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What 72 Set Of Copic Markers Is Better

Where can I buy a FULL set of Copic markers?


There are more but i didnt think you needed a bunch of links

Where can you get Copic markers cheap? Is it better to buy online or at a local art shop?

It is DEFINITELY better to buy online. Art stores tend to sell at full brand price with a markup. I’ve seen them go as high as $10 USD for a sketch.I found them at a consistently cheap price on eCustomer Service at its Best! ($3 USD for Ciao, $5 USD for Sketch and $6 USD for refill ink).Another place you could check is ebay, where people sell “lots” of any amount. The problem is that most of them use bidding, so the price can get pretty high. Sometimes you get a good deal (I got my first set of 72 ciao markers on ebayf or $67 USD plus shipping)I hope this helps!

What ciao copic marker set should I get?

I would recommend buying them seperately, but just for price reasons. If you have the means, I'd say go ahead and buy a set. They're wonderful markers and are really not comparable to any other art marker on the market.

But the reason I say buy them seperately is also beause you might not need a lot of the colors they give you. I have 36 copics and they more of less cover everything I might want to color. You do need a few peach and brown colors, and maybe 3 to 5 greys, but otherwise, you don't need a whole lot of colors. Think about it, you need a light and dark of most colors, so pink, red, light green, dark green, yellow, (dark yellow doesn't really exist...) light orange, orange, light blue, dark blue, light purple, dark purple, and black. Lol And get a few colors you really like added to the collection, and you should be in good shape. There isn't really a need for much more. Just my two cents.

As for the choice between set A and B, I looked at the colors included in both cases, and set A seems to be a bit better, since it has more skin tones (around 10 peach and brownish colors) and greys. Grey is more important than you may think. Lol Set B has less skintones but it has a color called E11 which I believe is a common skintone color used. To be honest, they look more or less equally capable of whatever it is you may be working on, so if you are purchasing one, go for either, perhaps. Lol

Which copic 72 marker set is the best?

Everyone keeps saying A is the best, but it seems to have a shallow field for skin tones. D looks the best to me?

When I draw I like throwing tons of color into the skin to make it have depth and look all pretty<3 So maybe D would be the best choice for me?

Here they are:




I don't like C AT ALL, so I'm not posting it, haha. I really want your person opinions if you have purchased copics before. What set did you get? What colors were you lacking?

Here are some examples of my art so you can understand the colors I favor, and what I like:

Thank you.

What set of copic markers should I start out with!?

Okay I want to ask for a set of copics for christmas. I only own one, a black one, and well I need some advice. I was either going to ask for the 4 sets of 8 on manga ciao copics because then i get primary, pastel, skin tone, inking pen, and dark ones for 106 dolars roughly. But does anyone have a better idea. I have no idea where to start. I draw anime/manga btw. And yeah but I planned on getting a 36 pack if I get an actual big set. Also I looked at the other ones the two I liked best were 36 set D or 36 set A. But then I would need ot buy the skin tone set seperatly. I'm asking anyoen who uses copics for advice because everyone had to start somewhere :) thanks everyone its a really big help xD

Which set of copic sketch marker 72 pc set is good for BEGINNERS(A or B)?

There is set A,B,C and D am thinking of getting A/B
but i dont know which set to get...
I am already a copic user, the set is for my friend's b-day present. She helped me ALOT, so i want to give her something special and surprising; and i rememberd her saying that she really love copics but their too expensive, so am actually quit troubled what to get since shes a very beginner(sketcher)
am thinking about set A, or B because its the most coomon colors that i used
i would like to give her my collection of almost 200 markers but i havnt used them soo long that they all have poor flow of ink and to buy over 200 refills are just crazy. so i reaaaly need help!!!
It will really mean the world to me!

What is the largest set of copic markers you can buy?

That would be the 72 piece set of the Sketch markers, which is just part of the 346 colors they make in the sketch markers. Hobby Lobby sells about half of the colors available, and those are $6.49 individually.

So...$6.49 x 346 = $2,245.54. Hope you have a lot of money saved.

Good Dupes for Copic Markers?

I'm only thirteen, so I don't have a lot of money. I wanted to save up for a 72 set of Copic brand markers, but was discouraged after seeing the prices. I work at a coffee shop but can't get paid obviously until I'm fourteen and have a work permit, due to child labor laws. And even then I don't know that I will be since family friends own the shop. Even with a 50% off coupon to Michaels or JoAnn craft stores, one set of 72 markers would be over $150 dollars! I don't think my parents will be spending that much for my birthday either since money is tight in my family of six at home. :/ So, are there any cheap (but similar, and kind of good quality) dupes for Copic markers? I draw anime and want something easy to blend and shade with, it looks so nice and professional. :) I also looked for cheap sellers for Copic markers and found no sets under $300. :(