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Weird Pains In My Legs

Weird pain in leg after fall, dont know whats wrong?

Right where to start.....

Basically 3 days ago I slipped down a few steps and landed strangely on my leg. Immediately there was a very sharp pain that shot up my leg but this subsided quite quickly. Within a few minutes I could put weight on my leg with moderate pain and with quite a bad limp. Afterwards I developed Swelling around my ankle, foot and lower leg along with quite strong bruising.

Three days on I still have the swelling bruising and keep getting random stabs of pain, sometimes severe sometimes moderate and there is always a constant dull ache. Also my lower leg feels.... strange, its hard to put it into words but it feels kind of wrong, very tingly and a bit numb with limited mobility. HOWEVER I can put weight on my leg, putting my shoe on is quite painful but I did a 30 minute walk today, though my leg felt very tired and quite painful after it.

If it was a break wouldnt it be unbearable to stand on? or are there smaller fractures? Ive had sprains before and this feels different, ive never felt this strange tingling / numbness or had this bruising before. I dont really like going to the doctors as I kind of have a stupid phobia of it :P but i suppose if i have to then I will.... im just undecided what to do atm....

Day 4: I was able to walk pretty good today, however walking up a slight hill caused alot of pain and at the end I could barely move my leg, seems to have swollen back up, but the pain is subsiding. In the evening I have got quite alot of pain and alot of cracking / popping sounds?

Ive also felt very sick / light headed since it happened , almost fainted today.... i really dont want to go to the doctor if i dont have to :( I dont know..... this pain is really frustrating and this sick feeling

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions whats wrong?

I know I should see a doctor but want to see if its anything to worry about first, i dont want to be a time waster and get embarrased by the doctor = /

Can someone tell me what they think I might of done, I will most likely go to the doctor if it persists but Im curious to know whats happened...

I'm 23 and I get growing pains in my legs. Should I see a doctor?

It depends on how bad the pain is and how long it’s lasted. It’s normal to feel sore after a workout, or when you’re becoming more physically active, like when you start a new job. If you put a lot of stress on your muscles and joints, you can get sore, but it might be harmless soreness. I once had an issue with muscle soreness, which I solved when I realized I had started walking three miles a day instead of one, and hadn’t increased my protein intake to compensate. (Most people in the US eat enough protein; too much, in fact. But my own diet tends toward the low end of the protein range because I don’t eat very much meat.)On the other hand, if the pain is severe or lasts a long time or isn’t associated with exercise, yes, seeing a doctor makes sense. Injury or inflammation to your joints or muscles might need treatment. If you were sixty and were getting mild pains in your joints, I’d be saying oh, it’s probably just arthritis; mention it at your next doctor’s appointment. But you’re 23, so the possibility that you’ve injured yourself is there.Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. I’ve studied the human body, but I really can’t give you medical advice. Follow your gut—you’ve lived in your body for 23 years, and if it doesn’t feel right to you, go to the doctor.

Weird sensation in my left leg?

I have weird feeling in my left leg.

It's not pain, it's not "pins and needles" ... more like a slight tingling.

No swelling, no weird-looking veins, no back injuries.

It starts right bellow the hip (I believe it's a joint, I don't know) and goes down the whole leg.

BUT, I feel it only while I sit (and I sit a lot). Sometimes, I feel it when I'm lying. But not while I'm on my feet or walking. Also, it's not around all the time. Sometimes it's here sometimes not. But the past few days it's around all the time.

I also suffer from anxiety (NOT taking any pills about it) and sometimes I know that there's nothing, but my mind makes all these problems.

So, anyone?

DVT?? weird pain in inner thigh?

I just woke up with a weird pain in my upper inner thigh that i can really only feel when i walk, press my legs together or touch the spot with my hand. its about halfway up my leg. I'm almost postive its not a pulled muscle and I have no swelling bruising or anything like that. Ive also been having symptoms of IBS for about 3 weeks. What is this feeling in my leg? can it be DVT? can this be related to my IBS symptoms?

Why would someone feel pain in their lower legs if they do not eat their normal amount?

Both answers from Karen Tiede and James Alexander are correct.  I have experienced both.  Pain is more often due to dehydration.  Lack of Potassium or Magnesium causes cramps with severe pain in the middle of sleep.

Is it weird to force cramps in my leg to than stop them with a technique?

I think any of us who get Charley Horse leg cramps try to stop them. Mine used to occur at night.I never thought a lot about it as I had a physical job and leg cramps, shoulder cramps and hand cramps were things I just accepted.Finally I mentioned it to my doctor just off hand because it wasn’t frequent and others at work had them and discovered I needed more potassium.Now I have a prescription for daily potassium and haven’t had a Charley Horse at night for a couple of decadesSee your doctor for a simple blood test and make sure you’re not lacking an important chemical that your body needs. It’s nothing to mess with and isn’t normal.Charley Horse: Causes, Risks, and Treatments

Weird cramping after perid, weird poop, and tingling in legs?

so the last like 5 periods I get this weird tinglying pain in my leg and usally I have to take medicine for it because it distracts me at work, but this period I also threw up twice, and then a day or two after my period was over I still got a dull ache cramping feeling for a few days, so I took a preggo test, it was negative, and the n I had this weird poop, it was light brown and the size of baby carrots and there was abou 20 of them in the tolite and I kept having to go poop, I felt like I emptied my track. then the next day I felt the urge to pee at night, and now I wake up with tinging in my legs throughout the day, I cant find much online...any suggestions??

Strange leg pains out of nowhere?

It sounds like nerve pain, which is radiating down your leg. Does it ever hurt above your knee, particularly in your buttock on that side? Any low back pain? If so, then that could be a bulging or herniated disc in your lumbar spine. But since you don't mention any pain above the knee, it sounds like it's origin is the knee itself. The sciatic nerve runs down the back of the entire leg and buttock, as it leaves the lower end of the spinal cord. It could be pinched or there are other nerves in the leg, and perhaps being compressed (pinched) from a ligament, tendon or joint problem in the knee.

You are right to be concerned about a blood clot, so you really need to see a doctor and have it examined. The doc might order a doppler ultrasound of the leg, which will show the arteries and veins and blood flow. If your foot is pale and cold...or swollen and red...could possibly indicate poor circulation (from clot). Also, if your toenails on that leg appear thickened and flaky, this is often a late sign of poor circulation. DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and PAD (peripheral artery disease) are conditions to be concerned about. The clot, in and of itself, is not particularly dangerous, but if it should dislodge and travel through the bloodstream, it would end up in the heart or lungs and cause a heart attack or a pulmonary embolus (in the lung). It's not really likely that you have a blood clot if you are young, but you need to have this ruled out by a physician.

I am not a doctor, and this is only my personal opinion (I am a nurse), but I really think it sounds like a nerve being pinched and irritated. The pain can come and go like can feel different with each "flare up"...sometimes an ache, cramp, tingly, "pins and needles", etc. and heat will often help relieve the pain. I hope you will make an appointment with a doctor soon to have it checked out.

Help. I'm having leg pain and I'm on birth control?

Well what most people (doctors and other people) don't realize is that young people especially like yourself can get blood clots too. I know quite a few girls (our age-I'm 23) that were on the pill and had blood clots...they were athletic build like yourself. I have had two clots myself within a year but I am a male and it was due to sitting down all day at work and at school. -and because I have a clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden...

AND to make matters worse is that I was misdiagnosed with my first blood clot as a pulled muscle because I was so young. It didn't take me until 2-3 weeks later to find out what my leg pain was. I am lucky to be alive right now. AND I thank God that it didn't travel anywhere. -but yes my clot was huge by the time I actually got a doppler scan to see if it was a clot or not. I did not have any other symptoms other than leg cramps-then extreme leg cramps and some slight burning sensation in my leg.

So please take this advice no matter how many people tell you that you shouldn't worry about clots because you are so young. The girls I know that have had a clot (which are my friends at college all play a sport)-they were all on the pill.

Blood clots are no joke...that is why I am on yahoo answers in the first tell people my story of how I was misdiagnosed because I was so young.

Even if it is not a clot, be happy that you got it checked out...the 4th leading cause of death is blood clots...that travel to the heart, lungs, smart.