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What Are Some Good Post-apocalyptic Movies

What are some good post-apocalyptic movies?

I'm sticking with films that really are about, and primarily center around, a post-apocalyptic world, not films leading up to it or with only a few minor scenes in the apocalyptic landscape, or films in which the "apocalyptic" situation is not global. Also, some films are technically during a period that's after a global apocalyptic situation, but that setting is not really dominant in the settings or isn't the primary operating "reality"/world of the story -- like the Matrix films, which are set in a post-apocalyptic land but also have as their real main operating "world" the computerized Matrix itself, so it feels less like the apocalypse is a consistent dominant thematic element.Anyway, I think people who are usually seeking out post-apocalyptic fare are looking for a certain kind of setting and focus and feel to the films, and as such I like to try and stick more strictly to that kind of film for my own listing of films of this type.Some of the best feature films:The RoadMad MaxThe Road WarriorTerminator: Salvation (the other films in the series didn't have enough story taking place in the post-apocalyptic period, so I personally don't count those)Twelve MonkeysDawn of the Dead (both versions)A Boy and His DogWALL-EOn the Beach2012Notable great TV movies:Threads (a horrifying, UK equivalent of The Day After but far more realistic and nightmarish)The Day AfterWhen the Wind BlowsThe Stand

Good post apocalyptic movies?

best post apocalyptic movie ever made... 28 days later... without a doubt. ask any film buff.

p.s. "Planet of the apes" are you kidding me? it's not even a post apocalyptic movie... and yeah, it has its following, but it's genred with science fiction, like star trek, star wars, and matrix, and would fall below any of those series on that list as well. planet of the apes is nowhere near the best of any list, except for "the top movies involving walking talking apes that have colonized a planet"... and thats probably just until another one comes out...

What are some good post-apocalyptic novels or movies?

Try George R Stewart's award-winning Earth Abides from the early 50s (aka nuclear annihilation heyday), which was rumored to be the inspiration for Stephen King's The Stand. It's also old enough to be widely available used.I also enjoyed David Brin's The Postman as a novel, though I've heard some dreadful things about the movie adaptation and haven't seen it. Brin's a great "hard sci-fi" novelist, so it's very realistic. It's about the slow reorganization of society after an apocalypse where a survivor having a (stolen) postal uniform provides a basis for being given some undeserved but implied authority, and how he eventually accepts their need for someone who can help them believe that things will eventually return closer to "normal."Also the television series "Jericho" had some good moments of nuclear survivors in the heartland trying to figure out what happened to their world. Not a book or movie, I know, but some good acting and some interesting plot turns.I'll also second "A Canticle for Liebowitz" as a great read.And if you haven't seen "A Boy and His Dog" starring the young Don Johnson, written by Harlan Ellison and produced by our family friend, the late Alvy Moore (aka Hank Kimball, the county agricultural agent on Green Acres), you're missing something special and VERY weird (also dirt cheap on Amazon).One last thought, Tank Girl (Lori Petty, Ice-T, Naomi Watts) is pretty close competition to the above, it started out as a graphically great comic that got a 1995 movie adaptation. The comic is ppobably better, but the movie is very lively and odd.Or Charlton Heston as the last actor, er, man in the world in Omega Man? Not one of my favorites, but he can overact with the best of them...Or one of my early childhood SF favorites, Alas, Babylon - Florida nuclear post-apocalypse (pre-Disney) - note foreword by David Brin of the above Postman...

Best Post Apocalyptic Movies?

Road Warrior still tops the list

What are some good post-apocalyptic books ?

If you have played fallout thats what I mean. Like hero of the wasteland kind of thing. Or any that you felt were post-apocalyptic books you felt were great. P.S. I have already read hunger games which is kinda post apocalyptic. Thanks

Looking for an 80's post apocalyptic movie about a man and a talking motorcycle....?

My guess is that this is a movie called "Warrior of the Lost World." This movie was made in 1983 and I would classify it as a sci-fi movie. The time of the movie is kind of in the future, and the hero is trying to bring down an evil government called Omega with the help of his high-tech talking motorcycle.

Interestingly enough, a TV pilot with a similar story about an astronaut who develops super intelligence and fights crime with a talking motorcycle was filmed in 1999 starring Jack Black, and using the voice of Owen Wilson for the motorcycle. This pilot was directed by Ben Stiller and was called "Heat Vision and Jack". Unfortunatly Fox, the channel it was pitched to in '99, turned it down. I think it would have been great! Word is Jack Black would still like to try and make this, but into a movie!