What Are Alternatives For Me

Because the alternative for me, is no joke?

My employer asked me why I am taking my job so seriously, and the rules exactly as by the book, and why I put in a request for special accommodations, that precludes me from working at the register.:

I told her that I have Asperger Syndrome.
I'm lucky that I have this job at all.

And if I'm that far in luck, I'm even luckier that I'm doing a good job at it, at this pace.

The alternative for me taking this job seriously and working so hard and doing such a good job..
Is no joke.

To me, the words "You're fired" is no joke.
Bad records are no joke.
Not being able to afford to live is no Joke.

All 3 haunt my life.

And I figure that Doing more than I can do is for school..
Doing what I can do the best I can, is for work.

And she asked me how Asperger Syndrome affects its sufferers.
I told her that Social Skills, especially under pressure in a fast pace environment are a huge weak spot.

She asked me how she can teach me to operate the cash register.

I told my employer that I could use practice when I get paid.
I can ring up my own items using the register, and get used to it that way.

Are there any good alternatives for

There aren’t any real alternatives to these ‘nameplates’ sites. Create and share your digital world with a beautifully simple Flavors site. still exists but most of the others are about free websites with social profiles.You could achieve the same objectives with a one page Blogger site ( or Google+ . For professionals, Linkedin and Viadeo could be useful platforms.I hope that helps :-)

What are some BMTFT (Bring Me That From There) alternatives?

For smaller items there are startups operating peer-to-peer matching platforms.PiggyBeeFlyteCourierThere is another set that operate as marketplace, where people can request products from abroad and travelers get paid for shipping like -AirFrovGetFromThere

What's an alternative to "made me realize" ?

These two quotes brought to my attention...
These two quotes Gave me a deeper understanding...
These two quotes helped me become aware of...
These two quotes made me more conscious of...
These two quotes completed the picture of...
These two quotes brought a new light to...
These two quotes made me recognize...
These two quotes helped me visualize...
These two quotes helped me to understand...
These two quotes gave me a full comprehension...
These two quotes painted a picture that made me get...
These two quotes showed me...
These two quotes registered to be...
In these two quotes it was demonstrated that...
These two quotes revealed that...

Is there any alternative for “Please let me know”?

There are at least two English words that mean the same thing as “let me know.” Instead of “Please let me know,” you could say,“Please inform me…”“Please tell me…”Depending on the situation, you might also say,“Please alert me…”“Please notify me…”“Please answer me…”“Please keep me up to date.”

What are alternatives to cutting yourself?

I personally always carry a rubberband in my pocket(I don’t like it just sitting around my wrist). When I feel the need(I go somewhere private), I pull it far back, and let it slam into my arm. And often in the same spot. The sensation is stronger if it happens the same place in your arm. I do this to not cut. I do not think it’s healthy for me or anyone else, but I understand that it can feel like the only way to stay sane/feel something. It’s like confirming that you’re not dead, and it helps me. I have dark marks on my arms, but it’s winter season so I wear long sleeves and no one notices.I do not encourage anyone to self harm, but a rubber band is better than a sharp object.Take care of yourself, and seek help. Message me if you need to. I’ll listen.

Are there any alternatives to "I" when refering to oneself?

Verbal Communication: There is no appropriate word which can be used as a substitute for 'I' in all situations. 'I', one of the simplest words in English, can be used whenever one refers to oneself; and it conveys what it needs to. Also, any other word used to substitute 'I' sounds irrelevant and unnecessary. Words like 'me' are used informally instead of 'I' (Ex: 'me thinks' instead of 'I think'), but many people find the usage inappropriate and annoying because it violates the basic rules of grammar. Written Communication:The word 'undersigned' can be used as a substitute for 'I' while communicating in a letter/ email. The word means 'someone who has signed at the bottom of the document'. For example, one could write "The undersigned will not attend the meeting" for "I will not attend the meeting".Some phrases like 'Yours truly' which are typically used in signatures are also used as a substitute for 'I" in strictly informal letters. For example, one could write "Yours-truly was one of the four finalists in the contest" instead of "I was one of the four finalists in the contest".These words/ phrases make sense in the written form of communication as an email/ a letter typically has a 'signature' at the end. However, the same do not sound relevant/ appropriate and necessary while speaking to someone in person. Note: I do not know Chinese. So I'm not aware of the expression in the Chinese sentence quoted and thus, not able to comprehend what kind of expression the OP looks for.

How can I find alternatives for me instead of smoking?

Be careful, using the WRONG method to quit smoking will not only lessen your quality of life even more, but worse still, it will get you yet one step closer to the grave, even as you waste hundreds, or even thousands, of DOLLARS and suffer MANY new and serious health problems! For people who are finding best way to quit smoking in short time, without relapses, you should try Imodstyle Quit Smoking Secrets (please search on google, i don’t remember the link). I have got great results with it. I have not had a smoke for the last 26 Days, and I don’t feel like I want one just by following that guide.Please put your effort to quit smoking. Smoking isn’t good specially for people who smoke for long time.Tar in smokes coats the lungs and can lead to throat and lung cancer in smokers. It’s also accountable for the yellowish —brownish discoloration on physicians’ teeth and palms.Carbon monoxide in cigarettes lowers the quantity of oxygen on your muscles, blood and brain. This usually means the entire body—particularly the center —must work more difficult. Over the years this causes airways to narrow and blood pressure to rise, which may result in heart attack and stroke.Elevated levels of CO, jointly with smoking, raise the danger of cardiovascular disease, hardening of the blood vessels and other circulatory issues.