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What Are Some Observations About A Bunsen Burner My Teacher Wants Us To Write 30 But I Only Seen

Is mixing Kool Aid and water an example of a chemical change?

It's for a science project, and i want to do the differences of Physical and Chemical changes. I have my physical down, but I'm thinking about chemical. So I was wondering if that's a chemical change. If not, could nayone give me some really easy and obvious example of a chemical change I could use on a model? And something I could do at home? Thanks!

What are some important Viva questions for chemistry practical class 12 CBSE?

Hey if You come in good books of your teacher then you are having a great chance to get the 30/30. But still you can not predict anything.So lets discuss some of the questions which can be asked to you…Questions from periodic table, chemistry in every day life (imp-all the drugs or medicine)also questions from your practical file which you have nade..I hope these tips will help you to get 30/30 .Also if you guys want to score 65 + or 70/70 in chemistry then read this article.. This is a must read article for you..

What is the difference between boiling, evaporation and vaporisation?

Evaporation and boiling are two modes of vaporisation a liquid could undergo.Evaporation is a surface phenomenon. It could take place at all temperatures below the boiling point. For understanding evaporation, we need to understand what is vapour pressure. Vapour pressure is the pressure exerted by a liquid’s vapour on the liquid at phase equilibrium at a particular temperature. Phase equilibrium is attained when an equilibrium is attained between the rates of vaporisation and condensation. When the partial pressure of a liquid is less than the vapour pressure at a given temperature, evaporation takes place. For eg, water kept in a dry room at room temperature will continue to evaporate until the partial pressure equals the vapour pressure at room temperature.Boiling is a bulk phenomenon. It takes place when the vapour pressure of a liquid exceeds the environmental pressure (mostly atmospheric pressure). This causes the liquid to continue vaporising so as to strike a phase equilibrium but doesn't take place since no amount of vapor can fill the whole environment with vapor.

Is heating a copper wire and chemical or physical change?

I did a lab in chemistry which involved heating a copper wire over a bunsen burner, which in turned formed a flaky black coating over the wire. the coating fell apart as soon as it was touched, revealing more shiny copper underneath. My teacher said if something changes color, it is a chemical change, but once the flakes fell away it seemed there was no difference. would this be a physical or chemical change?

Who is smarter, Donald J. Trump or Angela Merkel?

Hillary Clinton – aka ‘the smartest woman in the world’ – is the smarter.OK - seriously. That remark is to frame the stupidity of the question – since Clinton was or is widely heralded and regarded as such by many and clearly she is not.Marilyn vos Savant has the highest recorded IQ according to Guinness – just for comparison purposes.Regarding Merkel vs. Trump –1) Depends on the definition of smart and standard or method of measuring. 'Educated' and 'smart' have nothing necessarily in common.2) Depends on the arena of action or participation (i.e. business vs. politics vs. academia, etc.).3) Depends on an assessment over a relevant time frame.4) Depends on in the case of prominent political leaders the lasting actual impact of their actions or inactions.Therefore, it cannot be known yet which is smarter.For example, Merkel appears will leave a legacy of solidifying centralized government authoritarian power over its citizens by perpetrating the myth that government is rational, efficient and compassionate. This is of course lauded by her supporters and held as evidence of her superior intelligence.If Trump succeeds in widely repudiating that myth and fragmenting and de-legitimatizing centralized government power – and there is some reasonable evidence this resulted from calculated deliberateness on his part – then perhaps he will be shown to be the smartest.If these happen in spite of Trump - then perhaps he was just a bumbling idiot at the right place and right time - unable to impede the inevitable forces of human nature and progress to be free from useless rulers such as both Trump and Merkel.Merkel by comparison will be seen as merely a useful fool - which is to say - a typical politician – albeit highly skilled in the use of Bunsen burners and chemistry flasks.Time – and an objective appraisal of historical reality – will tell.