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What Am I Sick With Very Weak Headaches

Am I sick? Dizzy, headache, tired, nausea, weak ?

Sounds like you haven't been eating and drinking enought too keep your body going.
Lack adaquet diet can give you those symptoms. But the thirst thing and shakes make me wonder if your family has a history of diabetes? Low or high blood sugar can also cause some of your symptoms . The migraines are awful! I've had migraines for 35 years. No pain pill or shot worked and most of the time made them worse. One day all I could find in the house was NyQuil. I was in a lot of pain so I took it and IT WORKED! My dr said they are actually telling ppl who suffer from migraines too try NyQuil.
Get well soon and good luck

Dizzy, vomiting, weak, headaches, and nausea?

If he doesn't want to spend money on doctor's appointments, ask him if he has at least paid his life insurance. Maybe that will help him put things into perspective.

Any time there is vomiting that has no immediately-identifiable benign cause the person should seek medical attention.

Extreme fatigue, weakness, nausea, headache,?

I am experiancing these symptoms. i just slept for 14 hours. i threw up last night, and i have been experiancing headaches off and on for the past through days. Im 16 female. i am not sexually active (no stds no pregnancy etc) i feel very thirsty and when i get up to get a drink i feel extremely dizzy and tired. when im sitting im somewhat fine. when im not moving for too long i can feel my heartbeat and its kinda slow. i dont know what to do. if this is of any help, i slightly overdosed on aleve a few days ago before these symptoms started in hopes of getting rid of my headace, if that could be a cause?

Why do I constantly have headaches, feel sick, tired, can’t eat and sleep for the past 3 days. Am I getting some kind of illness?

Sounds like it. These are classic flu-like symptoms. Are you running a fever? A temperature of 103 is cause for a trip to the ER. Does aspirin or ibuprofen help? They will often lower the temperature, but again, if it spikes then you need to seek medical attention.Problem with flu-like symptoms is that they cover a wide range of illness. Have you been hiking in the country? I don’t know why this thought occurred, but I am always suspicious of Lyme Disease or West Nile. Do you have any rashes?Do you think you may have an urinary infection? Then maybe you are I am going with this is if you are not feeling better in a day or so, or if your fever climbs, then you need to see a doctor.

What to do to avoid headaches while studying?

Avoid fluorescent lighting. Have adequate natural or incandescent or LED lights. Avoid glare. Refocus your eyes and take eye breaks. On really difficult material give yourself time to absorb. That often means taking an extended moment to think how new material fits with what you understand. Drink water. Put away your phone. Take your headphones off unless you're listening to piano … seriously. Don't do your intense study late at night - that is ok for easy practice or reading but not the hard stuff.

Pregnant, extreme fatigue, weak, headache, help?

Hello I am 16 weeks pregnant and I feel awful. MY whole pregnancy I have been extremely tired. Not the normal tired but to the extreme I can hardly get out of bed in the morning. I feel nauseous and weak a lot as well. I also have lost 8 lbs since becoming pregnant. I just don't have much of an appetite at all.
Today I just can't handle it. I am so tired, I have a headache and I just feel weak all over. Please does anyone know what is wrong with me!? I have a 1 year old that I need to take care of and I just feel awful

Feeling weak, tired, headache, runny nose, feeling dizzy...?

its sounding like a cold you need to rest i am thinking cricket needs to be skip you are no good to no body if you are sick and plus you might get team mates sick too .....feel better

I’m 7 weeks pregnant. I get constant headaches and feel really weak. If I’m feeling sick, should I eat? What can I take for headaches?

Eat frequent small feeds. Avoid milk or fatty stuffs. Eat whatever please your eyes. Fruits, vegetables and juice are best.Paracetamol is considered safe for pregnant ladies. No other pain killers, especially NSAIDS like aspirin or ibuprofen as they may shut down a vital blood vessel that allows the foetal blood to bypass the non functional lungs.

Does sleeping in a poor ventilated room causes headache?

“Does sleeping in a poor ventilated room causes headache?”“Yesterday I was too tired and ended up sleeping in a room with neither air-conditioner nor opened Windows for almost 6 hours…I'm suffering from severe headache now…”Most likely a coincidence.Roger Kinnard's answer to Does sleeping in a poor ventilated room causes headache? mentions carbon monoxide, a possibility that warrants exclusion.Another answer suggests declining oxygen levels. Unless the room was hermetically sealed, this seems unrealistic. People are comfortable at a variety of altitudes with various oxygen levels. Carbon dioxide is unlikely to accumulate to any appreciable degree in the vast majority of building rooms.If the room was full of animal dander, dust mites, etc., scenarios could be imagined where nasal stuffiness triggered mild apnea or where asthma symptoms developed. These breathing issues might lead to a headache. Such explanations are tortuous, however.The OP indicates that unusual tiredness caused him to sleep in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable location. These factors alone are enough to trigger a severe headache in some people. In particular, people with Migraine can be sensitive to changes in routine.If this headache is the first-ever severe headache, a doctor should be consulted. If the OP has had severe headaches in the past, Migraine is probable. A Neurologist should be consulted as migraine attacks can be relieved. But first, a proper diagnosis must be made.

Sickness? Cold? Flu? What do i have?

Well lately i have been having on and off headaches, a runny nose, sneezing ( that hurts ) sore throat, cough that also hurts , and i have pain hwen i move my eyes up to the side like a slight headache. I am Also very dry and weak and tired, and alot of goose bumps and chills. What do i have? I have no idea? Flu? Cold? Nuemonia?