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What Are Some Of The Funniest Things You Have Heard Wrestling Commentators Say

What wrestling promotions do you recommend watching?

I've been watching WWE for two years. It's been getting boring watching the same wrestlers going at it.
I've also been trying out TNA, and I think it's a great success so far.

So, what wrestling promotions do you recommend watching (other than WWE and TNA of course)? What is your general opinion on these wrestling promotions?

BQ1: If you had to choose someone other than Sheamus to get a shot at the title, who would it be, and why? Remember that the wrestler you choose hasn't held any major titles in the past.

BQ2: Do you think the new WWE Pay-Per-View "TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs" will prosper, or fail? Why?

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I want to become a pro wrestling ring announcer, how do I achieve it?

There are numerous ways to do this.Ideally, you need to have some experience in announcing or being able to tell a story that will emotionally cause me to 'buy in' to what is happening.Surrounding yourself in the journalism fields is helpful. You need to be around colleagues/peers that are writing and creating stories on a daily basis. If you are unable to get a disc jockey position at the local college radio station, consider getting a job at an established company that provides wedding dj services and/or karaoke.Being there assistant will immerse yourself in the setup/takedown of the gear, afford you the possibility of speaking in front of a crowd (ie. working them up for the macarena or hyping up the next karaoke number). What you are striving for is time on the microphone.Sportcasting / News Desk / Newspaper / Radio DJ / Wedding DJ and anything else that puts you in front of a microphone or camera. Hell, even performing live with a band works.The questions to ask yourself :* Are you charismatic?* Will people pay attention to you, if you are speaking on the mic?* Can you control the room (ie. get them to do what you want?)* Do you study YouTube videos of other wrestling footage?* Do you know who Gordon Solie is? (no? Google that)You have to soak up knowledge like a sponge, if you want to be a wrestling ring announcer.* Are you wanting to introduce the contestants (ie. Lilian Garcia) or are you wanting to do commentary?* Do you want to call the action like Michael Cole or do you want to bust out funny one liners like Jerry Lawler, JBL , etc?Hope this helped. Good luck!(Side Note : Depending on where you live, there is most likely going to be a small, indie wrestling promotion that could use the help. If you agreed to volunteer your time and help out with some of the business side things, like merchandise setup, ticket sales, etc, you might find yourself getting your experience in your local market. The goal would be to get quality commentary on tape or in this case, video, that you could use to edit your own highlight reel to bigger promotions, if/when you were ready to take the leap.)

Could you watch wrestling muted?

Yes I think. For a short while (2 or 3 weeks) I had TNA on mute in order to focus on school work and everything so I think I could manage. Besides, TNA usually never dissapoints in terms of putting on a "at minimum decent" match so I could take it without sound and storytelling. And almost every backstage promo in TNA is something useless and random so it would be like muting commericals. And then there's Don West. Must I say more?

WWE is a bit different. I sometimes mute ECW for the same reason I gave about TNA, but I enjoy Smackdown because I can stand JR and the show tends to get more distinct crowd interaction than the other shows. RAW is also a show I could mute, and have done before. Too many backstage segments on that show so I usually mute those without caring about what's going on.

Overall muting wrestling would be like attending a live event, especially one like ECW. No commentating, no crowd interaction, just the sound of you munching on pizza and sipping a soda. And maybe you yawning.

What was the worst thing you have ever laughed at?

I interpreted “worst” as most inappropriate. A particular incident came to mind. I have to clarify that I realize the inappropriateness before I relate the incident.I worked in an Emergency Room. There was a group home for adult Down’s Syndrome patients a couple blocks away. One particular resident of the group home would escape and come to the Emergency Room.Eventually we would get him checked out and cleared to go back to the group home. His Mother would be called to take him back to his home. We learned that he had been placed in the home several months earlier by the aging mother who felt that she was getting to old too adequately care for him.The social worker involved in the case decided that the reason he kept escaping and coming to the ER was that it gave him an opportunity to see his mother that he missed. It seemed like a reasonable explanation and was most likely spot on as the escapes had become more frequent over time.The social worker decided to craft a letter to the mother explaining her suspicions and relating that we would no longer call her to transport her son home as it had become a negative reinforcement of his behaviors.At the end of the letter, instead of writing “Kindest Regards” she somehow wrote “Kindest Retards” instead. The social worker explained it as a typo, denied it was a Freudian slip and admitted that she never proof read the letter before sending it. In her defense, the G and the T are very close to one another on the keyboard.The mother accepted the explanation and obligatory apology with aplomb. She also agreed with the contents of the letter and let us know how much she appreciated us caring for her son and keeping him safe.

How is WWE wrestling faked/scripted in front of thousands of people?

The below answer is written by Bobbi Billard to the question Is pro wrestling fake? Do they ever actually hurt each other (barring accidents)?Yes and no. In regards to the moves done in the ring, with the TV show WOW Women of Wrestling it was like a dance routine and every move was scripted and practiced in advance for a month leading up to the show. With WWE, they do their matches live weekly and they are on the road traveling so they don't have time to rehearse a whole match in advance. The outcome of the match is scripted but the moves within the match are called to their partner in the ring and/or planned a bit backstage but it is mostly choreographed on the spot, based upon crowd reaction and a psychology of the match, which is learned. It's sort of like storytelling between the face and the heel and some people are better at it than others. I equate wrestling to be much like being a trained stunt performer. In that sense, you are trained on how to land when you take these falls. And while you are doing certain moves, like a body slam for instance, it isn't really that person picking you up and slamming you to the ground like it appears. You are actually working with that person and planting off their thigh and doing a sort of handstand up into the air, using teamwork. With wrestling, things aren't necessarily what they seem. And while people may say that it is fake, I can assure you, from experience, that the bumps, bruises and injuries you get from doing the wrestling moves are 100% real.

Why are so many wrestling fans brainwashed by Vince McMahon?

I just don't get it Vince has people brainwashed and it isn't even funny, normal wrestling fans cant even enjoy other promotions because Vince has made them believe that they would be unloyal to WWE, I just want to say that they are missing out on incredible promotions, ROH,Dragon Gate, TNA,Shimmer,Pro Wrestling Noah and so on, the craziest thing about this is the fans that Vince has brainwashed he has also made them believe that all company's sucks compared to WWE, Hello how can something suck if you never watched it, I just find it sad.

Another thing is people think Vince is a genius at creating storylines and gimmicks, don't make me laugh the guy has stolen so many gimmicks and storylines it is sad, now when other company's do similar gimmicks and storylines its a problem, how blind and stupid is that. I will admit that another company doing a storyline that WWE ''made'' famous is dumb though.