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What Are Good Clubs In Toronto

Any 18 + clubs in Toronto ,,,?

Salsa For Charity Salsa Dance School / Lessons / Classes / Performers Toronto - \212 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON M5H
(416) 999-2495
Mink Nightclub -
150 Pearl Street, Toronto, ON M5H 1L3
(416) 977-4446
Blur Nightclub -
214 Adelaide W, Toronto, ON M5H 1W7
(416) 596-8400

Opium Lounge - \
222 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1V6
(416) 971-4222

Any good night clubs in toronto?

yeah i wanted to know if there are any good night clubs in toronto. not only that i am under 18 so i can only attend teh all ages party and i dont know how often there is an all ages party in toronto. i listen to the radio but is tehre an specefic website taht lists the parties dates time and location. a simple website that has it all? upcoming events and stuff?

What are some good clubs in downtown Toronto?

there are a couple of really good clubs that I would recommend!

circa is great! its right in theheart of the entertainment district.
you can find out more about circa here:

musik is another really great nght club in toronto...its near the cne, but its really worth it:

Another great one around the corner from circa is level nightclub:

guvernment is a well known nightclub in toronto, it is one of the biggest in the world and has several rooms.

another smaller club which i thought was great was suite 101, tryst nightclub and embassy.
they are all great smaller clubs. they are all very close to each other and you can probably visit more than one.
another area is on king west: two clubs there that are very great (smaller) but trendy and have strict dress codes is century and cheval.

but view a list of the top rated nightclubs for yourself here!!

hope this helps!!!!

Good strip clubs in Toronto?

19. That's the drinking age in Ontario. If you're 18 and want to go to a strip club, try Montreal.

What are the best clubs in toronto canada?

Well that really depends on your taste in music and style(crowd, ambiance, etc.....), but with that said i gotta say the most famous and accredited clubs in the city are surely GUVERNMENT and REPUBLIK!
They are both located in the toronto entertainment area!
Anyways Just go to, there you could find all the best clubs of toronto...
Here is there best clubs in TORONTO CANADA guide:

Any Good Nightclubs in the Toronto area ?

There are tons of good clubs in Toronto....I suggest you look up a few and decide on the type of crowd and place you want to go to...a list to get started....

btw: even the majority of the hip hop clubs are safe....

Dance clubs in toronto?

Well probably LOT 332 is the best, but MINK and MUZIK are also very good clubs here in toronto!
Just go to there they have a very complete list of all the best clubs here in TORONTO...


There are a lot of pretty hot clubs here in Toronto, the Top SUPERCLUBS are probably REPUBLIK and the new CIRCA, but as I said there are a lot of good if not great clubs here in toronto, it just depends on your taste and mood!

Best nightclubs in Toronto?

The Guvernment is the biggest club in all of North America.
It's rated to hold a maximum capacity of 10,000 people.
It's so big that its Main Room doubles as a concert venue.
It's so huge that there's a separate club-inside-the-club called Kool Haus that holds 3,000 people.
On the international club circuit, The Guv's a favourite destination for both performers & partiers.
So definitely check it out.
Link -

Best of the rest of the 'normal sized' clubs is found here:
Link -

And be advised that in Toronto, an area known as the Entertainment District is, by night, referred to as the Club District for the high number of bars and clubs packed into one small area of downtown Toronto:
Link -
Link -

So there's a bunch of ideas to consider.
My advice is to check them all out to see which you and your friends like best.
Just remember that in Canada, our drinking & driving laws are WAY stricter than in the USA.
If you don't want to end up with felony charges, an international criminal record, and all kinds of other easily-avoidable grief then for the sweet love of God use public transit or take taxis.

What is a good stock investment club in Toronto?

Check the meet up groups:Day Traders Meetups in Toronto