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What Are Pop-up Books Made From

What was the first pop-up book, and how was it made?

According to Wikipedia, the first pop-up book was created by Benedictine monk Matthew Paris in his Chronica Majora, ca. 1240.For more information:

How are books made?

For a typical paperback:Following typing and editing of electronic origination files, the electronic documents will be sent to a printing company in a pagination dividing by 4. For a short print run the printing company will print the copies on a digital press, which is similar in appearance to a big and complex photocopier. For a large run the printer will typically use a lithographic press. When printing litho the printer starts by creating metal plates of several pages at once and printing from those onto a roll of paper.The pages are then trimmed to size. If printed lithographically they will be folded in sections of 16, 24 or 32 pages at once before being trimmed and collated into the correct order. Errors in this collation process lead to a tiny number of books containing, for example, two copies of pages 25-48 inclusive and no copies of pages 49-72. It's rare.The covers are printed separately and, if desired, laminated or embossed.Notches will be cut in the pages at the spine. The separate components will be sent to a machine called a binding line, which picks up one set of pages and one cover, folds the cover and glues the cover to the inner pages. The glue is hot, and stinks.

How are pop-up books made?

The production of such books is automated as much as is possible, die-cutting is used extensively where feasible, and in some simpler instances, the application of glues or folding is automated, but for the most part, they are hand-assembled, as is noted in the dedication to the book, Elements Of Pop Up: James Diaz, David A. Carter: 9780689822247: Books (which has come back into print):To ... the ... hand assemblers without whom books like this would not be possible.—D.A.C.

Books made into movies!?

Harriet the Spy
Nancy Drew (Prime example of a very bad book-to-movie film)
Watership Down
Grave of the Fireflies (Japanese novel but the movie's been dubbed to English)
And I don't know if you're into horror movies, but "The Ring" films were based on the novels in Japan.

How are pop-up books made in industry?

These websites contain the information you are searching for:

Who invented the pop-up book?

This is a great question and involved much reading on my part; fun. Of course you'll realize that the ancient art of origami is pretty much behind it all, but pop-up books have a fairly short history of being actual 'pop-up' books.

There were many books with movable parts and revealing flaps, some quite ingenious... the first with movable parts as recorded was an astrology book, out in 1306, from the Catalan mystic and poet, Ramon Llull. It used a revolving disk.

Many, many other books used incredible tabs and ribbons and rivets to open up flaps with, as far as the 19th century goes, (when these books were finally taken out of being just text books and given to the general public -- no, 18th century for that)...

... with (19th century) the most impressive made by Lothar Meggendorf in Munich... he could make many things on a page move at once, including delayed action of more as the rivet was pulled out more.

War intervened.

" was in 1929 that British book publisher *S. Louis Girard* conceived, designed and produced books with moving parts called "living models"...

"... While the term was yet to be used, these were the *first authentic 'pop-up' books.*

"The double-page spreads erected automatically when the book was opened, and had illustrations that could be viewed from all four sides." ***

(all asterisks are my own...)
This (there are actually many direct quotes here) and a great more is to be found in:

"A Concise History of Pop-ups and Movable Books" by Ann Montanaro...
A link found in Wiki's 'External Links' after putting 'pop-up books' in the search box.
Great question, I think. A star on it.

Where can I learn to make pop up books?

Just Google it.How to Make a Pop up Book

What book(s) instantly made you more grown-up?

The Sea Wolf by Jack LondonWhat touched me was the class between a man who would do anything for his own benefit and a man who tried to be moral. The first was a materialist and the second believed that men have souls. This book pushed me to think why I would like to behave in a moral way since I don't share that belief. Slowly reading it I build a basis for a framework with which I feel quite content, it justifies morality in way I can support. I feel very happy to have found such a good book at the right time in my life. You can find it for free:The Sea-Wolf, by Jack London Cheers

What are some of the most extravagant pop up books?

I like the simple moveables, the classic ones with soft colours. Some faces are kind of creepy but isn't so complicated to open up. S. Louis Giraud's Bookano Stories no. 16 (1947)Blue Ribbon and Disney Short History of Moveable and Pop-Up Books Seven Stories Collection Blog: June 2014 LOTHAR MEGGENDORFE Harold Lentz.What do you think?