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What Are My Options If I Owe $50k In Back Child Support


Yes. You have two options: cash or a cashiers check (also called an official check)

If you pick cash, you need to call your bank 10 days before you plan in to go and get it. The bank will have to order that money from the main branch. Banks have to keep a percentage of deposits in cash at the bank, and if taking that 50,000 out of the vault would put them below that amount, they would not be able to give it to you. Giving them 10 days lets them order the money and have enough time to get it for you.
Also, the teller will need some specific information from you such as where you work and a copy of your drivers license for paperwork they have to do. If you take the cash in a large amount to another bank, they will have to do the same form again.

If you choose a check, there is no calling ahead or forms, but then when you take your check to another bank, (pretty much your only option with a cashiers check that big), they will probably put a 10 day hold on it.

Should I pay my parents back for tuition? I am from China. I went to the US for my master's degree, and my parents paid. I also had a half scholarship and an internship, but I owe them $50 k. Now they want to control me and treat me like a kid.

No.  No.  No.This is not a problem of money. This is a problem of "Chinese parents". I put on the quotes because it seems to be a stereotypical case.Almost all Chinese parents pay for their children's tuition, aboard or not. Your parents bring up the topic of money only as an easily made argument to show their commitment to you in order to justify their control on your life. Even if you paid back the money instantaneously, would it really change your relation with your parents? I don't think so. They could still find tons of reasons to treat you like a kid. Let's face it, it's in our culture.Of course, you should be grateful for their support and love. I'm also not suggesting that you should never actually pay your parents back financially. That depends on the situation. If you could afford to pay some back, do it. But do it in a clever way and NOT as paying back your tuition. It could be a helpful and loving gesture. But my point is, if you could only clear out your feeling of guilt after paying back all your tuition, you're gonna have a bad time! Ten years is just way too long, and even after that your parents might still want to control your life. You should take control of your life right now.My suggestion is to be as independent AND loving as you can be. Such a gesture means that you love them and you care for them but you're a grown man with your own life. I think/hope they could understand. But it when it comes to conflicting values, honestly, I see no solution. 三观不同真是无解的! Also, I strongly recommend you ask this question on Zhihu (知乎). Yes, you would definitely get more troll answers and possibly some supporters of your parents, but you'll also have a much larger audience who understand your situation much better, especially the cultural aspect.

Bankruptcy or choosing to default on credit card debt. What are the ramifications of each?

I have A LOT of credit card debt from opening a business and having to sell it in one year because of family responsibilities. Saw a bankruptcy attorney, but the options don't seem to work for me as there's no way I could ever pay off these debts.
I know it's very immoral, but what will actually happen if I just stop paying on them? I know I'll be inendated with phone calls and lose my good credit standing, but can they attach my bank account or any other asset?

If I were to join the military and die in combat, will my family be taken care of?

Your wife would get a $250 burial allowance from Social Security and a military insurance payout of a couple of thousand dollars. The military will handle the burial at no cost to her. She would receive a pension of about 1200 dollars a month depending upon your rank when you died. This would be paid until she re married. Your children would receive a monthly payout from SS of about 400 each until they are 18 or 24 if they go to college. The dollar figures might be off because I've been a military widow a long time and things change.

The military has little to do with Rep. or Dem. it just is how it is. There is a saying that there is the right way and then there is the military way.

I didn't have any problems being married to a military man. I got to shop at the commissary and got medical care and dental and went to movies on the base as well as bowling and a number of other things. We lived in base housing and it was fine. Its just a world unto itself. When my husband died his buddies were very kind to me and my kids and collected money to help me until the military started to pay but it wasn't very long. The only thing I didn't like was being apart from my husband for long periods of time. But we wrote alot and spoke over Military Radio once in awhile. There was lots of support from other wives so it helped but I think I would have rather had my husband. In your situation and given the recession I think you might be right about going into the service. Just pick a job to do that you won't be able to do on the battle front. My sons all went into the service as clerks. No clerks ever go to war. That ought to make your wife feel safer. Don't pick some kind of macho job just because you want to be manly. Because you need to come home not die for macho. Your wife will not forgive you if you die for nothing.

How is it that someone can be awarded disability and receive $20,000 back pay and go on trips and cruses?

Why is it that someone can be awarded disability and receive $20,000 in back pay and take that money to go on trips and cruses.If someone can spend there days on a cruse then that person can spend there day working.So SSI is paying them to party,play and see the world.How is this?I am a hard working tax paying person and rile im paying for this BULLSHIT.Not only that this person has fines to pay and fills that they are not important to pay a trip to LA is whats important.This makes me so mad at the government that they just give my money to people that dont deserve it.There are people that need disability and this person that i talk of can work.If SSI thinks this person needs to be on Disability then how come they cant watch what they spend there money on.This is just the tip of the ice burg this person seals drugs and his prescription medication that SSI pays for.I have been thinking about turning him in but dont know where to start.