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Weird Cut On My Tongue Whats This

Why does my tongue feel weird after eating kiwi?

My tongue feels itchy and irritated as I write down this answer. Having eaten a whole kiwi left a burning sensation in my mouth. Googling the symptoms, I was secretly hoping for a non-allergic reaction because I have an exam tomorrow. Relieved after I knew the cause of this weird sensation, I am here writing down this answer.Kiwi (Actinidia callosa) have been known to have a cysteine protease enzyme, Actinidain which acts on tongue cell and degrade the proteins. Actinidain, in lesser quantities, is known to be present in mangoes and banana too. Eating a lot of fruit with actinidain gives you the itchy, irritated and weird sensation, which I am going through right now.Similarly, eating a lot of pineapple causes cuts on tongue. Bromolain, a protease enzyme found in pineapple is the culprit in this case. The protein degrading activity of these enzymes fetch them a job in meat tenderisation industry.Just drink a glass of water and wait for the cuts to heal within 2–3 days.Ch(h)eers,CK

What one should do after they bit their tongue, and it hurts to eat?

If the bruise on the tongue is not too serious, you can try the following:1)  Apply toothpaste onto the bruised part of the tongue.  The mint releases a cooling sensation onto the stinging area.2) Gargle with salt and water.  This helps to maintain the salinity of the tongue and heal the wound.   Sometimes you may only need to gargle with lukewarm water. 3)  You may also grab a piece of ice and place it on the affected part of the tongue.  The ice’s coolness will eliminate the pain.  Also, the ice cold feeling helps the exposed blood vessels to heal faster, thus preventing further bleeding.4) Applying aloe vera juice against the bruise will help treat the bruised tongue.  Sometimes aloe vera comes in a gel form that makes applying it easier.5) Gargling cold water and holding the water in your mouth helps some people get rid of the pain completely.  If you do this, be careful that the water is not so cold that the blood vessels in the mouth become numb. Do NOT:  rinse with a mouthwash with alcohol in it; it will sting and it won't help the area heal any faster.

Does a tongue grow back when cut?

For a good answer you need to specify what is your definition of "growing back", besides providing a basis for the question.Assumption: the question is asked based on the reappearance of the lost taste buds and repair of small cuts on tongue while eating. "Each human organ regrows at a molecular level regenerating itself faster than you think." The tongue is the taste organ of humans and like every other organ it has the capacity to " regrow". Quotes for implying that regrow does not mean regenerate. It's more like repair mechanism. Cuts, peels, burn are Like wounds and are repaired by the generation of new tissue. The same happens very evidently in another organ called skin.I need to emphasise on the difference between generation of the new tissue and regeneration. During regeneration the new tissue is generated by a minimal amount of healthy tissue left after injury, like a newt's or lizards limbs. While regrowth during repair is governed by a similar but different pathway, the important factor is played by scarring. The apical human tissue gets scarred(necrosis/death of tissue) with time which limits the regeneration time. Therefore a big cut to the tongue will form scar before its regrown enough to be termed as regeneration of the organ.You can use the example of bifurcating traditions of tongue in some communities. If the tongue have had regeneration capability lasting bifurcation won't be possible.Coming to the taste buds. They regrow for the same reasons the hair regrows unless the follicle is fine. So, the tongue do REGROWS to repair the injuries but cannot regenerate if it's cut into two.

Weird cut on my tongue! Whats this?

it looks like an infection honestly. And no doubt it is cancer :) Try rinsing with salt water. It heals cuts. Before you rinse, swish with neosporin seems a little weird but it'll heal it and take the bacteria off. Its not toxic so if you swollow a little it wont hurt you :)

Why does my tongue feel weird after eating salt and vinegar chips?

Because the acid in the coating on the chips has burned the top few layers of cells on your tongue and in most of your mouth.Expect it to peel profusely within the next day or two

If I cut your tongue off, will it grow back?

Haha! You made my night with this question!No. It will heal fast, but it will not grow back.If it's sliced or lacerated, it can heal well.One of my first patients had several tongue metastases from renal cancer and had a lumpectomy from a large mass on the tongue to help him swallowing. The tongue looked relatively well after a few days.

What's wrong with my tongue (after endoscopy)?

I just had an endoscopy and colonoscopy done this morning. I noticed there are a lot of little jagged cuts along the bottom of my tongue where the dark veins are at. And on the tip of my tongue there is this weird stretchy white stuff, almost completely see through, that I can't seem to scrape off.

The cuts hurt pretty bad and it feels really weird to move my tongue at all. Just wondering if they could have possibly cut my mouth with something. It looks almost like something sharp got dragged across the bottom of my tongue.

How long does a cut on your tongue take to heal?

Healing time depends on the type of injury and how severe it is. I wonder where all these cuts on your Tongue are coming from? The Tongue is not exposed so it is odd that you would have several cuts. I also wonder if perhaps there are cuts on the back of your Throat as well that is causing you the pain. Normally I would say a few days, but since there are several cuts and you have a Sore Throat, you need to go to a Clinic and have them take a look to confirm there isn't already an infection and take a look at the severity of the Lacerations.

Why does my tongue hurt (feels like some taste buds got cut) and even bleeds (in tiny spots at positions where taste buds are located) after eating candies and other sweet stuff?

Hi Greg Smith,Thank you for your question.Tongue pain may be caused by: a viral infection – such as an infection that causes hand, foot and mouth disease or cold sores [Herpes Virus]. Behçet's disease – a rare condition that causes inflammation of the blood-vessels and can also lead to painful mouth ulcers.Bleeding from the tongue can be caused by malformations of blood vessels, called hemangiomas. It also can happen because of lymph system abnormalities, such as lymphangiomas and cystic hygromas. These conditions are often found on the head and neck — and in the mouth.Instead of looking at the immediate symptoms and ways to cure just symptoms, lets look at the underlying issue here.Words like infection, inflammation, virus, lymph system, it looks to me that there is an issue within the immune system, perhaps more importantly the immune system has been compromised.A parasite infection: Leishmaniasis: Patients with leishmaniasis typically develop skin sores weeks to months after the parasite enters the body. The skin may become red, ulcerated, or have lesions, blisters, or pimples. Smaller lesions may be present around one larger ulcer.Some patients may develop a stuffy or runny nose, nosebleeds, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, as well as ulcers and sores in the mouth, tongue, gums, lips, nose, and the wall that separates the nostrils (called the nasal septum).The parasite may also enter the bloodstream and burrow into internal organs. If internal organs are involved, symptoms may include persistent fever, night sweats, fatigue, weakness, appetite loss, weight loss, vomiting (most common in children), abdominal pain, scaly skin, grey or dark skin, and thinning hair.Why I mention a parasitic infection, is because you have mentioned that the condition and symptoms seem to get worse upon eating candies and sweet-stuffs, the optimal food choice for both parasites and fungi, enabling them to further modulate the immune system and worsen any conditions you may have in their attempt to grow, spread and survive.My advise to you at this time, would be to cut out the sweets and candies for a week, see if the symptoms worsen or improve. Then you may know what you are dealing with. Give me an email and let me know who you are getting on.Hope that helps,If you liked the response please up-vote and follow,R.

My tongue piercing is growing out some weird skin tab.?

My tongue piercing is growing out some weird skin tab. I really dont know what wrong with it. Yesterday it looked fine. Then when I woke up this morning in front of the barbell there is this weird piece of skin that is sticking out. Can anyone give me any advice as to what it is and how to take care of it?