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What Are Big Effects Of Dropling Out Of College

What are 3 main effects of dropping out of high school?

Education is the only way to better your life. Education is what forms the basis to move up in life. It allows you not only to get a better job but to be respected in the community for what you are and what you have achieved. If you want to live the good life, you better consider college and a high school education forms the basis for just which colleges you can get into. You will not get a good paying job with just a high school education so don't stop there with your paper. As the prices of things go up, you will need more money to live and then consider supporting a family. How do you want to live and how do you want your children to live? What future do you want for yourself and your family to come? Education is what sets you free to be anything you want to be.

How do I drop out of college?

After much consideration, I have decided that the healthiest thing for me to do at this point in my life is to drop out of college. I had many qualms all throughout my senior year of high school when I was applying and now that I am actually here as an undergraduate freshman, my suspicions have been confirmed. College is not where I belong right now. Please do not try to convince me otherwise.

However, I have no idea how to go about dropping out. I googled "how to drop out of college" and only a bunch of dropout statistics and articles came up. What exactly do I need to do? I can't handle the confrontation of going to ask an advisor or someone in the registrar's or counselor's office about it. What forms do I turn in, to whom, etc. (fyi, I am at Tulane)(also, I am a girl). How exactly do I go about this? What steps do I take?

Also, here is the second part of my conundrum: where can I stay until I have a job and have saved enough money to support myself financially? (family is not an option)(also, I would prefer not to live near New Orleans; ideally I want to live in another country but another state my have to do because I don't have the airfare money). The only options I can think of are jail or a mental hospital; the former would prevent me from earning money and I doubt the latter would take me in. I guess I could also join a convent or something, but they wouldn't let me stay there permanently unless I actually took the steps to commit to being a nun, and that is definitely not something I plan to do with my life either. So what should I do??

I would really, really appreciate prompt and thorough answers. I need to drop out soon!!!

What are the effects of dropping out of college?

Ok let me start by saying that I’m a firm believer in education and everyone can benefit from a degree, even if they don’t end up using it for their career.There are exceptions of course.I think if you have the opportunity to travel the world, you should take it. You can always come back and study, you can do it part time while you work but traveling the world becomes more difficult as the responsibilities pile on.If you have a family business that you will inherit all or a part of and it needs your full time commitment, you should dive right in. There’s a lot to learn to run your own business, it teaches responsibility and you can always get an online degree or studying part time at a local university.If you have an opportunity that will pay full scholarship for you later on. There are some jobs in military or big entertainment companies that will offer job opportunities with a contract for a certain amount of years. Upon completion you get benefits such as paid college etc. I feel that is very worth it nowadays when colleges are getting so expensive.If you have a hobby or skill that you want to turn into a business. It’s worth exploring. But keep in mind that automation can change the face of any craft industry within few months. What’s the back up plan for when you are 40 and someone can make what you make for a tenth of the price?Plan for your future!! College is not always the answer but college can be the perfect back up plan to anything you chose to do!!!Regards,Sonila

Is it OK if I drop out of college?

Almost all of us have had some bad time in school at one time or another, so don’t worry: It is a very normal thing to be depressed sometime during your cycle of studies. Right now is also one of the worst periods in the year for depression, right before spring.It is quite alright to take some time off if you need to. You sound like you are depressed right now. Have you seen a doctor? Treatment might make a big difference to you.But don’t look at dropping out as the solution: withdrawing for a semester or two is much better. 95% of the time, in a semester or two you will be ready to go back. If you think that is the right way to proceed, you need to talk to someone at the registrar’s office and figure out what the best to withdraw and come back is. Being able to come back is critical. But - it will be a lot easier if you can hold on until the end of the term. The great news is: by summer you will already be half way through!Withdrawing for a semester or two will only work for you, though, if you have a plan for the time you take off. It’s Ok to take a few weeks off at home — but you need a plan. Maybe you can volunteer abroad for an NGO, or volunteer in the US somewhere away from home. Or possibly you can get a job for a few months, an interesting job that gives you a lot of work. Anything that will give you a new focus and keep you busy will work. But you need a focus if you are going to wtihdraw!Finally, I want to tell you something about smarts. A few years ago, in 6th grade, my older son came to me, sobbing, telling me that he could not get math and that he would never amount to much. He and I worked together daily for the rest of the year, and, by the end of the year, he was tutoring other kids in his grade. Ever since, he has been a wiz at math (he is now a freshman at Stanford). Why? He was no smarter than before, you know, the only difference is that, by the end of the year, he was confident that it was not so hard after all, and that, if he worked at it, he would get it. I have seen that phenomenon many times: your confidence in yourself often is the only thing you need to be successful in class!It’s Ok to have a hard time for a while. Again, practically all of us have gone through that. So don’t worry — it’s not you. It is a phase. If you need to stop for a while, it’s OK — just withdraw for a bit but don’t drop out. You will be back healed and ready.

Dropping out of community college?

This may be confusing, but I will try my best to explain the situation I'm in.

I am currently going to a community college in Minnesota. I have decided that I am going to a university next year. I have been accepted there and already signed up for classes, I just need to wait for fall to move into my dorm and begin college life.
My question is, will I be fine if I drop out of the community college I am at right now? The university I am going to next year doesn't even know I am currently at this college. It turns out that the classes I'm in right now don't even count as college credits, so its almost like I'm taking classes that I just signed up for just for fun. Now I am about to start a new job so I can make the money back that I wasted at this college.
So will I be fine if I stop going? Will it effect a future job that I might obtain after I get my degree?
Thank you in advance

I want to drop out of college?

Firstly, your parents are spending a lot of money to
keep you in school, so if you're
not getting anything out of it,
I would suggest that you ask
them for a family "meeting".
You must remain CALM and
non-confrontational at all times, even tho you may be
getting very frustrated.
On your computer, write down exactly how you feel and the reasons why you do not want to go at this time. Print this out and refer to it if you must, to keep you on track.
Can you think of any vocation
at all that you love and would
want to prepare for?
If you are simply at loose ends, it is probably a matter
of growing up a little more and getting settled into your
own personality.
I personally think there are many young people that are
just not ready for the intensity
of college life until they are
in their early 20s and maybe
not even then.
Good luck!!

What does it feel like to drop out of college because of financial reasons?

I have been really lucky to not experience this myself but one my friends had this terrible experience.She was one of the most brilliant minds in our school and her  life long dream was to become a doctor. She worked very hard for achieving her dream and her hard work paid off.She secured an outstanding score of 2250 in SATs and  opted for human biology in one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. At last, she was living her dream.When she thought things can't be better for her, she was informed that she can't continue her education due to some financial constraints best known to her. She was shattered. She came back and every one here made her feel miserable.But she never gave up. She was a brilliant writer and started writing on our advice. She wrote her first book and got a really good offer for that.Today she is doing really well in life and though she didn't fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor, it didn't stop her from blooming in life.Things I learned from her...Never give up! Although she faced so much in her life, she never gave up. She fought with her destiny to make her life better.Never lose Hope!Things happened to her on which she had no control. Still she had faith in herself and in people who cared for her.Success is the best Answer!All those people who criticized her for dropping from college are now admiring her for her hard work. I wish her the best of life ahead.P.S. I didn't disclose her identity because she never likes to get praised in public.

Why did you drop out of college?

I posted this answer to the question I’m a computer science student who hates school. I’ve yet to learn a single new thing from any of my classes. Should I drop out of college? What are your thoughts? I  spent three years in college before I dropped out.  I played college  basketball my first two years of school and it was the biggest reason  why I wanted to go to college in the first place.  Going into my junior  year I was cut from the team.  Things started to change.I no  longer had any clue of why I was in school.  I learned more about myself  that year than I ever had.  This was November, and I had already taken  out all my loans for school that year, so I decided I would use the rest  of the year to make a solid decision.  I spent the entire year,  going to class, working a part time job as a prep cook, and going right  back to my apartment.  I did not want to be seen by anyone.  I was  embarrassed to show my face any more than I had to.As the year  went on I tossed around the idea of dropping out.  It motivated me.  I  realized going to college was slowly turning me into everybody else, but  I wanted to be different.  At class I wrote down what the professors  told me what was right (its funny taking history and archaeology classes  when your professor acts like they were there and they KNOW what  happened) and on the side I wrote what I disagreed with and I would  research it later.I learned that I did not want to go through  life letting someone else decide what was right and wrong.  I had made  the decision that as the year ended I was going to drop out, but I  wasn't going to screw myself over in case later in life I decided to go  back.That's exactly what I did.  I spent the year regurgitating  what my professors uttered to me, and I made the Dean's List both  semesters.  No way in hell did I ever go to those stupid Dean's list  dinners, where 'smart' kids get to act like they are better, celebrating  with a meal of 'fancy cafeteria food'.I'm not sure how many Dean's list dropouts are out there, but I haven't met one yet.  But damn, does it feel good to be one.That's  who I am, a dropout, and I own it.  After leaving school I backpacked  Mexico and Central America for 4 months, before coming home to where I  am now starting my own online business.I have no experience, no degree, and I'm extremely in debt.  I'm destined to fail, and that's why I'm going to succeed.

What is the affects of a pregnant teen dropping out of high school?

The affects, for one the young mother will never get a high school diploma, which in the future will make it very difficult for her to find a job. Also with no diploma, she will never be able to go to college, if she does find a job that doesn't take a diploma, she will only be making mini wage, which will not be enough to support herself and her child, this young mother will work very hard her whole life working at a job that is a lot work, she well be tired, filled with regrets because she knew she could have done something wonderful with her life for her and her child, but chose instead to take what was the easy route at the time, and in return lived a very hard life without much money, and always working to pay the bills.

Trust me no matter what situation anyone is in, finish school and go to college, never ever spend the rest of your life working hard for little money.

I see this every day, I work at retail, I'm 17, I graduated from high school and plan to go to college next year, I've seen and work with people that are never going to do anything else with there lives, and its horrible, the job is okay, but to do that work that is actually very hard, and the pay is to small to survive.

I know someone that works in fastfood, they work day and night, this person told me one girl came into work even when she had the flu, just because she needed the money, she had to work even when she was sick!

Dropping out no matter what is a big mistake, I know it wouldn't seem like this at the time, but in the long run staying in school and going to college is the easy route in the future. Hope this helps answer your question!

What does dropping out from college signal to employers?

For a more recent drop out, as a good heuristic, seek answers to these questions:  Why did they drop out? What was the goal? [Intent]What was the outcome? Did they achieve their goal?  [Result]How does this characterize the individual?  [Behavior]Will these characteristics/behaviors translate to success in the current role? [Implication]The objective here is to understand the implication of past behavior (dropping out) as applied to the current role. For some, the implication will provide greater merit than applicants with sheep skin.  For others -- probably most -- the implication will lead to a "thanks for applying" letter.For someone who dropped out many years ago and now has much experience under their belt, then the dropping out thing becomes less of an issue.  You can apply a similar heuristic to past work experience: what has been their intent, behavior and results -- and, critically, what is implication to the current position.Of course, I assume this is for a position where a college degree is not necessary for on-the-job performance.  For some positions, getting the requisite expertise to perform effectively is all but impossible without post-graduate degree(s).