why does is result in death? What is the reason?

Im 14 years old and im obese! My weight is 15 stone! Im 5 ft 6?

It is so good that you want to improve your health and get fit! There are a few keys to weight loss: motivation and burning more than you consume. I am a vegan, so out of all people, I can defiantly give you some good advice. I am not going to lie, I have been suffering from anorexia nervosa, but if you want to follow one of my diets...good luck! In the morning, have one slice of reduced-calorie bread (45 cals), 1-2 cups black coffee, or with no-cal sweetener (0 cals) 45 calories, ½ gm fat. For lunch, have one medium sized apple which is 120 calories. For dinner, have 8 baby carrots. All in total, that is 200 calories. You will burn that off by just being human! You can also try the "Super Oatmeal Reduction" diet. Warning: You WILL get hungry! In the morning, have one bowl of oatmeal (any kind will do, I suggest the original kind). Then have diet soda for lunch. For dinner, drink tea. Exercise as much as you can. Swim, swim...swim!

What diet should I follow to reduce my weight from 75 kg to 55 kg?

yup was i am following it so I can suggest you here it goes.wake at 6 am. have a glass of warm water and lemon juice. for next one hour don't eat or drink anything.go for brisk walk and exercise for 1 hour .nearby 8.30 or 9 have a bowl of oats/cornflake/sproutchaat/poha/upmaTry to indulge yourself in physical work like using steps instaed of lift. try to avoid vehicle if possible .Take lunch between 12 to 1 pm . it should contain I bowl dal , 2 chapatis ,1 mixveg ,glass of buttermilk and salad .don't go for sleep just after lunch.Between 4 to5 p.m. you can have murmura and seasonal fruit along with any beverage tea/coffee .take Dinner between 8 to 8.30 pm .Have lot of salad , soup,1 chapati and green vegetable.Again try to have a small walk after Dinner. after half an hour drink warm water with lemon.nearby 10pm or before sleeping have a glass of low fat milk .It is necessary for proper sleep and for bones.stop having junk food completely.If you are found of sweet dish have it once a week in limited amount.avoid deep fried, oily stuff.I am hundred percent sure if you follow this even a month you can see the difference.

How does taking laxatives make you lose weight, is this process dangerous, and are there safer methods with equally effective results?

If you are really interested in reducing your weight quickly and laxatives to lose weight can be the best option. Laxatives are inexpensive and effective. Therefore, it is best to use laxatives to lose weight instead of opting for other slimming products that offer no results.However, most people are not aware of laxatives to lose weight. You better do a thorough research on the Internet to understand laxative efficacy. This will help you get the best weight loss product that suits their health.Laxatives are weight loss pills taken daily for best results. You'll be able to find reviews on the internet laxatives that help you get a fair idea about the advantages and disadvantages of their use. Reading through reviews of laxatives, columns and expert testimony will let you know exactly how this method reduces the weight.It is very important to increase the consumption of drinking water while taking laxatives pills because it prevents dehydration. Drink more water per day will also be beneficial in reducing the volume of food you every day. In fact, it is the natural way to reduce the desire for food, resulting in weight loss. Laxatives twice daily, morning and evening regularly is an effective way to reduce your weight quickly.The most important thing you need to understand before taking laxatives is the presence of food in your system. You should not take laxatives without anything, they can damage your system. The main objective of laxatives to remove debris on your system. This will flatten the stomach, reducing its weight. These are some of the main advantages of the use of laxatives. Therefore, if you are planning to use laxatives to lose weight, you must ensure that you have a bathroom nearby