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What Are My Rights As A Tenant

What are my rights as a tenant?

My landlord has a well pump connected to our place. He is trying to connect it to another as well. He has not informed me that he would do so. He sneaks to my home, trying to connect power cords to my power to make repairs on the other house. He knows that when the water was connected to two places there was absolutely no pressure. Now he is being sneaky and trying to connect the water again and use my power to make the repairs. He is lazy so of course this means I will be without water for days and I have 4 kids I need to bathe. What happens if there is a fire? I know how he works because he has made no repairs I requested a month ago.
I do not want to have no water pressure, nor do I want to pay for someone else to use my water either. This was not in my lease agreement. He makes no repairs on my place, and I dont know what I can by him connecting her water to mine and leaving me without none and no notice either.

What are my rights as a tenant?

Yes, the landlord would be responsible for paying all your expenses involved in moving, accommodation until you find another apartment etc. Essentially, the landlord has breached the contract - you signed a lease to have the use and enjoyment of the apartment for a certain period of time in exchange for the rent. Now the landlord is not providing his end of the bargain, so you are entitled to damages. Those damages mean any of your expenses in finding another apartment. Of course, you have to be reasonable and find an apartment as soon as possible.

If you have any problems, find out about rental tenancy tribunals, or small claims court. Make sure if you are paying anything, you keep receipts so that if you have to claim in court, you'll have proof.

Side-note: have you considered giving the finger to seniority, and bribing the leasing office to secure one of the 9 vacant units? These are hard economic times, and I'm sure it would be difficult for someone to turn down say a couple of hundred dollars cash... that's what I would do.

What are my rights as a tenant?

If the law in your state is that you have to give a 20 day notice on a month to month lease, then the last month would be pro rated for that 20 day timeperiod. Now, obviously if you are after the 20 days, you would pay the entire month, but if you are out by the 20th day after giving him notice, you would only have to pay for those 20 days.

And why do you figure you are not going to get your deposit back? remember, your landlord has to contact you within 30 days after moving out to give you either the money, portions of the money along with a list of deductions or no money with a list of deductions. In some states, if he does not adhere to this law, you could actually get triple damages. When you move out, TAKE PICTURES of how you left the apartment. This is very important to show your side.

If you follow the law with regards to notice, get out on the date you are allowed and leave a clean apartment, you should get your deposit back or at least a good deal of it back.

Make sure he has a good forwarding address for you or contact him directly to see what he is going to do within that 30 after you leave. You might have to take it to court, which is really no big deal....but I would just blow this off. If you were a good tenant, you should get some if not all your money back.

What are my rights as a tenant?

i have been having alot of problems with my landlord. when we moved in there was a whole area that had no floor put down just wood she told us the new floor had been ordered and would be put down a week after we moved in.well its been 6 months and still no floor also a few months after we lived here they made a huge whole in my bedroom for the plumber or something its about 2 feet long and pretty wide and left it there refusing to fix it. also will not fix the fact that the water does not run in the bathroom sink.on top of all of this there were bugs that they refused to exterminate for over 3 weeks after telling them about first i was told too bad handle it myself so i had to throw some of my things away.i called the board of health and she was fined and told to fix it she gives us a 2 week eviction notice! we have a year lease with her. i thought she could not evict me for calling the board of health.also now her and her boyfriend harass us by banging on the floor all night while my 2 kids are trying to sleep and taking pictures in my window and of me and my family as we walk out or in the house.they harass my family telling them they are not welcome in MY home i have filed police reports and all necessary papers on top of it the building inspector told me this is an illegal apartment. can i just save my rent money and use it to move i cant afford to pay them and move since i was not planning on having to move till next year because of my lease.can i take them to court for renting me an illegal apartment not to my knowledge and then making us live this way?

the apartment did not look bad so i was not aware it was really in this condition and the hole they made AFTER we moved in and just left it there..what are my rights what can i do?

My rights as a tenant?

contact a landlord/tenant act. not sure what it is actually called though. you should find the actual name is you google"landlord/tentant."
he has no right to enter your apartment without giving you 24 hours notice, unless there was an emergency.

What are my rights as an IL tenant?

My boyfriend and I signed the lease for a house on the first. We were all moved in and comfortable, however the landlord did still want to replace the front steps to the house because the bottom one was crumbling away. A few days later, a construction crew he hired showed up to replace the concrete, and the final product looks great except for the fact that they ripped the bottom layer of our siding off of the house, and also broke a water main to our house. We have been unable to shower, use the bathroom, do dishes, laundry, etc for four days now. Today the water repair crew finally showed up and have been working on the house. Our front yard is now obliterated from all the construction, and the problem with the water still has yet to be fixed since they just started this morning.

I feel like there should be some compensation for us not being able to use water for this period of time. I was wondering if anyone knew as far as Illinois law what my rights as a tenant are during this certain circumstance?

What are my rights as a tenant in Utah?

As the tenant you have to inform your landlord that the air conditioning needs fixing. Since you have done that, then the ball is on the court of the landlord. You might have to consult local authorities as tenant-landlord laws may vary as affected by city ordinances. If necessary, consult a lawyer so you know your rights are properly protected.

If the air conditioning puts your and your family's health at risk then it is a big issue. A lot of rental properties will have issues and somehow you are not the master of the ship. With the market today, it will be perfect to buy a home. A friend of mine was the same scenario, he eventually found an affordable and nice townhomes for sale UT and moved there. For him, it was problem solved, hopefully for you soon.

The Rent Control Act offers security of tenure to the tenants and restricts the landlords’ power to evict tenants.Tenancy refers to the possession or occupancy of lands, buildings or other property by title through a lease or on payment of rent. The two types of tenancy agreements in India are:Lease Agreements which are covered by rent control laws and;Lease and License Agreement which are not covered by rent control lawsThe rights of a tenant are :-A tenant has the right to a house that is fit to be lived inThe tenant is also entitled to have appropriate contact information (telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, etc.) and the landlord can be contacted at any point of timeThe tenant has the right to privacyTenant can directly deposit the rent to the credit of the landlord. If the landlord fails to respond, the rent can be sent via money order to the landlordThe tenant is entitled to reimbursement for any repairs that he/she carries out that are the landlord’s responsibilitThe tenant is entitled to a certain amount of notice of the termination of tenancy.Legal heirs of the tenant are also tenants and is entitled to receive all the protection available to the tenant under the Rent Control ActA tenant has the right to a copy of any register entry held by the RTB dealing with tenancy.Your landlord does not possess the right to insist on continued tenancy. The tenant has a right to vacate the premises for a valid reasonYour landlord has no legal right to ask you to pay the rent and not settle it against the deposit during a notice period.Happy Reading !!!

Whether or not you have a written lease, if you are a tenant pretty much anywhere then you have a right to "quiet enjoyment" of your home/apartment/room in exchange for the rent you pay.If the noise condition is indeed as extreme as you describe, and actually renders the room unusable to live in, then you can simply move out and, if necessary, sue the landlord in small claims court for the return of your deposit and prepaid rent, along with any costs, expenses, etc. But if you do this, be prepared to present credible evidence to support your claim of habitability as the reason you were forced to move out. More importantly, be prepared to show evidence that you contacted the landlord about this issue and the landlord failed to correct it within a reasonable time.Also, be aware that your statement "It makes it hard to sleep" is less convincing to your position than if you had said "It makes it impossible to sleep." When I was a freshman in college, I didn't get much sleep either.