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Weird Feeling Around A Friend

Feeling weird around MY BEST FRIEND? or friend?

I mean we've been in fights and i just went to her house and we had like the greatest time EVER!! but i feel weird talkin to her now, i feel like telling her that i dont wanna be her friend but that maybe is a mistake or something ya know? and like it scares me she's my bff, and i just hate it when i feel weird like, i dunno weird! i cant think of anything thats making me feel weird, i just do. and hell no im not a lesbian i swear to you. im not bi or anything like that! (no offence to the bis, and those things out there) and i just wanna know have u ever experiened something like this before?

Weird feeling between friend and mom?

So sorry to have to say this, but he's doin' your mom. I know not what you wanted to hear. I dont' even know what to tell you to do. I think the "betrayal" if that's even the right word, is on your mom's part though. Even though you guys are leagally adults, your mom is the parent figure and should know better.

Why do I feel awkward around my friend?

The only reason could be that either he is more superior than u and more intelligent from you or he is less superior than u the one thing the trick u here is ego if ur frient who is superior then u might have ego which he make u to show or if ur best frient is less superior than u it might be ur ego to which u show to ur friend. Start building confidance in urself and let ur ego rest if u have it. If there is another reason then it would be that ur friend think that u have no commonsense and no IQ and they make fun of u in front of others. So u r afraid to share ur feeling. So in order to escape from that afraid start to built a new skill in urself i.e increase ur sense of humour and crack jokes among ur friends it will lessen ur afraid and u will be open to share ur feeling among ur friend“No friend is less or much, a friend is who that understand you very well and make u correct when u are wrong”Same case is “ A best friend is only one who prank with u only not others”

Why do I feel nervous around my friend?

It sounds like a typical case of first love, to me.You obviously have become to feel differently about her and are a bit scared of telling her in case of rejection.This is one thing we all go through. Being Autistic does not help you fall in love easily or you fall in love too easily. It is a strange situation, but that is how life has dealt you your cards.Having anxiety is usual with Autism and it would make no difference to the situation.You are not sure how she feels about you are you? You need to find out. How you ask? Good point!Is there a mutual girl friend of hers that you know and maybe ask her if she can find out how this girl feels about you? You could always just blurt it out how you feel, but that can be a risk of not only losing her but her friendship as well.It is a sticky situation and the only way you will feel at ease is to either forget about having feelings for her or take a chance and tell her.There is no easy way out. I am sure she will notice, if she has not already, that you are edgy, nervous etc. around her and you never know she might be just as nervous as you.

Weird feeling after seeing a friend?

I went to a friends house today. Someone I "used" to like. They know, but I got rejected nd no big deal. So after being at that persons house for 5-6 hours I got a strange feeling in my gut. It's kinda uncomfortable. And ideas on what it is??

Why am I getting these weird vibes around my friends?

Lately I've been noticing myself drifting away from my friends, I'm almost feeling lost. When I'm around one of my best girlfriends, I feel as if I'm left out even though I'm not and I don't feel the connection anymore. When I'm around one of my guy friends I feel like I'm being watched or I'm around a cop or something, it's so weird. And also I've been only getting along really well with only one of my friends and it's so weird like I feel something weird happening with my other friends? is this normal? I'm a girl btw if that makes any difference. Also, I feel anxiety around them.