What Accent Does The Girl On The Left Have

Do girls like guys with southern accents?

I LOVEEEEE it!!!!! I think it's attractive & I love Georgia as it is. I think it's sexy lol but if you talk to them city girls, they might think it's weird, but all of my friends & myself have always looked for a good country boy with that deep, thick southern accent lol

Are southern accents a turn on or turn off in girls?

If you're well spoken, most guys like it. I know a lot of Brit guys who love it (the southeastern ones around SC, VA and GA).

Edit: Also I agree with you. Whoever said someone with an accent is stupid is an idiot. The New York accent was recently voted the most annoying American accent in a British newspaper. The Tidewater Accent (a southern accent native to GA, VA, West VA, NC and SC) was voted the most appealing.

What is in Accent Spice?

Accent - A seasoning also called MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). It is commonly used in Oriental cooking. It is not a favored seasoning or enhancer in the United States as many people are allergic to it. It is an optional seasoning and can very easily be left out of recipes.

MSG is the sodium salt of the amino acid glutamic acid and a form of glutamate. It is sold as a fine white crystal substance, similar in appearance to salt or sugar. It does not have a distinct taste of its own, and how it adds flavor to other foods is not fully understood. Many scientists believe that MSG stimulates glutamate receptors in the tongue to augment meat-like flavors.

If I spoke in a "valley-boy/girl" accent when I called the cops, would they have came to address this issue?

I'm a 20 year old black male and I live with my mom and 10-year old brother while I'm attending college. Anyways, my mom's stupid abusive boyfriend(now her ex) is a younger, thug-@ss black male with a criminal record. This morning, he was assaulting my mom and I did the best I can to help, but unfortunately I have a broken wrist due to a car accident last week. So, I couldn't do much. This guy threatened our lives if he "hears any sirens". However, I managed to run out of the house calling the police at the same time and I told them what's going on. I remembered his threat about hearing sirens, so I made sure I escaped outside to be able to let the police in. They NEVER showed up. So, after the jerk took his stuff and left, I called my uncle and he warned the guy to stay the hell away from us or else. It seemed to have worked, but my uncle cannot take the law into his own hands. He's not a cop.

When I called they cops, they must have recognized my distinctive "black" accent/dialect. So, my real question is: If I called them sounding like a white person in distress, would they have gotten there? Why is that innocent black people get arrested and beaten by cops, but when I called them to get an actual black CRIMINAL arrested, they didn't show up? Am I missing something? I'm so pissed.

Why do many people hate girls with the "Valley girl" accent?

Actually since i'm from cali too I like it and think it's kinda dorky, cute, and funny. I like making fun of girls that do it! hahah.

I think the main reason is that perhaps the media has several times; stereotyped and associated the Valley Girl / California accent with being an obnoxious, rich, dumb, "dumb blondish", and being a snob.

But I get it and like it because for some reason girls in california with this accent tend to be purty :) LOL. I miss california, San Diego to be exact! lots of cool people there, but dont get me wrong there's a few bad apples; hey there's a few everywhere comeon.

Is the British accent sexy?

Know it sounds a bit of a weird thing but I recently spent 2 months traveling the USA and 2 months in Australia and I've never been hit on so much in my life. I'm 18 and this was really weird for me cause I'm not really use to it. I'm a reasonably attractive guy with a British accent. Just wondering really if it makes any difference. Any help appreciated.

Which Asian accent in English sounds most pleasant to the ear?

As an Asian myself, I generally do not find Asian accents in English pleasant to the ear, including the strong accents from my own country. I also struggle with Chinese and Indian accents (This improved a bit after years of exposure).Many Asians have strong accents that can cause misunderstanding. Some letters are pronounced too strongly (e.g., rolling R) and hearing the mistakes frequently in a span of an hour can be tiring.Many Asian languages have a totally different melody. Chinese speakers have varying pitch, and Indian speakers have sing-song intonation.The lack of fluency in English is an additional layer of hindrance, considering that many Asians are not proficient in it (I have talked to some Thai over the phone and I didn’t understand most of it).However, it would be unfair to claim that all Asians have strong accents. In fact, the Philippines alone has a wide variety of accents (What does the Philippine English accent sound like to non-Filipinos?).If I really have to choose:Based on my experience as an expat in Malaysia and being exposed to several Asian accents (e.g., Malay, Singaporean/Malaysian Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Sri Lankan), I would prefer the educated Filipino accent, which is usually described as close to a mixture of American and Spanish. This is the clearest Asian accent for native English speakers.Considering sound alone, a soft-spoken Japanese accent sounds cute.