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What Are Some Pretty Sophisticated Non-religious Names

What is the term for those who believe in God, but not in religion?

I’m in the same boat, I believe in God but not religion. My mom is Catholic but I was sent to Christian churches even though my mom was shocked when I converted to Christianity (???).As I grew older I got tired of the hypocrisy of Christians and their religion. MOST “Christians” that I met treated the 10 Commandments as the “10 suggestions”. Where as 1 of the 10 Commandments states “Though Shall Not Lie” a lot of the Christians I met treated it as if God said “Hey, it would be cool if you didn’t lie but hey, I’ll forgive you regardless of what you do.”I also had a problem with the concept of God being treated as if he were a mob boss. The “I will protect you from all the bad things that’ll happen to you IF you don’t believe in me.”And then theres the “We Christians are always being persecuted for our religious beliefs” (since when but ok) while protesting AGAINST gay marriage and calling homosexuality a sin even though the Bible states we are all born without sin and people are born gay.I had a conversation with a “Christian” who said that there is no Heaven with out forgiveness (he had stolen a deal from me). I asked him “Ok, lets say you were married and you LOVED your wife, youve been married for 10 yrs and yet everyday still feels like the first day you’ve met. You have a beautiful 7 yr old daughter and your wife just told you that she was pregnant. One day you come home and find your wife and daughter dead. Both your wife and daughter were raped and murdered and they caught and prosecuted the killer. While in jail the killer finds God, asks God to forgive him and he begins preaching the word of God. He gets to go to Heaven, right? My friend said “If he truely asked for forgiveness, then yes, he will go to Heaven.” To which I replied “But yet YOU cant forgive the monster who raped and murdered your wife, raped and murdered your daughter and killed your unborn child, so you go to Hell??????” He said that according to the Bible, that would be true.Lastly lets not forget all the killings all these religions do to prove their God is better than your God.

Why is it that Chinese often adopt a “Western” name, but Japanese do not? What's the historic or cultural reason for this difference?

I moved from Japan to the states when I was 6 years old. I can’t speak for Chinese names, but I can provide a perspective for why it might be easy for Japanese people to keep their names in the west, at least very specifically from my personal experience.“Hiro” is easy to pronounce, and memorable. Perhaps less so for my full first name of Hiroaki, but other than government documents I go by “Hiro” for everything. Japanese first names follow very simple phonetic rules, require no special intonations, and tend to be fairly unique from each other (Shu, Minami, Yuko, Ken, Taka, etc) to make them rather easy to remember and pronounce. Sure, I get the occasional “Hai-roh?” and Starbucks always spells my name with an “e,” but one mention and they get my name. Having a foreign name that’s pronounceable and memorable takes away a big potential disadvantage of keeping a foreign name. I think the halo of Japanese media culture throughout the west also helped by creating a familiarity with Japanese words and names (films by Kurosawa, video games, Japanese restaurants, baseball players, etc).Hiro has positive meaning in Japanese, also in English. The name Hiroaki (弘明) was chosen as it is roughly similar to chinese characters signifying “spreading the light.” It’s a great meaning which I quite like, and the English word my name shares similarities with is also very positive (if a bit over the top). While there were many Mariah Carey and Enrique Iglesias serenades in gradeschool, I’d take that over any of the more “unfortunate” foreign names in the states. I wouldn’t want to lose this meaning by trading for a western name, even if that brings with it new meaning.Changing names take work. Depending on the level of the change, you would have to change your social media profiles, government papers, and have your friends get used to your new name. As an adult, it’s far more trouble than it’s worth. But even as a kid, neither my parents nor I really ever felt it was worth the trouble to try to change my name when everyone can pronounce it and we like the name ourselves.It’s to a point that my fiance and I are discussing whether we want to give a Japanese name to our kids, even though she’s not Japanese.

Christian themed photography company name?

I have started a photography company that is christian based but my original preferred name was taken. If yall could give me some suggestions I'd be ever so grateful. I like things that sound sophisticated and not "kiddie" if that makes any sense. I will also consider names relating to being in the south- because I'm based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Thank you
Jennifer Holbrook

What is a good group name for a twirling team.?

I have to come up with a group name for me and these other girls who are on a twirling team (you know dancers with batons and who twirl them) with me. I'm steadily thinking of one, but none come to mind. I want one that's pretty, cute, and spunky, not to mention a little sophisticated. I was trying not to include the word twirler but it'll be fine though.

What country is the most technologically advanced?

Many believe the USA to be the most tech savvy country, NASA, USA has space crafts on mars, spacecrafts that have circled every planet in our solar system, Hubble telescope that has given the clearest images ever of the universe, space craft that landed on an asteroid, they put men on the moon, computer software, Intel, to name a few advances, those who say many of the military tech USA has is not made in America, that is simply not true,

Nothing to be proud of but USA is the largest supplier of military equipment in the world . It took over twenty countries of the European Union to equal Boeing Aircraft makers, Lockheed Martin makes the most advanced weapons on earth, not to mention tanks, aircraft carriers and so much more that are made in USA, global position System so many things we use. America is also the most powerfull and richest country in the world.

Global Innovation

The Global Innovation Index, a ranking of 130 countries released yesterday, calls the US the world's number one innovator. The index was created by Soumitra Dutta, a professor at French business school INSEAD, along with New Delhi based non-profit organization The Confederation of Indian Industry.
The global index ranks Germany second, Sweden third, the UK fourth and Singapore fifth. Contrary to what some might expect, China comes in relatively low at number 37, while India stands at number 41.